May 29, 2020

Another hot and exciting week in 1C. We are really growing as a community of learners and cannot believe there is only one full week of school left. Time flies!

This week in Literacy we continued to express ourselves as authors by constructing narratives. We are reviewing and making edits as we work towards being ready to share stories through a medium of our choice. 

As word inquirers we have continued to review long-vowel patterns within words. We are focussing on long <u> and the different ways this sound can be represented. We are also approaching the end of our Magic 100 words for Grade 1.

As readers we continue to review strategies that help us to tackle some of the tricky words we encounter when reading. Stop and think! is one strategy that encourages us to take the time to consider the question ‘Does it make sense?’ and to consider word choice. This is one strategy that helps us to become more skilled readers. 

Math this week has been an opportunity to show what we know about place value, counting forwards and backwards, and practicing our understanding of the numberline to solve addition and subtraction questions. We are revisiting standard and non-standard measurement, and time to consolidate our skills at telling time to the hour and half hour. Learning through play, students have begun to explore elements of Shape and Symmetry using Lego and Magnatiles as their inspiration.

In UOI we brainstormed all the ways we can express ourselves and are working on a project where we showcase some of our many languages and ways we can show who we are. We look forward to sharing our finished products with you.

Grand Walk

On Thursday afternoon we gathered as a whole school community throughout the campus to wish our Grade 12 Graduates the very best on their future endeavours. 

Arts Week Highlights

To celebrate Arts Week in the Elementary School the Arts Team put together a fantastic variety of Art and Music-related activities for us to enjoy during each Morning Meeting. On Monday, we began the process of creating an Abstract Art Drawing by exploring geometric and organic shapes, straight lines and curved lines. On Tuesday, we joined Ms Liz, Ms Noor and Ms Chu Chu for some fun singing activities. On Wednesday, we returned to our Abstract Art Drawings and added color. Thursday’s celebration involved the whole ES in an Arts-themed assembly. We finished up the week on Friday with an array of choice activities. Thank you to the Arts team for these wonderful learning experiences and for challenging us to consider the many ways that we can express ourselves.


We were so excited to return to the swimming pool during our PE lessons this week. It made for a welcome break from the hot weather and another chance to build our skills and confidence as swimmers before the summer holidays. Well done to everyone for remembering to bring in their own goggles and swimming gear each day. Remember next week is Week A. We will have swimming on Tuesday and Friday.

Farewell UNIS

Friends across the entire school who are leaving us this year are invited to tell us about their favourite place in the school and why it is so special to them. If you are not joining us in Grade 2 next year we would love to hear from you.  Share your favourite place here on Flipgrid.


  • Moving Up Morning, Friday June 5th: Moving Up Morning will look a little differently this year.  Instead of meeting our new class group and teacher we will have the opportunity to visit our partner class in Grade 2 (Grade 1C will visit Grade 2C) to learn about some of the great things that await us next year. 
  • Monday June 8th: Reports made available on Veracross
  • Week of June 8-10: Bring in book bags to carry extra items such as journals and art work home. Please return all outstanding library books
  • Wednesday June 10th: Final Day of First Grade, early dismissal for students at 12:00

May 22, 2020

Thank you for a wonderful welcome to the 1C community. Your children are inclusive and kind and it feels like we have been together for much longer than just 10 days. I am impressed with who they are as individuals and as learners.

In Literacy we have been using the work of Oliver Jeffers to inspire our work as readers and writers. Through this author study we have looked closely at the structure of narrative stories. We mapped stories we have read and used our own ideas to map new narratives as a class and as individuals. The students really understand that a good story has interesting characters, a setting, a problem and a solution. Ask your child about their narrative. Some used our idea jars full of characters, settings and problems to help inspire their work.

We also used Oliver Jeffers to springboard our word work as we look at long vowels. We focussed on long <I> and long <o> this week as we looked for these in our reading, played games and investigated words. Students will be familiar with trigraphs and digraphs including igh, y, ow, oa, making the long vowel sound.

As readers we used the skill of prediction and helped take apart words to decode tricky words. This decoding invited finding the base or bases of words, suffixes and any vowel patterns we knew. The students have become quite the word detectives and use deep thinking skills as they read.

We will continue to study the work of Oliver Jeffers next week as we make inferences, find parts of words and finish drafting a narrative piece.

In Math we have continued our work using tens as a collection. We have taken apart numbers to determine how many tens and how many loose parts. We have then used our addition skills to determine how many to the next ten. This counting carried over from distance learning work that involved inventory and collections. Students are now beginning to represent this on a number line. Using an open number line allows students to make problems more visual and to think carefully about how they have solved a problem. Consolidation of number facts within ten has really helped students extend this to higher numbers. We will continue to use number lines next week. The students have also responded well to number talks where they show their thinking a number of ways and build it challenges where we look at numbers and spatial awareness.

In UOI we were able to celebrate our learning by engaging with our significant people presentations. The students used TAG feedback scaffold to comment on the hard work of their classmates. We also used this time to capitalize on wellness week and complete daily wellness challenges and to support our complete wellbeing – physically, socially and emotionally. As we move into our final weeks at school we will wrap up units we began earlier in the year that have supported the children all year long. The inquiry will entail examining how we express ourselves through our narrative stories, as individuals and the words we attach to the expression of ourselves. We look forward to where these projects will lead the children.

Some reminders:
Daily Home Reading
Please continue to encourage your child to read at home. We know it is slightly different with no books coming home from school but it is still an important part of daily routines. Use our digital platforms if you do not have access to just right books at home. Students will be shared their final High-Frequency words for the year and they can also look for these words in their nightly reading. Many may be eager to showcase long vowel sounds or parts of words too.

Swimming Starts Next Week

Swimming resumes next week (Week B: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)
Swimming Costumes – Girls must wear a one-piece costume during swim lessons and boys can either wear trunks or shorts. Note that baggy shorts can inhibit the swimmer’s progress. UNIS costumes are available from ‘The Shop’, which is situated outside the gymnasium. Please label your child’s swimming costume.

Swimming Caps – These are essential for pupils with long hair for both hygiene and clearance purposes. Silicone caps provide a good fit with latex caps often being extremely tight. Cloth caps can also be a good alternative for the younger swimmers.

Goggles – Goggles can be an extremely important part of a swimmer’s experience. Good fitting goggles can promote confidence and exploration whereas ill-fitting goggles, which let water in, can have a negative effect on certain swimmers. Moulded nose bridges rather than adjustable nose pieces are recommended. To test, push the goggles on the face without the strap and if they stay put then they fit well. Masks are not allowed during lessons as they affect the natural breathing process. Finally, goggles should be changed regularly as the rubber seal wears out causing leakage.

Enjoy these images from the last two weeks as we investigate setting, take part in virtual assemblies, explore math materials and engage with books.


Friday, 17 January 2020

Happy Birthday to Katie!!! We celebrated Katie’s birthday with a delicious gummy bear cake and treats from Katie’s mother. We sang Happy Birthday in many languages and wished Katie a fabulous year.

We went to the Grade 4 Service Market Day to try some very interesting and yummy food and we played some funny games. All pf the proceeds for the Grade 4 Service Market Day go to charitable organizations Grade 4 students have partnered with and to service projects grade 4 students are passionate about. Thank you parents for supporting these important causes, organizations and our grade 4 students.

While we were not able to attend our field trip to the local school to find out more about Vietnamese sign language, we did have some special guests at our centers this week. Ms. Jill and Mr. Jonathan (Hugo’s Dad) taught us some sign language and we discussed our Unit of Inquiry: How We Organize Ourselves.   We continued to work on our Information Animal Non-Fiction book and Magic Words at Literacy Centers. We played some new Math games too. Our favorite Math games were Telling Time to the Hour Match Up and Addition Battle. We have also been solving some new , tricky puzzles and working hard on our teamwork and cooperation skills.

This week, we said good-bye to our friend Eni. Her family is returning to the United States. We will miss her very much. We made cards for Eni and reflected on our time learning with her. On Wednesday, we invited her to lunch and played games with her during Play Based Learning. We wish Eni and her family a wonderful adventure and return to the United States.


Please send you child to school in their ao dai on Thursday, January 23rd. 

We hope you have a lovely and restful weekend.


January 10, 2020

Dear families of 1C,

We hope you had a lovely Holiday!

Welcome back after what I hope was a relaxing break for you all. This week we have a number of reminders for you to highlight some important events coming up in the next few weeks. Please see below:

Today, we celebrated Claire’s birthday! We had delicious cake and lots of treats. We wish Claire a fabulous birthday and a wonderful year and thank her parents for the treats.


  • Tuesday, January 14th Field Trip


All Grade 1 classes will be going to Xa Dan Elementary & Secondary School. This school is for Vietnamese deaf students. As a part of our Unit of Inquiry on How We Organize Ourselves we have been learning about how language is a cultural schema that we use to communicate. Our UNIS students will learn how the students communicate and learn. We will be leaving school at 8:30am and returning before lunch. The students will need to bring their snack and water bottle with them. We will have lunch at UNIS. 


  • Tuesday, January 14 Market Service Day

What:Grade 4 Market Day

When: TUESDAY 14 January 10:45-12:00

Bring: maximum of 100,000 VND to spend

The products and services being sold will range from 10,000 VND to 50,000 VND.  All profits will go to organizations that support Children’s Rights


  • Wednesday, January 22, Learning Conferences for 1 C Postponed until After Tet Holiday


The ES will be hosting Parent, Student and Teacher Conferences from 8am-4pm. on Wednesday.  However, Ms. Kristen will be away from school and will hold conferences after the TET holiday. She will send an email with more information about conferences shortly.

We will talk about your child’s report card and review the goals that your child made earlier in the school year. Please note that conferences will only be held with your child. Siblings will be asked to wait outside our classroom. Also, it is optional to see specialist teachers for this conference.


  • Thursday, January 23rd TET


We will be celebrating TET (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) at school. Students are invited to wear their Ao Dais to honor our host country.


  • Thursday, January 24-February 2 TET Holiday

Have a wonderful weekend.


December 13, 2019

UOI: How We Express Ourselves Overview

This week, we went to see some amazing performances. We were invited to see the high schools students rehearse for their winter concert. We saw some very cool instruments and loved the songs they played on the cellos.  We also went to the canteen to see some grade 5 students celebrate and perform some Christmas songs. Levin’s sister, Noema played the harp and we were so impressed by her performance. Mr. Charlie in grade 5 led a sing a long as well. Ms. Geralda (Thomas’ mother in 1B) came to meet us near the library for a very special story. She came on her bicycle and was playing music. She told us a very interesting and interactive story about a little girl who lost her piggy shoe. The story involved some letters a character named Gingerella received from her family and friends. We were excellent audience members and really enjoyed the story of Gingerella.

When we returned from each performance, we discussed what we enjoyed about the experience. WE used the TAG protocol to share what we enjoyed. It was so interesting to see how people all around UNIS express their feelings and ideas.

T=Tell a Compliment
A=Ask a Question
G=Give something to work on, a suggestion


The story of Gingerella

Grade 5 Musical and Dance Performance

UOI How We Organize Ourselves Overview

UOI Sharing the Planet and Literacy

This week, we learned more about habitats . We looked for digraphs, silent e words, suffixes and prefixes with Ms. Angela our Literacy Coach.  We are learning so much about spelling through word inquiry.

We also started to learn about writing and organizing information to write an Information Report. We picked two animals we really want to learn more about. We are writing interesting facts about all of the animals we are reading about  in guided reading groups and in our UOI book baskets. We also researched features of our clay animals on the internet and added some labels to our feature sculptures.

We celebrated two Birthdays this week! Happy Birthday to Taeung and Ayce. We wish you a wonderful year ahead. Thanks for the delicious cupcakes and yummy cakes! We had so much fun celebrating with you and your families.

Taeung’s Birthday

Ayce’s Birthday

Mystery Reader

Claire’s father, Mr. Anthony came by to be our Mystery Reader. He read a very interesting story about Sharks. Did you know there are over 400 different kinds of sharks? We learned a lot of new and interesting facts about Sharks. Thank you Mr. Anthony!


We talked a lot about shapes this week in 1C. We compared shapes and talked about the differences and similarities in shapes. We made some cool Christmas trees with shape patterns and 3D snowflakes. We will graph our shapes when we return from the break. We played some winter themed dice Math games. We can add two numbers and 1 to those numbers very quickly. Our addition fact recall is getting stronger and quicker. In our math meeting, we are counting by 2’3, 5’s and 10’s. We are also discussing multiple ways to look at and solve problems.

Habitat and Animal Show and Tell

While you are on holiday with your families, please do continue to discuss animals and habitats. If you see or find a cool habitat, please do take some pictures of these animals and habitats. We would love to share your pictures at Show and Tell on the Monday we return from break. Please email any pictures you collect of animals and habitats during your travels. 

National Geographic Kids Habitats

This week’s reminders:

  • Please note that there will be no school from December 14-January 5. 
  • Term 1 ends on January 17th
  • Term 1 reports will be available for viewing on January 23 

We wish you all a wonderful Winter Break. 


December 6, 2019

December 6, 2019

We continue to discuss Sharing the Planet. We looked closely at the images of animals from our field trip and pictures in our UOI books to create clay animals. We are now working on labeling the external features and characteristics of animals. We looked closely at animal habitats and brainstormed adjectives to describe grasslands, wetlands, arctic tundras, deserts, oceans, rivers, ponds, streams and forests. Our list of adjectives to describe animal habitats is quite impressive. We helped each other sound out adjectives paying close attention to the the beginning, middle and ending sounds of words. Ask your child about phonemes (letter sounds) and digraphs. We are Word Detectives and can find digraphs in so many words.

Language and Literacy Centers

Students are beginning to research independently about animals. They are interested in learning more about so many different kinds of animals. We are writing complete sentences about animals. Ask your child if they learned some new animal facts!

Friends in 1C are learning to become amazing Partner Readers. Many parents are now commenting on the wonderful, very clear and exciting reading they can listen to and watch on Seesaw. Thank you for encouraging your child and recognizing their reading progress on Seesaw. This week, we watched some pretty fantastic Partner Reading posts on Seesaw and gave each other compliments about their reading.


We played Splat this week! We looked at collections of dots and counted groupings together by 2’s, 5’s and tens. Then, we hid some groups with a SPLAT and tried to determine how many hidden dots were under the splat. We are working on becoming more confident and sure when we take away and subtract numbers from a group. During our SPLAT math talk students:

  • Used numbers and words to understand problems.
  • Explained their math thinking about a problem.
  • Tried to be careful and accurate as they used math.
  • Explain how numbers and shapes are put together.

At our Math Centers, we counted tally marks and finger groups by 5’s and 10’s with a memory game. We played Teeny Tiny Dot and compared numbers.  We know if a grouping or number is greater than, larger than or bigger than another number. We know if a number or grouping is less than, lower than or smaller than another number. We also made our December calendar together and discussed how many more days we have before Winter Break. How many days do we have to enjoy our vacation? How many Saturdays do we have during our break? How many Wednesdays do we have over the break? We love asking each other questions about the days of the week during our Calendar Center.

Students also looked at 100 number chart puzzles. We took portions of the 100 chart and looked at where we place numbers. Students were given some pretty tricky puzzles to complete and they were able to sequence numbers, count forward and backward and explain their math thinking clearly.
Mystery Reader
Levin’s mother, Ms. Sheila joined us for a cool story today. She read a really interesting book about Animal Poop. We learned a lot of new facts about how some animal use their animal poop to protect themselves and some animals even use their poop to build homes. Some humans even use animal poop to make things like paper and notebooks! Thank you Sheila.
We hope you have a very enjoyable weekend.

Friday, November 29, 2019

What an exciting week in grade 1 C!

Mr. Brian came to talk to us about how we say letter sounds. He brought his friend Mr. Bob to help us pronounce certain letter sounds. We are currently practicing the digraph “th”. We used mirrors to look at how we place the tip of our tongues to move under our top teeth (slightly) as we say the Magic Words: This, That, These, Those.

We are now searching for “th” words in story books and saying/reading them with partners. Please do talk about how to say this tricky sound when you read at home.

Maker Space, Coding and Programming with Mr. Neal

We went to the our very cool  Maker Space and experimented with Lego WeDo. We are very inquisitive coders and programmers. Mr. Neal taught us how to make lego animals. Then, we coded and programmed colors and sounds with an ipad and our Lego robots. We also worked with our 1C Responsibility Partners to share our thinking and ideas and practiced taking turns.

Lego WeDo

Our Field Trip to Curious Kids

In our Sharing the Planet unit, we are learning about living things and how our understanding helps us share environmental resources. Did you know specific animals live in unique habitats? Did you know that our choices impact the environment animals live in? 

We had a fabulous adventure to Curious kids. We observed and investigated some  exotic animals. We played some exciting games with the animals and Mr. Kris. We had a great discussion about how living things such as endangered and rescued animals share our environment and resources. It’s our job to protect animals, keep the Earth clean and Share the Planet. Next week, we will look at pictures from our field trip and UOI books to discuss and label the external features of animals.

Students are bringing in all kinds of cool non-fiction books about animals. Please do send in any non-fiction animal books to share and remember to put your child’s name inside the cover of the book.
Also, If you have storybooks/fiction books in your home language, please do share these books as well. Students are thrilled to read their favorite home language books to each other during Literacy. 
In our How We Organize Ourselves unit, we are learning about languages. Did you  know that language is a cultural schema that we use to communicate?   We are inquiring about all of the languages we speak in 1C and we are also celebrating how our home language is a part of our cultural identity
Ms. Beth, our Math Coach came into 1C for an exciting Math Talk. We choral counted and looked for number patterns. We counted as a group and started from many different points. We counted by 1, 5’s and 10’s. This week, 1C students noticed a lot of number patterns and shared their wonderings about where numbers are placed on a 100 number chart. We will continue to explore our 100 number charts and share more of our wonderings next week.
Finally, you will have seen that the students have new cloth bags for their home reading books. Thank you for supporting your child’s reading at home. We are seeing a real difference in the classroom.
We celebrated Brayden’s birthday with yummy chocolate cake. We sang Happy Birthday in German, Vietnamese and Chinese. Happy Birthday Brayden!


  • December 2-12: Amazing Art Auction.
  • December 7 & 8 ES Aristocats Musical for students in Grades 2 & 3- Tickets are on sale now. 
  • December 14-January 5 UNIS Winter Break, no school

November 22, 2019

Open Classrooms November 19, 2019

Thank you for joining 1C for a lovely day of learning. Students so enjoyed sharing their Literacy centers and Math games with you. We hope you enjoyed us teaching you about our daily routines in both Literacy and Math.


We continue to count forward and backwards and sequence numbers. Our number talks are becoming an enjoyable routine and as you saw during Open Classrooms, we are quite confident when we play Which One Doesn’t Belong. 1C also enjoys using their Number Talk hand signals. We continue to discuss our Mathematical Practices, especially when we are playing games together. We invited Grade 1 A over to share games and talk about our Mathematical Practices together.

Language and Literacy

We continue to discuss Prefixes and Suffixes in our Word Inquiry center. Students also looked for vowels in words. We continue to wonder if all words need vowels? We even found some of our Magic Words inside of bigger words.

When reading at home,  please do look for prefixes, suffixes and Magic Words. On Monday, you will receive Magic Words in the home reader bags. Be on the look out for a Word Inquiry activity your child will teach you. Get ready to be a Word Detective.

Response Writing

We completed our Response Writing about the snack sale. Wow, we certainly enjoyed the sale and all of the treats. We continue to use interesting adjectives in all of our writing. We also came up with more exciting adjectives in our descriptions about our parents during Open Classrooms.

Our counsellor, Ms. Kris came by to read us a story. We continue to talk about Our Group Plan/We Plan and a Me Plan. Sometimes we can do things by ourselves and not worry about others but a lot of the time, we work as a community  and we need to help each other. We are working on helping our friends when we transition in 1C and while traveling throughout UNIS.

Field Trips

Thursday, November 28th at 8:15 AM 1C will travel to visit Curious Kids in Hanoi. We will be introduced to some very cool animals. We will eat our lunch at UNIS Hanoi. 


The PE Department will be taking 1C on another field trip. On Friday, November 29th, 1C and the PE Department will take their wheels to the Green Path. Please do sign all permission slips and return them by Monday, November 25th. As always, please make sure your child has a hat and water bottle to take with them.

Enjoy your weekend!


November 13, 2019 1C

We’ve come to the end of another great week of learning in 1C!

1C students completed activities in UOI and Literacy centers related to balance in our lives which promote Health and Wellbeing. Look on Seesaw for our food group pyramids, Balanced Me posters and our Healthy Plates which we created out of clay and labeled according to the food groups. We played the Tummy Ache Game where we matched healthy and unhealthy pictures and words. After we bought our snacks at the snack sale, we brainstormed adjectives to describe our healthy and unhealthy food choices.  Be on the look out for our writing responses about the snack sale.

At our Word Inquiry table, we were on the hunt for vowels a, e, i o and u. We even searched for vowels in our adjectives! 

Everyone in the ES Celebrated World Kindness Week!

We shared our Kind Letters from our 1C mailbox with our friends and read stories about being kind.

Our primary goals in Math at the moment are:

  • Counting forwards and backwards to 30 and beyond.
  • Looking for patterns in numbers, shapes, and pictures.
  • Representing numbers in different ways.
  • Sequencing numbers. 
  • Making number paths. 
  • Knowing our number facts to 10 and 20 in addition and subtraction. 
  • Practicing and getting used to explaining our maths thinking.
  • Our new Unit of Inquiry just started.
  • We have begun our new Sharing the Planet Unit in UOI and are looking forward to delving deeper into the environments of living things and human impact upon them. If you have professional experience in this area, we would love to hear from you.
  • Ask your child about our search for Non-Fiction books in the library! 
  • Check your child’s library bag and home reader bags for non-fiction books.  Please remember to discuss the Table of Contents, Glossary and Index pages in these non fiction texts.


Thank you so much to our very exciting Mystery Reader, Eni’s mother! Ms. Abi read us two hilarious books by Mo Willems. We love Mo Willems’ books and laughed a lot. We could even read along with the story. There were so many speech bubbles in the stories.Thank you Abi!

Happy Birthday to Simon! We celebrated Simon’s birthday with special cakes he made with his family. Happy birthday Simon!

Upcoming events and Reminders: 

We are looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible into our Open Classroom next Tuesday November 18th when our students will share with you some of the maths games we have been practicing in the classroom.

Enjoy your weekend! 

1C November 8, 2019

What an exciting week of learning in 1C! 

Our Literacy Centers were filled with activities related to our Unit of Inquiry. We sorted food groups in teams and created a balanced  food pyramid with clear labels. We explained our thinking with our friends and posted our thinking on Seesaw. We read UOI books with our friends and labeled pictures together. Labels give readers important information about pictures. We sounded out important words with our friends.

Partner Reading continues to be a wonderful experience in 1C. We read our home readers together and picked out Just Right Books in pairs. We are learning to listen carefully to our partners and ask them questions about stories. We are reading with expression and making sure to pause and breathe at full stops.

We continue to write kind letters to our friends and are now writing several complete sentences in our letters.

This week, we also made sure our story books have interesting sentences with capital letters full stops and some friends even included speech bubbles in their stories.  We are adding our books to Book Creator where we can also read and add audio to our stories. We tried to include excitement and voice intonation in our stories as well. Students helped each other add more detail to their characters and settings.

We continue to write Responses in 1C. This week, we had a taste test to decide if we prefer proteins or grains. We tasted chick peas and rice cakes. It was a tough choice for most of our friends but the ‘winner’ was food from the Grains group. We brainstormed adjectives to describe both food groups and included these describing words in our responses about the food we tasted.

Balanced Me Posters

Students worked in groups to brainstorm how they are balanced and make healthy choices. They started from “Head to Toe” and came up with many ways they are healthy, practice good hygiene and habits and take care of themselves.


Students worked in groups to solve word problems related to UOI. We drew pictures to show our thinking and included number sentences with our problems. Students were encouraged to show many different ways to solve the word problem. We continued our practice of discussing the calendar in math and made a November calendar. Students are now using ten frames, five frames and ones to represent parts of numbers. We can count forward and backwards using both subtraction and addition.

Outdoor Play Day  Thursday, November 7th

We had a lovely day on Thursday. Our grade 5 buddies showed us some of their outdoor games from their PE classes and we played with our friends in the ECC.


Please note that Monday, November 11th students will not attend school. It is a Professional Development Day for teachers.

Enjoy your the long weekend.