Emergency Relief Fund Update

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, in a few short weeks we raised nearly $15,000 to help support the most vulnerable members of the Hanoi community impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. THANK YOU!

In recent months, our Service Learning partners reported a worrying rise in homelessness, hunger and extreme poverty as a result of the national lockdown and the global pandemic. In response, we created the Emergency Relief Fund and in the first round of funding in April, money from the School’s Birthday Gift Fund, that had not already been allocated to any service projects ($17,500), was approved to support emergency relief, providing food and shelter for communities supported by Blue Dragon, KOTO, Blossom House and the Huong La Centre.

As a result of the All School Walkathon and other fundraising initiatives including Giving Tuesday in May, the Grade 4 Market Day and direct donations from our community, this week we sent a further $15,000 in emergency funding for shelter, food and urgent medical assistance to our Service Learning partners.

In addition to the organisations above, funding has also been provided to support the people of Sa Seng and Sin Chai in Sapa who our Grade 10 work with annually as part of the Service Week, and the School on the Boat which helps the river people in Hanoi. 


Please note that the Emergency Relief Fund has been chosen by some families as the destination for the UNIS Hanoi credit that was offered to families in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. If you would like to donate your UNIS Hanoi family credit to the Emergency Relief Fund, every dollar will be spent in the support of our Service Learning partners and some of the most disadvantaged people in Vietnam.

Please contact our Director of Advancement, Emma Silva for more information: doa@unishanoi.org 

Putting the Emergency Relief Funds to use

Blue Dragon was awarded $7,500 USD in the first round of funding and put the money to work including:

  • Emergency rent support for 70 street families in Hanoi.
  • Three tonnes of rice for both adults and children in Hanoi.
  • Emergency rent, support and food for 60 families in Hue.
  • Emergency accommodation for 13 children and funding to keep three shelters running at full capacity to support not only the children who live there, but to also support other  children who would not have been safe in their usual accommodation.

We will have more detailed reports from all the groups in the new year to share with our community. You have made a huge difference. Thank you!

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