My Grade 5 Graduation Speech

When I first started elementary, I was still very young and innocent, like a kid, actually I was a kid but now, ending elementary, I am feeling a lot more mature. I am leaving this place with many significant changes and great memories. I’ve made lots of mistakes but I’ve learnt to overcome them and thus, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot of things. Through my time in elementary, I’ve learnt life long skills and how to apply them into the right situation. I feel like I’ve been very lucky to be here studying at this school and meeting wonderful people.

5th grade was so fun for me, really. So many exciting things have happened this year like camp, our exhibition, and… have I said camp yet? Well, camp was definitely a major step in my life. It took my responsibility up a whole other level and I am so grateful to have been part of it. Who would’ve known that three days could be enough time for us to get to know each other better and create so many great memories? The next exciting thing for me this year was the exhibition. It reflected not only our maturity and character development, but also our approach to learning. Throughout the exhibition, I’ve been able to develop all my skills as well as my attitudes. I’ve been able to express who I truly am: A schoolgirl who is always very tame in class and tries to get along with everyone. I really value the 8 weeks of exhibition. Thinking back to the past few years of my life, I feel like everything has been leading up to this one moment. My whole life, everything has been building up to this. I feel like I am more mature than ever before and these events have taken a huge part in forming my maturity.

To get to this stage, I’ve had to go through many things. And the people who helped me get to this stage, well, it’s hard to name all of them. But I’d like to thank my parents, the people who’ve always supported me, and my teachers the people who’ve awakened my passion for learning. I’d also like to thank my sister for helping me when I need help. I appreciate everything that you’ve helped me with, all the knowledge I’ve gained from you and I hope to move on as a great student who will always have someone there for her.

I still remember that time when someone asked me: “Why do you go to school?” I replied: “The main reason is to learn, but also to meet my friends.”. And it is true. Obviously, I come to school to learn but I also come here to meet my friends. I feel that friends are an important part of going to school, as well as studying. Still, I feel that friendship’s should not interfere with classwork because then, it becomes a negative thing. I try my best to separate what happens on the playground from my classroom because I feel it is necessary to concentrate in class.

I don’t know what will happen to me in the future, but I know that it will be something magnificent and worthwhile. I feel that no matter what happens, I will be able to handle it because you have all made me a strong student who can deal with any challenge. I know there will be good things to come up along with challenges and I hope to have many great memories and an amazing time. There will be things that make me want to cry and things that break me. But I will be able to get through it. I am very proud of myself and I know I will do things that make me proud in the future.


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My Speech

Final Assessment

Bernie Sanders should be president


The president is the elected leader of a country. Some examples of US presidents are George Washington, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. The US citizens are very excited about this next election. So far, it has been a very tense competition. There are 3 reasons why Bernard Sanders usually known as Bernie Sanders should become the next US president.                                                                                                                       rjifj

To beginwith, Bernie Sanders cares about the future. He thinks a lot about education. He’s in favor of free or low cost universities. My sister is in 10th grade and she is starting to think about colleges and universities. She is desperate to go somewhere like in the US or the UK but the cost of the universities are way too high for our family. Even if she gets a 75% scholarship, we’d still not be able to get her to the US because we’d have to pay a huge amount of money for flights and an apartment. Of course though, if she could get a 100% scholarship at one of the schools she’d desired, we’d be able to afford everything else but the chances are very low. If Bernie Sanders becomes president, the students  like my sister are more likely to get a good education in one of the bigger and developed countries like the US.                                                                                                                             

Furthermore, Bernie Sanders is open minded. Bernie Sanders was one of the first people to stand up against segregation in the US. Researches have tracked down his involvement with Black Lives Matter rights activism. He was also one of the first people to fight for homosexuals and earn their rights. Only a few years ago, homosexuals were actually allowed to be openly gay in the US. The US doesn’t want a president who isn’t open-minded, so Bernie Sanders should be the right man for the job.                                                       fhsh

As a final point, Bernie Sanders supports equal opportunities for everyone. Statistics have shown that wealth inequality in the US is huge. The bottom 40% barely have any wealth compared to the top 1% of the country. The actual wealth distribution in the US has got a huge difference from what 92% of the people want it to look like. The amount of money that the rich and the wealthy make compared to the middle class is about 20 times larger. Even worse, the poor people don’t even get any income. The top 1% of the US has got about 40% of the US’s wealth. The bottom 80% only have about 7% of the country’s wealth. This is horrible. And if there’s anyone who can change it, it would be the president. And the president has got to be someone who cares like Bernie Sanders.


I believe that Bernie Sanders should be the next president of the US because he cares about the future, he is open-minded and he supports equal opportunities for all people.





Seasons Persuasive Writing


Winter is the coldest season of the year. Winter can have snow, snowflakes or ice. Winter is a natural phenomenon around the world. There are 3 reasons why winter is the best season in the year.

To begin with, winter is the season of holidays. In some places, people celebrate Christmas. In other places, they celebrate Hanukkah and other things during winter. Once, my friend was feeling really dull and bored during autumn but when winter finally came, she was so excited about Christmas that she ran back home to put up a Christmas tree. Shop owners say that around the year, their sales are always the same but when winter comes, everyone is so excited about these holidays they race each other to the shops to buy gifts.

As well, winter has the nicest weather. During spring, summer and autumn, the weather is always changing. During spring and autumn, it’s very rainy and damp. In summer, the weather is boiling hot and it feels like you might burn down. But during winter, the weather is nice and cold. People say winter can be too cold sometimes, but in winter, if it’s too cold, you can stay in your nice and cozy bed. There are also less bugs in winter. Statistics show that there are 97% of people who complain about spring, summer and autumn and only 2.5% of the ones who complain about winter.

Lastly, winter has a beautiful view. In winter, when the sun rises and reflects on the ice or snow, it looks very prepossessing and attractive. Even without the sun, the ice and snow itself is very spellbinding beautiful. Winter is also very unique because it’s got snowflakes. Each of the snowflakes has a different look. None of them look identical. Around the world, people go sightseeing in the winter more than in any other season because they like being able to see snowflakes and snow on trees.

Winter will always be the best season to me because it is the season of holidays, it has the nicest weather and it has a beautiful view.



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       –Chris Ford