‘A Plastic Ocean’ – Family Film Screening

Vietnam ranks amongst the highest polluters of the world’s oceans from plastic waste. Thanks to the dedication of our Elementary School students, an award winning international documentary about the dangers of plastic pollution now has Vietnamese subtitles and UNIS Hanoi is proud to present the World Premiere during our SDG Week! Come and watch, and pledge to change the world as we prepare for UN Day!

You are invited to watch ‘A Plastic Ocean’ with Vietnamese subtitles at the UNIS Hanoi Theatre, 17.00-19.00 on Tuesday 27 November.  (Suitable for children 7+ years old)

‘A Plastic Ocean’ directed by Craig Leeson and produced by Jo Ruxton and Adam Leipzig was screened in April this year by The Plastics Oceans Group for their Grade 5 PYP Exhibition. As part of their research and action project, the students wrote to ask why the film was not available in Vietnamese, when the country has such a high pollution rate. The film makers listened and Tuesday’s premiere is a result of our students action! This is a family event among many other activities happening at UNIS Hanoi next week for SDG Week leading up to our UN Day celebration on Friday 30 November.

Please note that for Tuesday’s screening, ES students must be supervised by an adult or older sibling on campus after hours, and MS students must only be on campus with a buddy. Parents must present their badge for access and guests will have to be signed in at the main security gate and exchange an ID for a security pass. Full campus access information is available on our website. There is no late bus service after the film and transport home must be organised by families.

‘A Plastic Ocean’ documents the newest science, proving how plastics, once they enter the oceans, break up into small particles that enter the food chain where they attract toxins like a magnet. These toxins are stored in seafood’s fatty tissues, and eventually consumed by us.

Plastic pollution isn’t new but has become an alarming issue. Everyday billions and billions of plastic items are threw into the oceans, rivers and lakes, left on land unsightly. As a matter of fact, plastic is having negative impact on our planet, health and wildlife. According to a study by the University of Georgia in 2015, Vietnam is the fourth-largest contributor to marine plastic pollution globally but we’ve seen very little action.

Please join us on Tuesday to learn more about this burning issue and how you can help to make a difference. Help us spread the word and bring a Vietnamese friend with you to the screening. This event is free of charge and open to everyone on a first come first serve basis. A donation box will be place at the entrance. All funds raised will go toward stopping plastic pollution.

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