Week of December 5th

Happy December families of 1B!

This week we have begun to inquire into How we express ourselves, and How we organise ourselves. We have been lucky enough to have a sneak preview of the Aristocats in our investigation of performance as a means of personal expression and have been working with the World Languages Department to consider how language is structured in different ways. We have begun to find out what different alphabets different languages use and to compare these with the languages we speak at home and at school.

In our reading and writing this week 1B has focussed on Fiction vs Non-Fiction texts and identified the different features found in Non-Fiction reading. We are using this knowledge to begin to compile a non-fiction report, and have started with some observational drawing and labelling.

This week we have had Ms Angela working with 1B on Structured Word Inquiry. We have been exploring base words, their meanings and affixes. We are considering what happens when words change, for example from ice to icy, or slip to slippery.

In maths this week we investigated a 3 Act Math task with our Maths Coach Ms Beth. The students had to figure out how they might represent different numbers in different ways to solve a math problem. Thanks Ms Beth!

We hope that you have a fabulous last week of school next week and for those of you going to see the Aristocats tonight and tomorrow, enjoy the show!

Ms Jenny and Ms Noi

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