January 17th 2020 Week B next week

January 17

Dear Parents,

On Monday we will go on our field trip to inquire into the Vietnamese New Year. Please help your child to bring sensible walking shoes, a snack, water bottle, hat and small backpack or bag to carry these personal items in.

Next week will be Ippo’s and Jasper’s last days at UNIS. We are so sad to say goodbye and we wish them a wonderful future! Friends forever 2A!

After Tet our curriculum focus will be:

Reading – Narratives – Monitoring meaning, visualization, inferences and author’s message

Writing – Procedural

UOI- New unit – Science – How The World Works – Matter

Math – We have started inquiring into measurement – Length and time


  • January 17: Beginning of Semester 2
  • January 22 (Wednesday), 8.00 – 16:00: Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • January 24 – February 2: Tet Holiday



  • Why do Vietnamese celebrate Kitchen God Day? 
  • What cultural expressions do you see at Tet? What do these expressions mean?
  • What do these words mean: length, width, height?
  • What is a “unit” when we are measuring?
  • Which information report did you decide to publish? What is it about?
  • What did you buy at Grade 4 Market Day this week.
  • What did you create as your final product in the maker space? What problem did it solve for you as an explorer?
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