Week of September 11th

Dear families,

We are feeling very privileged to have completed one full month in school. As we continue to learn the rules and routines of the classroom, students in 1A are growing in their independence. We have practiced logging into different learning Apps on the iPad to support our skills in the classroom and have begun to use Seesaw Activities as a way of documenting our learning. Students are working on stamina across all subject areas to help them stay ‘stronger for longer’ as they concentrate on reading, writing, drawing and math activities. We are tracking our stamina and celebrating small steps in our growth.

We have had a number of visitors to the class this week including Ms Jill, Ms Lindsey and Ms Claire, who came to give us a mini lesson on Sign Language.

Thank you very much especially to Mr Theron, Mckenna’s dad for coming in to be a mystery reader to the class this week. 1A loved it!

Unit of Inquiry

In our Unit of Inquiry we are building on the theme of communication, looking at different languages, exploring the different parts of a language and considering what it means to be a responsible communicator. This is tied to our classroom agreements and the responsibilities we have to look after ourselves, look after each other and look after our environment. Next week we will finish up our unit by considering why we communicate and understanding what successful communication looks like.


In Math this week we have looked at numbers that go together to make ten, and begun conversations around ten as a unit. We are exploring shapes through Geoboards and Magnatiles, and practising our number formations to support our learning. Students have had one on one conversations with Ms Jenny about maths to ‘show what they know’ and help us plan learning goals for each student for the weeks ahead.


Students have worked hard to establish themselves as authors throughout this first month of school. We have considered the different types of writing produced by students in 1A and looked at ways to add detail to our books through words and illustrations. Many of the 1A students are successfully experimenting with sounding out words they don’t yet know how to spell. Great risk-taking Grade 1A!

Ms Phuong, our TA and Ms Jill our EAL teacher have been leading the students through phonics instruction these past two weeks to support 1A in their understanding of letter names and sounds. We have also been practising fun ways to remember our letter names and shapes through handwriting activities, sign language and using our bodies!

Housekeeping Hints

Dot Day – Tuesday September 15th – Students can wear spotty clothes to school!

Grade 1 Swimming  – Begins September 21st

Parent Representative – If you would like to be a class parent to help get communication out to the 1B community please let me or the SCO know

Family Readers – Let me know if you would be happy to read through zoom and we will set up a time. As we explore language and communication and celebrate diversity, reading in your home language or English is welcome!

Learning Conferences via Zoom – October 1st


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