Impact Alert!

This month you will start to see our UNIS Impact Fund Big Idea Goals swing into action and we are also ready to accept applications for Project Grants.

Last year our community raised $43,109 to support the Big Idea Goals voted for by our students for our UNIS Impact Fund. And this year we are putting those funds into action to create the UNIS Hanoi Botanical Garden and prototype Solar Energy production on campus.

The UNIS Impact Fund Committee, made up from students, teachers, staff and parents, will have their first meeting of the year this coming week to plan the year ahead and at the top of the agenda, alongside our Big Ideas will be planning for the Project Grants.

The UNIS Impact Fund Project Grants are designed to support individuals or small groups with risk-taking, piloting, prototyping ideas or advocacy. Applications for Grants are open all year.

To be successful for funding, projects must support at least one of the following:
a. Sustainability initiatives
b. Service Learning
c. Learning Excellence: (Academics, Arts, Athletics)
d. Facilities improvements
e. Professional Development

We are grateful to the School Community Organisation for their funding of the UNIS Impact Fund Project Grants.

Some examples from last year’s successful Grants include funding for musical instruments for a Service Learning project, eco-bag production for an Art project, bee keeping suits for a new ASA planned for later this year and approval for a textile artist in resident programme.

What is your idea? Put in your funding application today!


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