From the Board of Directors

Recognition of a dedicated Board member;
Board Member Karin Fock who resigned from the Board in August 2018

The Board would like to acknowledge the tremendous hard work and commitment provided by Karin Fock during the two years she served on the Board from June 2016 to August 2018. The Board will now seek to appoint a candidate to replace her.

Karin was appointed to the Board in June 2016 and was a member of the Committee on Directors in 2016-2017. The following year she became Chair of the Committee on Directors and was instrumental in leading the revised Head of School Evaluation process. She also lead the review of outstanding governance items, introduced a revised meeting structure to maximise generative discussions at Board meetings and helped capture and implement new governance thought and practices from the Governance as Leadership workshop here in Hanoi and from the East Asia Region Council of Schools Leadership conferences. Her work on the Board sought clarity and understanding across a broad range of topics from campus development to capital reserves policy. We are grateful to Karin for her hard work and dedication to UNIS Hanoi these past two years.

Amie Pollack
Board Chair

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