Week of May 22

Dear families,

It has been a very busy fortnight in 1B! We have continued our work on place value looking at the number of tens and ones in 2 digit numbers, for example, 63 contains 6 groups of ten and 3 ones. It is important for the students to understand that the ‘6’ in 63 represents 60 as we move into addition and subtraction questions.

We have introduced the Number Line to the students, which they have used to support their addition and subtraction skills. Students have also begun to use the number line to show how they can use their facts to ten to solve larger problems. .

Next week, we will continue to use number lines to model our thinking and revise concepts covered earlier in the term such as measurement and time to the hour and half hour.


This week in Literacy, we have started to use Story Maps as a tool for organising the narrative stories we plan to create in the coming weeks. We have identified the key elements (Characters, Settings, Feelings, Problems and Solutions) that are necessary to construct a successful narrative and are working towards combining these elements to create a story.

Next week the students, as authors, will choose from a variety of ways to share their stories with others. They can use online tools such as Puppet Pals, Book Creator and Toontastic, or other physical materials such as booklet making, puppet creations and drawings.

In word study students continue to work on their High Frequency words and are practicing their understanding of long vowel combinations. We have all enjoyed reading the books of Oliver Jeffers to support this work in the classroom. It is clear the reading stamina of 1B has improved a lot since the winter break and as a whole class we broke our reading stamina record this week, with every student in the class reading uninterrupted for 20 minutes! Well done 1B! Maybe it was also something to do with Ms Monica’s inspiring book week activities last week too! Thank you to all the students who dressed up and/ or shared their favourite bedtime story with us.

UOI: Where We Are in Place and Time

This week in UOI, we have been watching some of our friends’ significant people videos and giving them feedback. You are welcome to go on the link below and watch the videos from home too. We are very proud of all our Grade 1 friends for their excellent research of a significant person, writing their scripts and presenting their information in a video. Well done Grade 1 and thank you to all the support from you at home too!

Grade 1 Significant Person Link

Above all, it has been great to have almost everyone back in the classroom again! We have enjoyed our lunchtimes in the classroom and connecting with our friends. We miss those of you still studying via distance learning and send a big wave and a happy hello to you in Korea and Taiwan. You are still very much a part of our 1B Community!

Have a wonderful week!

Ms Jenny and Ms Noi

Things to remember:

Home Reading – We are not sending books home for reading, but students can still access Raz-Kids or Epic, or swap their books from the library when they need to.

Swimming Starts Next Week

Swimming resumes next week (Week B: Monday and Thursday)

Swimming Costumes – Girls must wear a one piece costume during swim lessons and boys can either wear trunks or shorts. Note that baggy shorts can inhibit the swimmer’s progress. UNIS costumes are available from ‘The Shop’, which is situated outside the gymnasium. Please label your child’s swimming costume.

Swimming Caps – These are essential for pupils with long hair for both hygiene and clearance purposes. Silicone caps provide a good fit with latex caps often being extremely tight. Cloth caps can also be a good alternative for the younger swimmers.

Goggles – Goggles can be an extremely important part of a swimmer’s experience. Good fitting goggles can promote confidence and exploration whereas ill-fitting goggles, which let water in, can have a negative effect on certain swimmers. Moulded nose bridges rather than adjustable nose pieces are recommended. To test, push the goggles on the face without the strap and if they stay put then they fit well. Masks are not allowed during lessons as they affect the natural breathing process. Finally, goggles should be changed regularly as the rubber seal wears out causing leakage.


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