In The Arms of Angels

On November 7, 8 and 9 High School students will be performing the play In The Arms of Angels, by Kate Rice. Performances are at 6.30pm on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 and 4pm on Saturday 9 and will take place in the Centre for the Arts Theatre.

Tickets are on sale now from in front of the Canteen at lunch or from the Arts office at other times for 100,000vnd/Seating

‘She’s as elegant as an eagle, as soft as a feather on the wind, and as fast as a messenger of God. Come fly with the Zeppelin company, and discover the true heights of German luxury.’

May 1937, Friedrichshafen, Germany. The elite passengers of the luxury  Zeppelin Hindenburg begin their two-day trip across the Atlantic. As they settle in, travelling socialite and poetess Margaret Mather discovers that God is a female dog, she’s in the freight hold, and she says that the whole ship is going to burn.

A plot to blow up the ship is uncovered, the bomb is found and defused, but destiny won’t be thwarted. Mortality is inevitable: the passengers each have 34 seconds to look death in the eye and take their chances.

Come join the cast and crew of the High School play on this fateful journey where relationships are changed forever. One in three will not survive, who will it be?

‘Flight on the Hindenburg. It’s so smooth, you’ll feel as though you are carried In The Arms of Angels.’

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