Week of December 13th – Happy Holidays!

Dear Families,

We have come to the Winter Break! Well done to all of our students for their hard work and friendships this year. It is wonderful to see them grow in their learning and in their relationships with others.

I have posted to Seesaw a video of just some of our highlights since August. See below:


On Thursday the students celebrated a Festive Party in the lunchroom with their ES buddies. They were treated to music and dancing, as well as a sing a long with Mr Charlie!

Habitat and Animal Show and Tell.

While you are on holiday with your families, please continue to discuss animals and habitats. If you see or find a cool habitat, please do take some photos of these animals and habitats. We would love to share your pictures during Show and Tell in class. Please email any pictures you collect to Ms Jenny.

Below is a great resource for extra reading over the break from National Geographic Kids.


UOI Sharing the Planet and Literacy

This week, we learned more about habitats . We looked for digraphs, silent e words, suffixes and prefixes with Ms. Angela our Literacy Coach.  We are learning so much about spelling through word inquiry.

We also started to learn about writing and organizing information to write an Information Report. We picked an animals we really want to learn more about. We are writing interesting facts about all of the animals we are reading about  in guided reading groups and in our UOI book baskets. We also researched features of our clay animals on the internet and added some labels to our feature sculptures.

Goodbye to Jimmy anf Thomas P!

Finally we are sorry to say goodbye to two classmates this week. Goodbye to Jimmy and to Thomas P. They will be missed by all their friends in 1B and we wish them lots of love and luck in their next big adventure! Safe travels onward and please stay in touch!

Thank you also to Kellie – Jimmy’s mum for being our mystery reader this week!

Dates to Remember:

  • Please note that there will be no school from December 14-January 5.
  • Term 1 ends on January 17th
  • Term 1 reports will be available for viewing on January 23 

Wishing you and your families a fabulous Winter Break!

Week of December 5th

Happy December families of 1B!

This week we have begun to inquire into How we express ourselves, and How we organise ourselves. We have been lucky enough to have a sneak preview of the Aristocats in our investigation of performance as a means of personal expression and have been working with the World Languages Department to consider how language is structured in different ways. We have begun to find out what different alphabets different languages use and to compare these with the languages we speak at home and at school.

In our reading and writing this week 1B has focussed on Fiction vs Non-Fiction texts and identified the different features found in Non-Fiction reading. We are using this knowledge to begin to compile a non-fiction report, and have started with some observational drawing and labelling.

This week we have had Ms Angela working with 1B on Structured Word Inquiry. We have been exploring base words, their meanings and affixes. We are considering what happens when words change, for example from ice to icy, or slip to slippery.

In maths this week we investigated a 3 Act Math task with our Maths Coach Ms Beth. The students had to figure out how they might represent different numbers in different ways to solve a math problem. Thanks Ms Beth!

We hope that you have a fabulous last week of school next week and for those of you going to see the Aristocats tonight and tomorrow, enjoy the show!

Ms Jenny and Ms Noi

Week of November 29th


Hello again families of 1B!

We have had a fantastic week of fun learning and parent engagement this week. A huge thank you to Thomas’ mum Geralda for sharing her wonderful story of Linh and the missing slipper, and for bringing it to life through a captivating performance by her friend Sylvie and her wonderful slipper bicycle.

On Tuesday morning we visited Curious Kids as part of our UOI unit on Sharing the Planet. We saw rats, iguanas, sugar gliders, ferrets, rabbits, hedgehogs and of course, the python. We inquired into the diet of a hedgehog and the external characteristics and habitats of the different animals. We delved deeper into why the ferret smells and were delighted by ‘ferret skittles’ (see below!) or which coloured tubes the mice would wander through. The highlight of course, was our exploration of the python and a fabulous photo opportunity for our 1B risk takers!

This week in maths we have continued to explore the 100s chart as an introduction into place value. The students have individual maths goals which we will be working on over the next 2-3 months and these have now been posted on Seesaw should you wish to talk them through with your child.

In reading we are continuing to work on our individual goals (these are on Seesaw). For our class goal we are looking at connections as our class goal. Students are encouraged to consider how texts can connect to themselves, to other texts they know, or to the outside world and knowledge they already possess (their schema). We are very grateful to Suria’s mum, Maria, for helping us to explore connections further through her role as the 1B Mystery Reader this week. Thank you Maria!

This week 1B connected with our 4B buddies. We worked together to make plasticine animals and habitats to support our research writing. Over the next two weeks we will begin to research different animals and to explore non-fiction features that support our understanding. Our goal is to produce a non-fiction report on a chosen animal including facts on habitat, environment, external features and human impact on their existence.

Finally, you will have seen that the students have new cloth bags for their reading books. Thank you for supporting their reading at home, we are seeing a real difference in the classroom.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Ms Jenny and Ms Noi



Week of November 22nd

Open Classrooms 2019

Thank you so much for joining us for our Open Classroom Day this week. The children loved sharing their learning with you and teaching you some of their favourite maths games. We hope that you will have an opportunity to practice some of them at home too! Thank you also for the many beautiful gifts that were shared with Ms Noi and I. Coming from Europe, it was a lovely and unexpected surprise for me, thank you.

Next Tuesday we will have a field trip to Curious Kids to support our unit on Sharing the Planet. The children will have a chance to get up close to a number animals as we begin our conversations around habitats, environment and human impact. Thank you everyone for returning the field trip forms so promptly.

In addition to our Unit on Sharing the Planet, we have two other units ongoing; How we express ourselves (HWEO) and How we organise ourselves (HWOO). As part of our learning 1B attended a Middle School music lesson and were treated to a rendition of ‘Baby Shark’!

As in every week B, Ms Kris our counsellor came to visit. This week she spoke to the children about times when we can follow the ‘Me Plan’ and times we need to follow the ‘Group Plan’ for the benefit of a wider group. Please see below to see how we are approaching this at school.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Ms Jenny and Ms Noi

Week of November 17th

We’ve come to the end of another great week of learning in 1B.

We have begun our new Sharing the Planet Unit in UOI and are looking forward to delving deeper into the environments of living things and human impact upon them. If you have professional experience in this area, we would love to hear from you.

In library this week Ms Monica explained to students how they can search for authors by name using first three letters of the author’s name. They were excited to practice this using their own name and to see if there were any authors in the storybook section that shared the same name as them.

On Thursday Ms. Beth our math coach, joined 1B to introduce us to choral counting and to see what patterns the students noticed between numbers. Our primary goals in math at the moment are:

  • Counting forwards and backwards to 30 and beyond.
  • Looking for patterns in numbers, shapes, and pictures.
  • Representing numbers in different ways.
  • Knowing our number facts to 10 and 20 (addition and subtraction)
  • Practising and getting used to explaining our maths thinking.

We are looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible into our Open Classroom next Tuesday November 18th when our students will share with you some of the maths games we have been practicing in the classroom.

A huge thank you to Seongwon’s mum, Mrs Yun this week for coming to read to 1B as our first mystery reader! We would love more readers, so please do get in touch!

We are looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible into our Open Classroom next Tuesday November 18th when our students will share with you some of the maths games we have been practicing in the classroom.

Please note that your child has a new cloth bag for sending home their reading books, reading log and letters from school. This should be returned to school every day with their reading book so that we can keep track of home reading. Some of the students are regularly changing their books and completing their reading logs. I am also sharing a link for students to log in to Raz Kids at home as another way to keep track of their reading goals.

Thank you for all of your help in supporting their learning!

Week of November 8th

Hello families of 1B from our ‘balanced people’! We have come to the end of our first inquiry unit and are explaining our understandings through the different ways we take care of ourself. Our next Unit of Inquiry – Sharing the Planet starts next week. If we have family members that work in environmental affairs, we would love to hear from you.


In maths this week we have been looked at the different ways to solve a problem. Our first introduction to word problems last week showed that students all had different approaches. To broaden our understanding we have begun to look at Numberless word problems and to consider what questions could come up and how potential questions could be solved.

The students did an excellent job of exploring their thinking, and showing different ways in which the problem could be approached.


In Literacy, we have been working on Response writing and our descriptive language. Ms Angela took this a step further by working with the students in Art to write a response to a piece of art.

Reading this week has focussed on making connections with the texts we are reading. The students have been introduced to the concept of Schema – joining together information in a text to information they already know. They have enthusiastically shared their connections to stories we have been reading and their own lives. When you read at home, ask your child what connections they make with the text.

Outdoor Play Day Thursday November 7th

Yesterday the ECC and ES celebrated together for the Outdoor Play Day. 1B played with their buddies from 4B, and many of them enjoyed reminiscing happy memories from their days in K2!

Ms Noi and I wish you a very happy long weekend – there is no school on Monday. We look forward to seeing everyone rested and energised on Tuesday.

Best wishes,

Ms Jenny and Ms Noi

Week of November 1st.

Hello families of 1B!

We have been continuing our work on good health and well being this week. We have been thinking about the different food groups and how they help our bodies to stay strong and healthy. The students have been able to identify different proteins, carbohydrates, dairy, grains and fruit and vegetables. Challenge them by asking which of these different food groups give them vitamins, calcium, and nutrients to sustain strong bones, teeth, muscles and eyes!

As part of our unit, Grade 1 made healthy snacks on Tuesday morning. See this short video below, or via Seesaw, to see what 1B got up to.

Video below:


During our math work, we are investigating subitizing, and how we can interpret different images or objects to represent number. We are working to understand that sometimes the same problem can be solved in multiple ways and we are exploring different student’s understanding of number, and how they choose to group numbers together.

On Thursday the boys and girls joined in our Spirit Day to celebrate the sports matches taking place at UNIS this weekend. We were assigned to cheer for the International School Eastern Seaboard (ISE), and managed a quick photoshoot with them before meeting Felix the Phoenix and watching a basketball game!

Thank you very much for your continued support with our home reading programme. We have now begun our guided reading lessons in the class so the reading level of books your child brings home should become more challenging in the next few weeks. Please continue to reinforce the ‘Good Fit Book’ concept at home and encourage the reading of picture story books at all levels. We would also love to welcome any ‘Mystery Readers’ over the next few weeks. If you would like to surprise your child one day with a story in your home language, please do get in touch!

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Jenny

  • November 11th is a PD Day at Unis. There will be no school that day.

Week of October 25th

UN Day

Thank you to everyone for joining us for this year’s UN Day celebrations. It was a fantastic celebration of our school’s identity and a wonderful opportunity for our community to come together. An extra special thank you to Ben, Lev’s Dad for all his hard work in organizing the delicious lunch buffet and to all parents for providing food for the event.

My wish for the planet is…

During SDG Week, we made an ‘I Wish’ posters and presented them to each other on UN Day. The students were so excited to see their special creations and talk about their wishes with parents, special guests and friends.

After UN Day, we had an opportunity to share our wishes with each other. We noticed that some of our wishes for the planet are the same. The future will be bright with all of these wonderful human beings in charge of our planet.

Our Current Text Type: Response

We have started the first of our text types for this year: Response. This text type focuses on  responding to and analyzing objects or events in a structured format. Students will be learning to distinguish between nouns and pronouns, justifying their opinion using the terms like/dislikes and will build a repertoire of adjectives to support their opinions.

Math and UOI-Graphing

During math and UOI this week, we talked a lot about our special lunch from last week. Ms Jill came in and introduced why graphs are important. We made a whole class graph and were able to make comparisons with our graph. We learned that we use a graph for various reasons such as:

  • I can talk about data on a graph.
  • I can describe data on a graph using numbers and words like more and most and fewer and not very many

In maths we have been practicing our subitizing skills, numbers forwards and backwards to 100, and have begun to experiment with Osmo Tangram.

Mr Brian Visits Grade 1B

Mr Brian, our UNIS Speech and Language Specialist, came to our class this week to help us remember how to breath when we are speaking and saying our letter sounds. He even brought a special teeth and tongue puppet to show us where to put our tongues when we say certain letters like D, T, K, G and more. Mr Brian will continue to work with our students throughout the year for special, whole-class lessons. Thank you Mr Brian for coming and teaching us.

Play Based Learning

Play Based Learning was a blast this week. The students are loving dismantling old electronics. If you have any that you would like to donate, please send them in!

An Important Notice about Home Readers

Thank you for your patience with our paper folders. Please be assured that fabric book bags are coming soon. We ask that you support your child be re-reading their chosen text with you each night and returning it to school the next day. This is an important daily routine to best support your child’s literacy growth this year.

Children are encouraged to choose a book that is a good fit (they can read the majority of the text with ease) and is of interest to them. While the level of the book may give some indication of the complexity of the book we fully encourage students to chosen books that they are motivated to read for this reason you may notice your child choosing to reread a book or from time to time taking on a more complex book that they which to tackle with your support.


  • Our swimming unit has now come to an end. Students will begin their Wheels Unit in PE from next week. Watch this space for more information on when the students may need to bring their bicycles to school.
  • October 31st ES Dress Up Day: Please discuss with your child what they may wear for our dress up day on Thursday. We ask that children do not wear masks and highly encourage some creative home grown costumes.
  • There will be no school on November 11 due to it being a staff professional development day.
  • Save the Date: On November 19th open classrooms will take place across the Elementary School. More information to follow.


Week of 18th October

Dear families of 1B,

What a busy week in 1B! We started off our week with a very special lunch inside our classroom. Students served themselves rice, chicken, broccoli, pineapple, cookies and milk. We will discuss our food choices during next week’s Unit time!

We collected and gathered information about everyone’s choices and graphed what our friends chose to eat. We are learning about nutrition and how to make balanced choices for a healthy body and will dig deeper into our food choices next week.

In our preparations for UN Day next Monday we have been spending the week talking about the sustainable development goals – SDGs, and working them into our learning activities. THANK YOU very much indeed for your help in translating them. It is impressive that our first graders know so much about them and are able to identify many of the goals by number.

We held an SDG Scavenger Hunt during maths time, as well as SDG Bingo and a multi class read aloud each day this week. The children also found their swimming lesson obstructed by plastic yesterday in response to the plastic in our oceans. They worked together to clean the pool of ‘pollution’. A huge thank you goes out to our PE teachers for such a valuable learning experience.

Our PE teachers also helped us with our buddy class 4B this week in coordinating a skateboarding lesson. Many of 1B had never been on a skateboard before and the fourth graders rose to the occasion teaching them how to put on their protective gear and learn some new skills!

In addition, this week we began our outside play-based learning time. The students had a great time collaborating with other members of the grade 1 community and exploring new resources. They played with slime, play foods, giant building blocks and the maker table where they enjoyed taking apart electrical items using protective glasses and tools.

Thank you for your continued support with home reading. Please let me know if you are unable to find your child’s reading log.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Monday for UN day. The event will now start at 11:00am in the Sports Center and not 10:30am as previously advertised.

Students are asked to dress smartly in their national outfits or a country that you are attached to. Lev’s dad has very kindly worked to organise the lunch. If you have not yet signed up to contribute, but intend to, please let him know.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms Jenny,


Week of October 4th

Thank you 1B families for joining us at our Learning Conversations earlier this week!

We have been referring to our personal goals this week during our learning time to celebrate our strengths and to bring attention to new areas for growth. If you took a paper home as a parent, please also feel free to send it back into school to go with your child’s goal setting this year.

Ms Kris our lower school counsellor has been working with us on measuring our energy levels in class and in helping us to understand and respond to social cues. The students have posted different emotions on Seesaw this week to show their understanding of different . facial expressions and to help us understand and to show empathy with how others are feeling.

Picture story books are a lovely resource to use at home to support this work. In class we read ‘What do you do with a problem’ by Kobi Yamada.

In Literacy this week we are continuing to build on our Structured Word Inquiry approach. We have been investigating suffixes and looking at words which share the suffixes -ed, -ful, -s, -ing and -er. Look out for words using these suffixes when you are out and about over the break or reading with your child this week. After the break, we will think about the ‘base words’ that suffixes connect to, and how this is linked to meaning.

In Maths we are learning math games to assist our number fluency. See if your child remembers Ms Noi’s magical maths trick. If you have a pack of cards at home, we have been using them to reinforce maths facts to ten and twenty playing Go Fish, Flip 10, High or Low and Garbage.

In preparation for UN Day, we will spend the week after the break investigating the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Today, the students have chosen one goal from the 17 SDGs, that we would like you to translate into your home language and to share in the following document. Please only translate the title of the goal. Their chosen goal has also been posted on Seesaw.


Home Reading – Thank you so much for all your support so far with regards our Home Reading programme. If you need a new brown folder, please let me know. In the meantime, it’s great to see blue books coming back in with notes from home reading.


  • October 5-13 UNIS School Holiday, No School
  • October 21st UN Day, please send your child to school in his/her traditional country costume

Have a wonderful break and safe travels for wherever your adventures may take you!

Ms. Jenny