The Spirit of the Phoenix in Action

The CoronaVirus outbreak resulted in all schools in Hanoi and HCMC closing their campuses to students for this week. In spite of this, the spirit of the UNIS Hanoi community beamed brightly in innovative ways. Here are just some of our stories: 

Andrew’s Selfless Act Helps Protect Lives

When Grade 6 student, Andrew Dao Nguyen learned that people in Vietnam would need a face mask to help protect themselves from the CoronaVirus, he jumped into action and bought as many as he could with his Tet Lì xì. 

Andrew, who spent his Tet break in Ho Chi Minh City, donated his 10,000,000 VND Tet money to buy as many face masks as possible and he then set about giving them away to passers by over a three day period. His efforts, together with the efforts of his family, resulted in a giveaway of tens of thousands of masks. 

His kind gesture captured the attention of newspapers, such as Báo Phụ Nữ and VietJo in Vietnam.

We’re proud of you Andrew!

Students Gather at Friends’ Homes to School Together!

Once news broke that the school campus was going to be closed to students for a week, a number of students in our community took matters into their own hands and created home learning groups. 

Keen to simulate the classroom connection they love so much, students from the elementary school right through to the high school, met up in each other’s homes to study together. 

Grade 11 student, Frances Phan, created the Coro‘no’ School Schedule for her and her friends.

Explaining why, she said, “I thought with the absence of the teachers it would be a good idea to work collaboratively, because if we had any questions we could ask each other. Also, I think being isolated in your room and just working is quite difficult to maintain but if you’re in a group environment and everyone is working, you can partly be sociable while being academic as well. I’ve found it helpful because when I was on my own I found that my attention would drift a lot; I’d just want to watch TV or go on YouTube. But by doing this, although we’re being sociable, we do complete work.”

Elementary school children didn’t get to see their Principal on a daily basis this week. So they invaded her home instead! Setting up school around Ms Megan’s dining table, a group of eight children learned together throughout the week, supervised by two dads. 


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