This Week in Grade 1D: November 22, 2019

Open Classrooms

Thank you to everyone who attended our open classroom sessions on Tuesday morning. Open classrooms as a wonderful opportunity for your child to share and celebrate their learning with you. We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm, engagement and attentiveness throughout both our math and literacy period and we hope you enjoyed this experience. We look forward to our next open classroom session in semester two.

Lego We-Do in the Maker Space

We returned to the Maker Space again this week to continue learning about the importance of code and how it can be represented in many different ways. We had a lot of fun creating a Cooling Fan Robot and learned how to manipulate the speed and direction of the motor. We also learned how to control the number of rotations as well as adding features such as sound.

Our inquiry into language as a cultural schema that we use to communicate

This week we made a lot of connections to our work in literacy and the concept of the English language as an organized system. Since the beginning of the year we have been reviewing consonants and vowels both in terms of their written form and the different sounds that they make. We have also spent a lot of time exploring both prefixes and suffixes and the effects that they can have on the base word. In order to connect to the concept of English as a system we took a ‘heap’ of unconnected letters and organized them in a systematic way to represent meaning. We look forward to inquiring more into this concept throughout this yearlong unit.

Field Trip to Curious Kid

On Monday we will visit Curious Kid in connection with our most recent unit of inquiry into how a better understanding of living things helps us to share our environment and resources. This is our second year taking part in this field trip in Grade 1 and it is a wonderful learning opportunity for all. Please note that on Monday your child will need:

  • Both a snack and lunch (as we will return to school after lunch in time for recess) as well as their water bottle.

This week’s reminders:

  • Monday November 26th: Field Trip to Curious Kid. Please ensure that your child brings both a snack and home lunch as we will not be returning in time for lunch at school.
  • December 2-12: Amazing Art Auction.
  • December 7 & 8 ES Aristocats Musical for students in Grades 2 & 3- Tickets will go on sale next week. 
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