Supporting Student Success at UNIS Hanoi

UNIS Hanoi celebrates the talents and diversity of its students and acknowledges the right of every learner to be empowered and successful in his/her learning.

At UNIS Hanoi, inclusion is facilitated through:

  • Collaboration for the success of all students
  • Mutual respect of all stakeholders
  • Support within our defined capacities
  • Solution oriented action for learner variability

Student success is an ongoing process and the responsibility of all to provide personalised pathways and remove barriers to success.

Given what we know about individual learning variability, it is possible for all students to be successful, given a system which supports their talents; this is congruent with our mission as a UN school.

Ways in which we support Student Success include – 

Academic Support

  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Learning Support
  • Enrichment & Extension
  • English as an Additional Language/Language Acquisition
  • School Psychology

Social, Emotional & Behavioural Support

  • Counselling
  • Advisory Programmes

Physical Support

  • School Health Centre
  • Athletics Training 

Parents of students who are receiving additional support services often ask us how they can be the best advocates for their own children.  There are many ways that parents can empower themselves to advocate for their children, and in turn, empower their children to self-advocate.    

  1. Be familiar with the Support Services information on our school website.
  2. Read and understand our Guide to Learning Support at UNIS Hanoi (Learning Support Handbook)
  3. Know the name of your child’s Learning Support Case Manager.  Be sure to meet with them at the beginning of the year to establish a relationship and open up lines of communication.  
  4. Use your child’s Case Manager as your first point of contact for questions and concerns regarding your child’s learning goals

For parents who would like to connect with other parents, the following systems and structures already exist within our school:

  • Regular coffee mornings (please check our divisional calendars) with school administrators and counsellors take place in each school division – Elementary, Middle and High. These are great opportunities to informally meet with your school administrators and have your questions answered.  
  • Our school library has a wonderful “parenting collection”. Parents are welcome to visit the library – bring a coffee, find a comfortable spot to read, and to meet with other parents in an informal, relaxed setting. If there are books you would like our library to purchase for the parenting collection, please chat to one of our amazing librarians who would be most happy to help.   
  • Perhaps you would like to start a book club or meet regularly with other like minded parents?  You are most welcome to use our library facilities.  

We welcome your attendance at our upcoming coffee mornings to learn more about Student Success at UNIS Hanoi.


Megan Brazil (ES Principal)
Marc Vermeire (MS Principal)
Scott Schaffner (HS Principal)

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