Which Big Idea will you choose?

This week our community is joining in the decision making for our UNIS Impact Fund Big Ideas! Every student, teacher, staff, parent and alumni student has been invited to chose from the three shortlisted ideas – what would you chose?

1. UN Rights of the Child Community Mosaic – a permanent campus artwork on the front of our Centre for the Arts created by our community in partnership with a famous local artist, to celebrate 30 Years of the Rights of the Child and our unique identity.

2. Greening UNIS – A Mobile Campus Forest – creating an urban jungle with self-watering plant pots, made from recycled waste and using recycled water – improving our learning environment.

3. Solar Energy – Prototyping Renewable Energy – working with NGO partners to kickstart our own clean energy created on campus with rooftop solar panels. Potential to contribute to the grid and help with an urgent local need.

Learning will be built into all the projects for all our community. Find out more: https://www.unishanoi.org/BigIdeas


The Impact Fund Committee will decide next week which projects are adopted for our first UNIS Impact Fund’raising campaign with a goal of $100,000 USD. And they want to hear our community voice loud and clear! Don’t let them down – give us your feedback today. THANK YOU!

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