November 15

Dear Families,

Important Information

  • Open Classrooms is on Tuesday–our entire day will be open for you to come in and learn alongside us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Explorations This Week


  • This past week was World Kindness Day! As the mantra in our class is to “have courage and be kind,” we have been having daily discussions on how to be kind to ourselves and others. Students have been given bingo boards to develop awareness about the frequency and how they are showing kindness. This is being supported by daily gratitude circles in the morning and afternoon. 
  • As a major focus for our unit of inquiry is the key concept of responsibility, gratitude circles are a way to developing empathy. This site has been a major driver this week with students thinking about children’s rights and seeing the impact of rights being denied or granted on a child’s life. Next week your child will be creating a plan for him or herself to more deeply understand a child’s perspective that is different from his or her own. Perspective taking might lead to your child wanting to deny him or herself a certain right.  I’m curious to see where your children will lead themselves in this part of the inquiry. 
  • Continuing our understanding of relationships in the number system, we have been counting and bundling into 10s and 100s a giant collection of popsicle sticks in our classroom. These will be used as math tools in a variety of ways– estimation, magnitude of numbers, addition, subtraction and so on!
  • We are in the process of setting new goals. I appreciate you patience with this process. As it requires me to meet individually with each student for about 10 minutes, we are not quite done yet.
  • We had two guest speakers this week, Ms. Sharon Kane and Ms. Simone Vis, who discussed children’s rights and how their organizations support the fulfillment in Vietnam.


Something to Try at Home

  • Access to opportunities is a major part of our unit of inquiry. Students have been very curious about other children’s experiences around this world. This could be a great link to your home country. 


Ms. Maggie

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