From the Head of School

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those of you who attended the Annual General Meeting of the Board this past week. We may have set a new record for attendance and I know I echo the Board in appreciating the opportunity to dialogue with a diverse group of our parent community. 

During the AGM, I shared that the Leadership Team will be meeting on Monday to address a number of key focus areas for the upcoming school year. As we begin to solidify our plans to navigate the on-going uncertainty, we will be reaching out to all of you as parents to gather feedback regarding our decisions and to ensure we have considered different perspectives moving forward. We will also host community meetings to share decisions with you, provide clarity and respond to questions you may have.

Our five focus areas for the session will be the annual calendar, events calendar, co-curricular programme, academic programme and professional development. Some of our guiding questions are listed below:

  • How can we enhance and rebuild our sense of community as we return to a new school year?
  • How do we ensure we are delivering on our promise to parents through our academic programme delivery model and the co-curricular programme?
  • How do we ensure our professional learning programme for the year is robust, aligned with school-wide and personal areas of growth and inclusive of all members of our faculty and staff?
  • How do we ensure we are flexible and agile throughout the on-going crisis while also providing much needed stability to our community?
  • How will we communicate our decisions to build trust with our parent community?

I also mentioned at the AGM, that we are continuing to plan for multiple scenarios for the upcoming school year based on such things as whether or not our new teachers are able to come to Hanoi, our new families are able to start the school year on time, etc. 

Planning for a new school year runs parallel to celebrating the end of the current year and saying “good-bye” to many in our community, including our faculty who will not be returning next year. I would like to recognize the following teachers for their commitment and contributions to the learning of our students, our School and the  UNIS Hanoi community. We wish them the very best with their next adventure and officially welcome them to the UNIS Hanoi Alumni Community!

Faculty leaving us this year are:

Kristen McAuliffe, Milene Magre, Laura Moore, Deborah Vermiere, Charla Marshall, Christine Boulden, Daniel Lucardie, David Carter, Kristi Belete, Nicole Moodie, Stephen Lush, Dylan Meikle, Scott Schaffner, Agnieszka Schaffner, Brenda Manfredi, Sarah Schneider, Sandra Schneiderman, Kristen Twynam-Perkins, Glenda Baker, Garry Seabrook, Hoa Phan, Marc Vermeire, Carlo Palusci, Thomas Ryan, Michael Luciani, Adrian Hubbard, and Elizabeth Cassidy. 

We are delighted that the programme our Cocurricular team has put together for the Summer has been so popular. Sign-up closed today and we are pleased to report  there are more than 350 Elementary students registered to join us each week, 200 Middle School students and 150 from Grades 9-11. In addition the volunteer High School student sign up to help run the programme has also been wonderful. I am so proud to see our community pulling together to make this a wonderful experience for all.

And finally, next week we will be honouring our Class of 2020 who will graduate this year. All week we will be sharing celebrations of this unique group who have shown such spirit and resilience during this extraordinary time. Watch out for those special stories which will inspire students of all ages, and note that our Graduation Ceremony will take place next Friday on May 29 at 16.30 in the School Theatre. We are currently planning for a closed event for the G12 students and their parents only, but will be livestreamed for their extended families and for our community to enjoy.

Enjoy your weekend.


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