Introduction to our new 2B community member…and enjoy winter break!

Dear 2B families,

We wish you all a safe and peaceful winter break in Hanoi or wherever in the world you are traveling.  When we return from winter break, we will have a student teacher joining our 2B community.  His name is Minh Le, he is originally from Vietnam but has been studying at the University of South-East Norway.  He is in his fourth year of the International Teacher Education for Primary School (ITEPS) program.  Mr. Minh speaks English, Vietnamese and Norwegian.  During his free time, he enjoys cooking, watching movies, and playing the guitar.  From Mr. Minh “I am really excited to be assigned to UNIS for my seven-weeks teaching practice (from Monday 06.01.2020 to Friday 21.02.2020).  During my time here I hope that I will be a big help to your teacher and teach relevant and interesting lessons to you all!”  We look forward to welcoming Mr. Minh into our 2B community.

As part of our Digital Citizenship unit, our 2B community collaborated with schools in the United States, Pakistan, and Angola to create a story together focused on a SDG.  Check out our published traveling tale, “The Crazy Chase“.

Possible connections to learning for over the break:

  • Where We Are In Place and Time (Exploration)
    For several weeks, students in grade two have been inquiring into the central idea: We explore to discover and understand our world. “Exploration” can take place in another city, another country or even right here in Hanoi. Some areas to think about or talk about over the break are:
    – What did you need to pack?
    Where did you go? What transportation did you take?     
    – What interesting discoveries did you make? (landmarks, natural wonders, sights, food, culture)
    – How has travel and exploration affected your destination? Are there any positive or negative impacts?
  • How We Express Ourselves
    In this year-long unit we are exploring how cultures express their creativity. Some things you can discuss with your child over the break areAre you celebrating anything over the break? What do you do that is special? What traditions do you have? What does your family or culture value? 


  • 14 January Grade 4 Market Day
  • 20 January Grade 2 Field Trip to the Temple of Literature (part of our year-long unit)
  • 22 January Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • 24 January – 2 February Tet (Lunar New Year) Break


  • What winter festivals did you learn about this week?
  • What winter festival rotations did you do this week?
  • Which academic choice activities were your favorite and why?
  • What are your reading goals over winter break?
  • How will you be an explorer over winter break?
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