Bridge Programme Students Begin In-Person Classes

Last Monday, the first group of students from the School’s online Bridge Programme arrived at the UNIS Hanoi campus to begin their first day of in-person classes for the 2020-21 school year. 

The Bridge Programme is a specially designed initiative by UNIS Hanoi to meet the learning and connection needs of students who were not yet in Viet Nam but planned to arrive shortly after the start of the school year. 

UNIS Hanoi’s Secondary School Deputy Principal for High School and one of the Bridge Programme Coordinators said, “It is an understatement to say the students were excited to join in-person classes and make new peer connections.”

She added, “The goal of the Bridge Programme is to offer engaging, interdisciplinary projects as well as help students get a sense of what makes UNIS Hanoi such a great school.”

Remaining Bridge Programme students are expected to join their teachers and peers on campus over the course of six to eight weeks. 

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