From the Head of School

Dear Families,

We have had a second incredible week of learning and our students have made strong connections to their teachers and peers. We will be continuing our focus on community throughout the next few weeks and months as the remainder of our student body returns to Vietnam.
At the end of the 2019-2020 school year, the leadership team spent significant time reflecting on feedback from the visiting accreditation team (December 2019), the impact of COVID-19 on our students and their families, and the outcomes of our last Strategic Management Plan – Strategy 2020. This exercise has resulted in five focus areas, five school-wide goals and our Annual Action Plan. This weekend, the Annual Action Plan will be shared with the Board of Directors for approval. I have shared our goals below and will provide details of the Annual Action Plan at the Community Meeting scheduled for September 15.
Community: Our community communicates, connects and engages in a respectful and inclusive way.
Inclusion: UNIS Hanoi will have an understanding of our definition of inclusion that is shared across the school community by all stakeholders.
PSEL (Personal, Social, Emotional Learning): Social and emotional learning, literacy and wellbeing is prioritised at all levels and has a positive impact on school climate and student learning. All faculty members will actively seek to enhance the social and emotional learning, literacy and wellbeing of themselves and their students.
Sustainability: UNIS Hanoi will continue to work towards best practice in becoming a sustainable organisation through an effective and balanced approach.
Technology: Educational Technology at UNIS Hanoi enhances learning for students and faculty through virtual and face to face environments.
On a final note, I would like to share an update from my email earlier this week about the UNIS Hanoi family that had been identified as F2 during contact tracing for an F1 (a person exposed to a confirmed FO COVID-19 case). We have updated all families and faculty who may have been in contact with the student as follows:
The F1 has had the first COVID-19 test and the result was negative (no COVID). A second test for the F1 may be scheduled over the weekend if symptoms occur. For both F1 and F2 (our student), 14 days will have elapsed since possible exposure on Tuesday. No symptoms are currently being displayed by the UNIS Hanoi family or the F1 person with whom they came into contact. 
Have a lovely weekend. Please remember that Wednesday, September 2 is a National Holiday and school will be closed.
Jane McGee
Head of School
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