What’s happening?

Kindergarten 2 students have been sharing their ideas on small actions we can all take for a more sustainable world.

What are we doing about it?

Have you ever asked yourself what you as one person can do to help achieve the UN SDG’s? This year the Kindergarten 2 students invited d’Arcy Lunn, the creator of Teaspoons of Change, into their classroom. They asked him what he thinks are the five most important actions we could make right now to make the world better. It was a tough question, but d’Arcy answered by sharing five SDG’s that he thought they might focus on. The K2 students ran with the idea, and created their own “Teaspoons of Change” action plan for the year.

  1. Don’t waste food.
  2. Eat more plants, eat less meat.
  3. Look after what you have, don’t waste anything.
  4. More doing, less buying.
  5. Don’t use single-use plastic.

What can YOU do to help?

Have a look and see what actions our amazing students have shared, get inspired, and join in!

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