November 22, 2019

Dear Families, 

It was wonderful to have many of you in the classroom on Tuesday. Please know, you are welcome to come in at any time.

Explorations This Week

  • We learned a new math game! Leap Frog focuses on effectively communicating mathematical thinking and for another to expressing our thinking in a number line model. Below are the game materials if you wish to play at home! Leap Frog
  • This week we looked at schools around the world and with a Visible Thinking Routine created plans to answer the question “How might we make schools more equitable?” 
  • Our unit of inquiry focus this week was on circumstances. This video prompted discussions and how circumstances might quickly change. We played a circumstances game in which students connected privileges, chances, opportunities to circumstances.
  • We continue to work on our persuasive writing. In varying small groups students developed vocabulary to effectively communicate an argument.

Something to Try at Home

  • Home language is critical to develop understanding. It would be very valuable to your child’s development to translate these unit of inquiry words into a home language: opportunity, privilege, circumstance, chance, equity, inequity, accessibility. 

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out should you have additional questions. 


Ms. Maggie


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