November 22, 2019

Open Classrooms November 19, 2019

Thank you for joining 1C for a lovely day of learning. Students so enjoyed sharing their Literacy centers and Math games with you. We hope you enjoyed us teaching you about our daily routines in both Literacy and Math.


We continue to count forward and backwards and sequence numbers. Our number talks are becoming an enjoyable routine and as you saw during Open Classrooms, we are quite confident when we play Which One Doesn’t Belong. 1C also enjoys using their Number Talk hand signals. We continue to discuss our Mathematical Practices, especially when we are playing games together. We invited Grade 1 A over to share games and talk about our Mathematical Practices together.

Language and Literacy

We continue to discuss Prefixes and Suffixes in our Word Inquiry center. Students also looked for vowels in words. We continue to wonder if all words need vowels? We even found some of our Magic Words inside of bigger words.

When reading at home,  please do look for prefixes, suffixes and Magic Words. On Monday, you will receive Magic Words in the home reader bags. Be on the look out for a Word Inquiry activity your child will teach you. Get ready to be a Word Detective.

Response Writing

We completed our Response Writing about the snack sale. Wow, we certainly enjoyed the sale and all of the treats. We continue to use interesting adjectives in all of our writing. We also came up with more exciting adjectives in our descriptions about our parents during Open Classrooms.

Our counsellor, Ms. Kris came by to read us a story. We continue to talk about Our Group Plan/We Plan and a Me Plan. Sometimes we can do things by ourselves and not worry about others but a lot of the time, we work as a community  and we need to help each other. We are working on helping our friends when we transition in 1C and while traveling throughout UNIS.

Field Trips

Thursday, November 28th at 8:15 AM 1C will travel to visit Curious Kids in Hanoi. We will be introduced to some very cool animals. We will eat our lunch at UNIS Hanoi. 


The PE Department will be taking 1C on another field trip. On Friday, November 29th, 1C and the PE Department will take their wheels to the Green Path. Please do sign all permission slips and return them by Monday, November 25th. As always, please make sure your child has a hat and water bottle to take with them.

Enjoy your weekend!


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