The Launch of the CIS/IBO/WASC Self Study

Small blocks of Lego, engaged teachers and big ideas were the main components of the official roll-out of the CIS/WASC/IB Accreditation Self-study last Wednesday, September 19 on our UNIS campus. The Accreditation Steering Committee, made up of Co-Chairs Nitasha Chaudhuri and Tom Ryan, as well as the PYP, MYP and DP Programme Coordinators Josh Smith, Daniel Cooper and Elliott Cannell, respectively, captured the interest of over 180 teaches as they paralleled the upcoming Self-study with the highly successful endeavors of the world-renown The LEGO Group, whose own Self-study preserved a positive impact on their stakeholders and their wider community.

Using the Lego Story as an allegory to launch the Self-study this year at UNIS Hanoi, teachers D-12 sat in groups with handful of LEGO engaged in accreditation-related conversation, and created structures which were added to a mega-structure, symbolizing the vision and collegial collaboration required to embark on and complete the upcoming Self-Study at UNIS Hanoi. This will undoubtedly empower UNIS Hanoi to examine its core, see its worth, as excited ‘behind-the-scenes’ leaders will step up and take on exciting roles, so that our bricks at UNIS Hanoi continue to fit as flawlessly as possible.

Nitasha Chaudhuri
Lower ES Deputy Principal

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