Students Give Online Music Lessons to Blossom House Girls

When vulnerable girls from Blossom House weren’t able to come to UNIS Hanoi’s campus for their music lessons this year, our students came up with a novel solution – take the classes and the love of music online! 

Since last week, the students who are part of a service learning group called Bamboo Music School, have created three types of videos: introduction to an instrument, playing the instrument, really jamming out on the instrument. And they are all available on Youtube

Before campus closures happened, High School students were providing weekly music lessons to the girls. Knowing the impact it was making to the lives of their new friends, the students vowed to find a way to keep the connection with the Blossom House girls going. 

Bamboo Music Service group reached a larger audience this week, by sharing these music videos with UNIS teachers so that teachers can share and discuss with their home base groups in elementary, middle and high school. The group hopes to share their love of music and raise awareness of the needs of The Blossom House. 

As part of this outreach, The Bamboo Music School made an appeal to source a 300 litre refrigerator for the Blossom House. Within a day, our group leader, Miyuki, Grade 10, worked with the Service Learning office to organize funds raised by service groups so that a refrigerator could be purchased. This will help keep food fresh at Blossom House during the summer months. 

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