UNIS Hanoi’s Teaspoons of Change Movement

UNIS Hanoi was delighted to host d’Arcy Lunn, founder of the Teaspoons of Change movement which promotes small actions by lots of people to achieve BIG change to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. d’Arcy met with students, teachers and parents over his two day visit at school. Over 50 parents, students and teachers participated in the family workshop which helped families to communicate about the SDGs and reflect on what small, household actions we can all take. Parents and children alike were challenged to use communication and teamwork (some of our IB learner profile attributes and approaches to learning!) for fun, interactive exercises like a “hoolium.” We all hope to continue engaging and working together at school and at home to making teaspoons of change!

If you were not able to make it to the sessions this week, you can view the Tuesday presentation PPT HERE and the Wednesday Parent Talk video HERE for access to the great resources that d’Arcy shared with the UNIS Hanoi community, like the Good Life Goals which are created to ‘help a global audience to recognize the vital role of individual action in achieving the SGDs.

Join the UNIS Hanoi SDG Movement! One parent’s Teaspoon of Change was to  start a WhatsApp group to share ideas and resources with each other to maximise what we can do at home. All parents are welcome to join the conversation HERE

SDG Guardians on the RISE!

The SDG Guardians also had an awesome day of learning with d’Arcy Lunn. The Guardians started the day by creating personal stories as change agents – knowing that the stories we share about who are and why we care can be a powerful tool for bringing people together. The SDG Guardians also worked together to create a Mission, Vision, DNA statements, as well as goals for this school year and next. The SDG Guardians’ vision is to bring our community together to take action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through inspirational and creative education, communication, and leadership.

The SDG Guardians:
  • are risk-takers and knowledgeable leaders
  • care about our community and are passionate about positive change
  • work collaboratively
  • are committed to our mission and vision

We all hope to continue engaging and working together at school and at home to making teaspoons of change!

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