Welcome to our 2B Community!

What a fabulous week in 2B. Ms. Hoa and I have so much enjoyed getting to know your children. We have been exploring and inquiring into our learning space and becoming a connected community. 

Most families have already connected with their student’s Seesaw Portfolio which is where we will post pictures and reflections on our work.  Please let me know if you need any assistance connecting with Seesaw.

Important for Monday as this is helping us to start our first unit of inquiry:  Paper Bag Activity for this weekend. Check your child’s  bag after school on Friday. All instructions are included in the bag. Please place objects that your child wishes to share that tell us about themselves in the bag and return to school by Monday 20th August.

Some helpful information to get the year started.

  • Lunchtime:  remember to send ID card with money credited to your child’s account or send a home packed lunch.
  • Buses: If you child is not going home on the bus you need to contact the transport coordinator and cc me into the email.
  • Hats are required during recess breaks and PE.  Please send water bottles every day.
  • We have a snack time in the morning inside the classroom. Please send a healthy snack that will help your child be focused and ready to learn.
  • A class schedule was sent home Wednesday. Library will be on Tuesdays.
  • Playdates – Please let me know if your child will not be going home the regular way. An email or handwritten note works best for me. I cannot release a child without parent prior approval to change of usual arrangements.
  • Parent Back to School Night – 5th September 2019. 6:00pm to 7.30pm. A time to learn more about the Elementary School and 2B.
  • Photo Day for 2B is Wednesday 28th of August.
  • If you need to contact me specifically about your child, my email is kgiller@unishanoi.org. During the school day I do not regularly check email; for urgent matters please contact the E.S. office elementary@unishanoi.org.
  • Next Week is Week B on the schedule

Warm regards,

Ms. Keri and Ms. Hoa

From the Music Department:  Aristocats auditions are coming! Here is a brief summary of the story:
When a retired opera singer leaves her inheritance to her cat, Duchess  and three kittens, the woman’s butler drugs the cats and abandons them in the countryside in order to inherit the fortune himself. Lost in unfamiliar territory, Duchess and the kittens meet Thomas O’Malley, an alley cat willing to help them return to their home in Paris. They meet several kooky characters along the way, including two English geese and an alley cat jazz band.
If you would like to try out, please sign up for an audition time, which will take place on the following days during lunch: August 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 26th and 27th. For the audition, you will need to sing a short but dramatic song and act out part of the story. The musical will be performed in December and the rehearsals will take place on Mondays and Fridays after school.