Welcome to week 10!

We had two exciting events in Grade 1 this week. We began buddies on Thursday and enjoyed a dress-up day where many students came to school in costumes. Grade one members paraded around our courtyard and had fun looking at the creative ways we can express ourselves. 


This week grade one students collected data on which zone they were in throughout the day. Students reflected on how their zone changed depending on the time of day or whether or not they were hungry or tired. Students will use this information to help them, and their teachers, know when they have to take a break and what type of break they might need. We also began designing a special ‘sensory path’ that could help us get into the right ‘zone’ for learning.

We continued our inquiry into healthy lifestyles by talking about personal hygiene. Students reviewed how they take care of themselves to keep themselves clean. Students practiced brushing their teeth after listing the steps involved. Grade one inquirers learned about germs and how they are transmitted. We touched bread and put it in a plastic bag to see what might happen compared with a clean piece of bread in a plastic bag. We also reviewed why we are all wearing masks when we go outside and how the Coronavirus is caused by a type of germ called a virus. Nurse Jo visited all grade one classrooms to help us remember how thoroughly and often we need to wash our hands. She gave students a special cream that showed where dirt was hiding on their hands after shining an ultraviolet light on them. Students washed again until their hands had little or no dirt left. Finally, students enjoyed cookies for snack in addition to their regular snacks to see how it might affect their mood. We hope students will understand how their choices affect their moods and health. Talk about what choices students can make at home and how these choices might affect their mood. 


In Literacy, this week students connected Math and Literacy as we explored Mouse Shapes in Shared Reading. The students were able to see the shapes they were learning about in print. They also explored shapes through a new game on the iPad called Osmo. 

In Shared Reading reading we have worked through several weeks of building up our strategies to decode new words by applying cues from the text and phonemic knowledge. This week allowed students to communicate with their peers the strategies they were using to make meaning from a text. When you read together ask your child how they know the words they are reading – what strategy did they use?

As writers, we continue to look at procedural texts. Command verbs help readers to know how to follow directions to accomplish a goal. Words such as mix, wash, take, put, make – feature heavily as we instruct others in how to complete a task. Try playing Simon Says with your child to highlight other command verbs such as touch, jump and put. Incorporating new vocabulary can be part of your play and are excellent command verbs as well! These words can be found in word walls and helping resources in our classrooms for students to use to support themselves in writing.


Grade one mathematicians continued exploring what makes a shape a shape this week. Students had to “prove” a square was a square by using technical terms. For example,“I know it is a square because it has 4 straight sides of equal length. It has 4 corners with right angles.” Students sorted shapes into categories by studying their different attributes such as number of sides, straight or curvy, closed or open and the type of angles they have. Drawing shapes using geoboards and geoboard paper was challenging as students tried to reproduce the forms they have been studying. Students practiced their thinking skills by estimating how many cookies/candy might be in a box/bag. We tried to determine a “floor” estimate (the lowest possible amount) and “ceiling” estimate (the highest possible amount). Before opening packaging at home, consider estimating the amount of items that might be inside. Next week, our mathematicians will try to make equal halves by drawing a line in the middle of different shapes. Next time you cut into a pie, sandwich or pizza, ask your child how they might cut it into equal parts. 

Housekeeping hints

  • Monday November 16th: PD Day for teachers. No School
  • Thank you for remembering to send in books and book bags on Fridays.


Week of October 19th

Dear families,

We hope you all had a fabulous break and managed to explore more beautiful parts of Vietnam. The students were all excited to share stories of their vacations and staycations last Monday on our return to school.


This week we have discussed the attributes of different shapes. We are trying to answer the question: What makes a shape a shape? We found out that we can categorize shapes by the number of sides they have. We also determined that different shapes have straight sides except for the circle. All the 2D shapes we looked at were closed, in other words, had no open sides. Just as we use specific language in writing, grade 1 mathematicians learned the importance of using precise words in math. Here are some of the words students practiced using:

  • straight
  • sides
  • corners
  • trapezoid
  • square
  • rectangle
  • circle
  • triangle
  • hexagon

Go on a shape hunt this weekend and see what shapes you can find in your home.


Procedural texts were a focus in Literacy this week in Grade 1. By modelling the structure of procedural text in a large group students were able to apply this same structure to their own writing. Students recognise that procedures have a title, materials, steps and numbers. They are successful at reading procedures too as we revisited How to Make a Clay Elephant in Shared Reading this week. It was engaging to ask students to instruct on how to do some everyday activities and follow their steps literally. This experience showcased the importance of precise and technical language in our writing.

Ask your child to instruct you on how to brush your teeth or put on a jacket and follow along.

Students are using a range of strategies to decode words in their reading. We are encouraging the students to vocalize what strategy they are using when they come to an unknown word. This week’s strategy looked carefully at how words are built and brought in our work in word inquiry. We are able to recognise prefixes and suffixes in words and isolate the base. We applied this thinking across subject areas by looking at words like shapes and healthy and unhealthy to find the base.

Please help us to support your child’s reading by returning their home reading bags to school on Fridays. Please also look to Seesaw for your child’s reading goal. These will be posted shortly.

Unit of Inquiry

As part of our Who We Are Unit, we have been practicing identifying which zone we are in at different points during the day. In order to have balance in our lives, we must know how we are feeling. After deciding what zone they were in, students tried different types of breaks that might put them in the “green zone.” The green zone is the optimal zone for learning. We will continue collecting data on what works best for us next week.

Students also learned the importance of safety as we practiced our first Lockdown Drill of the year. Grade 1 students took the practice seriously and did very well waiting in their “hiding spots” until the drill was over.

UNIS will be celebrating SDG week the week of November 9th – 13th. Grade 1 is planning a number of activities to support and develop our understanding of the role of the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals during this week.

Please can you help us in advance by:

Sharing photos of things in the world that your child finds beautiful. This may be an animal, a place, something we see naturally (a leaf, flower, clouds etc), anything that helps us to appreciate the planet we share.

Sending into school any old or broken items that can be used for a Grade 1 – Middle School collaborative project. Items that are brought in to school will be handed over to the Middle School for repurposing or up-cycling.  This can include:

  • Small mechanical items
  • Lamps / lights
  • Toys
  • Coffee machines

Housekeeping Hints

  • The PE cycling Unit will begin next week. You will have received an email from Ms Clare about bringing your child’s bicycle to school. Bicycles should be brought to school on Monday via Gate 4.
  • Optional Dress Up Day October 30 – See the article in the TinTuc for details
  • Monday November 16th: PD Day for teachers. No School

Week of October 5th

Dear families of Grade 1A,

We have successfully completed our first 8 weeks of school! Well done to all the students and thank you to all families for all your support.

Lunch in the Canteen

This week students have enjoyed eating lunch with the other grade one students in the canteen and coming up with a selection of ideas to help them have a successful lunch recess. Students scan their cards, select their meal preferences and then sit down with their friends. Often, students return for second or even third helpings. In a short time, grade one students have the routine down and have transitioned well from lunch in the classroom to eating in the canteen. The hot food selection has been very popular.

Unit of Inquiry

We have explored the concept of health this week by breaking down health into three categories: physical, social and mental health. Students sorted images into the three categories and found that often what is good for the body is good for the mind. For example, eating healthy snacks gives the body energy but also affects your mood.

We inquired into the prefix <un> and, after looking at many examples, found out it can mean “NO” or “NOT”. We used this on Wednesday when the teachers played with our daily schedule planning to have all snacks and recesses, as well as lunch, right at the end of the day. The students spotted this change to the schedule very quickly and pointed out why that would be a bad idea. They explained that it would be UN-balanced to save recess and snack breaks for the end of the day and gave many great reasons why we needed to space out our food, rest and rehydration breaks!


In maths this week we are continuing an exploration of Shape. We are looking at the attributes of shapes, thinking about what makes a triangle a triangle, or a square a square. We are working on forwards and backwards counting to 32, and consolidating number bonds to 10, using 2 or even 3 or more numbers, for example 10 = 3 + 4 + 3.

In Shared Reading we spent the week reading More Spaghetti, I Say! Students had the opportunity to practice word decoding strategies such as jumping over the word and reading the rest of the sentence. Grade one readers have continued to practice decoding strategies such as stopping to see if it makes sense, sounding the word out, saying each letter out loud and looking at the pictures for clues. Please notice what strategies your child uses at home when attempting to read challenging words.

In writing we continue to notice the features of procedural (How to) writing. We are practising listing materials, writing steps and giving clear instructions in our writing.

Housekeeping Hints

  • October Break: October 12th – 16th. No school.
  • The Grade 1 Wheels Unit begins October 26th. The PE department requests that all students bring their named/ labelled bikes and helmets to school on October 26th from 7:45-8:30am. Please bring them to Gate 4. Upon arrival, your child will be directed by the PE staff to the storage location where all bikes will be stored. If your child cycles to school, they can park their bicycle at Gate 5, and they will walk their bicycle to PE class each day.
  • Please remember to return all class reading books to school on a Friday in your child’s book bag so that the books can be cleaned over the weekend and ready for re-circulation on Monday.

Week of September 28th

Dear Families,

Thank you very much for taking the time to meet with us during Learning Conferences yesterday. It was a pleasure to share your child’s learning journey with you. 

Important information

Next week the Lunchroom will start canteen services again. Please make sure that your child’s ID card is in school and has credit on it, if you would like your child to use the school canteen. 

We would also appreciate a conversation at home about making sure your child uses the time in the lunchroom to eat as much of their lunch as possible. It is an exciting and new experience for Grade 1 and we want to support them in making sure they have eaten enough to sustain them through the day.


In math this week we have continued with strengthening our number knowledge and finding facts to ten to solve maths problems.

You can support this at home by:

  • Counting forwards and backwards to 30, to 50 or to 120 by:
    • starting from 1
    • starting at any number: ‘23, 24, 25, 26’ or 
    • paying attention to numbers that pass through a ten (for example ‘32, 31, 30, 29, 28’

We are also reinforcing our understanding of ‘ty’ vs ‘teen’ (fifteen vs fifty) and thinking about clear pronunciation when we talk about numbers.

We play many maths games in the classroom to practice. If you have a pack of cards at home, you can ask your child to teach you Go Fish!, Who’s Higher, or Flip ten.

Unit of Inquiry

We have explored what we understand the word ‘balance’ to mean, playing games connected to balance and thinking about balance in terms of our physical bodies.

Students are being encouraged to think about balance in terms of health and well-being considering three main ideas:

  • What does it mean to have a healthy body?
  • What does it mean to have a healthy mind?
  • What does it mean to have healthy relationships?

In the coming weeks we will talk about physical exercise, nutrition, hygiene and how we learn to regulate our bodies.


Guided Reading has now begun in all classes across Grade 1. This allows teachers an opportunity to work with small groups in targeted reading activities and to focus on the different skills and strategies that different students need. 

We continue our work on whole class Shared Reading skills to help students understand that ‘Reading is Thinking’ and to talk about the texts we enjoy together as a class. This week’s text was ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell and many of the students in our class were proud to make connections between the story and their own personal experiences of having visited a Zoo or what they already know about the different animals mentioned in the book.  Thank you especially to Linh Anh for bringing in to school her own version of the book in Vietnamese. This showed the students that the same story is often translated into many different languages!

For writing we are now practicing ‘How to’ (or procedural) writing. You can support this at home by talking about some of the tasks or activities that you and your child do at home, for example:

  • How to brush your teeth
  • How to make your bed
  • How to walk a dog (Thank you to McKenna for that idea!)

Word Work this week has continued to look at the way two letters can go together to make one sound (digraphs). Look out for digraphs ‘wh’, ‘th’, ‘sh’ ‘ch’, ‘ph’ and others when you read at home with your child. 

Community Action  

Please support the following Community Action programmes if you are able to:

  • Huong La Food Drive 

The Huong La Service Group would like to inform you about an upcoming  event the week of October 5th. We will be hosting a food drive for the children of Huong La. Huong La is an orphanage a few hours away from UNIS. Many of these children struggle with physical and mental disabilities, primarily cerebral palsy. The children are cared for by a group of nuns, who live with them in the orphanage. During this pandemic, it has been incredibly difficult to care for the children, and they are experiencing a food shortage. Huong La Service Group will be hosting a food drive to help the children of this orphanage. 

The food drive will be a continuous event throughout next week. We will be accepting non-perishables such as rice, beans, nuts, etc. There will be a drop-off point outside Mr. Campbell’s office, B5 – G18, and one in the elementary office. We would greatly appreciate any donations of food, and we hope the Unis Community can come together to help people in need. Above is a poster with relevant information. Thank you so much for your generosity. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact ahanson@unishanoi.org


Huong La Leadership Team

Helping Hands Service Learning Group

Hello ES Parents! 

We are the Helping Hands Service Learning Group, and we need your help with the Clothes Drive for Sapa Students. Since the weather is getting colder, these students must have warm clothes to bear the winter. Please donate clothes (B5 G18 Service Learning Office) in good condition for the children following the guideline attached below. 

Thank you!

Clothes Drive Helping Hands


Housekeeping Hints:

  • Please return to school all reading books that were included in your child’s Distance Learning pack.
  • Please remember to send headphones to school for your child if you have not already done so.
  • Student home reading book bags to be brought in to school on Fridays and Mondays.
  • October Break: 12th – 16th October. No School


Week of September 24th

Hello families of Grade 1A

It was another busy week in Grade 1 as we thought about peace and celebrated the Moon Festival and our writing too!

Unit of Inquiry

We completed our work in How We Organise Ourselves where we looked closely at communication. Grade 1 will continue to work on seeing how English is organised as we investigate words and letter sounds as the year continues. We began investigating Who We Are as students were provoked to create their own balanced day. Look for this thinking featuring on Seesaw and share your thinking about whether this is an optimal day. Ms Nitasha also viewed our daily plans and shared her thinking about balance too. You will also find the unit overview on Seesaw, please reinforce the vocabulary we will be using in your own language so the children are able to make school and home connections.

In Shared Reading we have been looking at the text Where’s My Teddy? By reading together we are able to highlight the thinking that takes place when reading. The students think about what they KNOW, make PREDICTions, ask QUESTIONs, VISUALIZE the story, make personal CONNECTIONs and finally SUMMARIZE the important parts. They are also learning decoding strategies that they can apply to new words in their own reading. You can help support these strategies by continuing to read with your child nightly using our Grade 1 schedule of home readers, RAZ Kids, library books and choice. Remember that books that go home on a Monday should be reread all week to build up fluency and comprehension and then returned for cleaning on the Friday.

We also had a writing celebration this week. The last six weeks we have spent building up routines as writers and establishing all the different things that writers can write. Our first unit comes to a close as students shared their own writing with a group under the thinking that Authors Write Everything. As teachers we were looking to see that students could write in a variety of genres, across a range of topics. It was wonderful to witness their creative thinking and risk taking.

Finally we know that single letters can make sounds but we know that letter teams or digraphs can make sounds as well. We investigated <wh> and <th> and the sounds they made while the students used investigation skills and found other digraphs in the classroom.


Using the knowledge we have built up about 10 in the past weeks we were now able to take this thinking and expand it to teen numbers. Here we looked at 10 and some more to make a teen number. We investigated these through number line ups, 100s boards and tens frames. With the help of Ms Jill we also investigated what an important role pronunciation plays when we say the teen numbers. Can you hear the difference between 13 and 30. We will continue to build on this next week as we use other manipulatives, word problems and number bonds to see how teen numbers are composed.

Thank you for your support at home with home reading as well as sending the students to school prepared for swimming, dressed in white and blue for peace and in an Ao Dai for Moon Festival. It has been wonderful to make these memories with your children.

Housekeeping Hints

Learning Conferences – October 1 – no school for students. We will join you on zoom at your scheduled time.

Pokemon cards – Many students are bringing Pokemon cards into school for trading. Thank you for your support in making sure these cards stay home.

Grade 1 Swimming  –  Next week is Week A, we will have swimming on Monday.

Family Readers – Let me know if you would be happy to read through zoom and we will set up a time. As we explore language and communication and celebrate diversity, reading in your home language or English is welcome!

1A Parent Representative – The SCO needs a few more Class Parents to help coordinate parents for activities that the teachers may need help with – for example, the teacher may ask the Class Parent to help recruit volunteers to accompany kids on a field trip, or organize an end of the year party. Being a class parent is a great and fun way to get involved with the school, support your child’s teacher and connect with other parents in your child’s class.

Please do know that SCO is there for you to support. Because we are Stronger Together!

If you’re interested in any of these roles, have any questions, and want to know more, please email sco@unishanoi.org. Thank you for considering volunteering your time this year!


Week of September 18th

Dear Families,

Thank you for all your support with Dot Day earlier this week. It was great to see so many ‘dotty’ outfits!


Unit of Inquiry

This week we have finished up our first unit of Inquiry: Language is a system of communication. Students have shown what they know about what it means to be a responsible communicator and created their own systems of communication based on symbols, gestures, sounds or letters. Keep your eyes open for a video on Seesaw that shows how we communicate in our classroom.

Next week we will launch a new Unit of Inquiry on Who We Are. This unit will focus on balance in our lives to promote health and wellbeing. Looking at the very healthy lunches in G1A, we are already off to a very strong start! 🙂



In Math this week we are building our knowledge of the tens frame and of numbers that go together to make ten. We are extending this into teen numbers and using number bonds to decompose teen numbers into tens and ones. We are also practicing our forwards and backwards counting, and using our subitising skills to identify numbers represented by dots.

Dot Day was the perfect opportunity to practice this!


Thank you for helping us to get our home reading programme up and running this week. We have book bags to send home on Monday next week with the students’ leveled Home Readers for the week. These should then be returned to school on Friday so that they can be disinfected in time for redistribution on Monday.

We have loved getting back into the UNIS library with Monica every week. This week we enjoyed experiencing picture story books with very few words in them to understand how the pictures and a small amount of vocabulary can help us understand a story. We are trying to use this skill in our own writing and to add words to the many different books we have already created in Grade 1A during writers’ workshop. See just a few of the different titles below:

In reading, we continue to work on stamina to get ‘stronger for longer’ and we are beginning to explore the different reading strategies that help us decode a text:

Making Predictions, Asking Questions, Using what you know, Making Connections, Visualising and Summarising (the beginning, the middle and the end).

These are skills that you can also talk about at home to support your child’s reading.

Housekeeping Hints

  • Swimming will begin in Grade 1 next week. Students will need a named swimming bag, a towel, goggles, swimming costume, and a caps if your child has long hair. Please make sure all these items are named.
  • Monday September 21st – UN International Day of Peace. Students are encouraged to wear White or Blue
  • Thursday September 24th – Tết Trung Thu – Moon Festival. Please have your child wear his/her Ao Dai to class on Thursday for the Moon Festival. We are all looking forward to our special day honoring our host country. Also, please bring PE clothes for your child to change into because we will continue to have PE on Thursday.
  • Thursday October 1st – Learning Conferences. No School.
  • October 12 – 19th – October Break

Week of September 11th

Dear families,

We are feeling very privileged to have completed one full month in school. As we continue to learn the rules and routines of the classroom, students in 1A are growing in their independence. We have practiced logging into different learning Apps on the iPad to support our skills in the classroom and have begun to use Seesaw Activities as a way of documenting our learning. Students are working on stamina across all subject areas to help them stay ‘stronger for longer’ as they concentrate on reading, writing, drawing and math activities. We are tracking our stamina and celebrating small steps in our growth.

We have had a number of visitors to the class this week including Ms Jill, Ms Lindsey and Ms Claire, who came to give us a mini lesson on Sign Language.

Thank you very much especially to Mr Theron, Mckenna’s dad for coming in to be a mystery reader to the class this week. 1A loved it!

Unit of Inquiry

In our Unit of Inquiry we are building on the theme of communication, looking at different languages, exploring the different parts of a language and considering what it means to be a responsible communicator. This is tied to our classroom agreements and the responsibilities we have to look after ourselves, look after each other and look after our environment. Next week we will finish up our unit by considering why we communicate and understanding what successful communication looks like.


In Math this week we have looked at numbers that go together to make ten, and begun conversations around ten as a unit. We are exploring shapes through Geoboards and Magnatiles, and practising our number formations to support our learning. Students have had one on one conversations with Ms Jenny about maths to ‘show what they know’ and help us plan learning goals for each student for the weeks ahead.


Students have worked hard to establish themselves as authors throughout this first month of school. We have considered the different types of writing produced by students in 1A and looked at ways to add detail to our books through words and illustrations. Many of the 1A students are successfully experimenting with sounding out words they don’t yet know how to spell. Great risk-taking Grade 1A!

Ms Phuong, our TA and Ms Jill our EAL teacher have been leading the students through phonics instruction these past two weeks to support 1A in their understanding of letter names and sounds. We have also been practising fun ways to remember our letter names and shapes through handwriting activities, sign language and using our bodies!

Housekeeping Hints

Dot Day – Tuesday September 15th – Students can wear spotty clothes to school!

Grade 1 Swimming  – Begins September 21st

Parent Representative – If you would like to be a class parent to help get communication out to the 1B community please let me or the SCO know

Family Readers – Let me know if you would be happy to read through zoom and we will set up a time. As we explore language and communication and celebrate diversity, reading in your home language or English is welcome!

Learning Conferences via Zoom – October 1st


Week of September 4th

Dear families,

It is great to see the students settling into their routines this week. They play well together and show themselves to be a thoughtful and kind group of students. Well done 1A!

Literacy and Unit of Inquiry

1A investigated different languages and alphabets this week. We were visited by our World Languages teachers during morning meeting. We were able to communicate despite our differences. We also examined the alphabets from the different languages of our class. We noticed different letters, symbols and similarities. We thought some languages looked mixed together. You can help by sharing about your alphabet at home and making connections to the English alphabet.

We also looked more closely at how English works by revisiting our letter names and sounds. In this review we have looked at s,a,t,p,i,n,h,c,k and e. We will continue onto this next week to see how we organise language. We are also practising our reading stamina. We are aiming for 7 minutes of ‘real reading’ without stopping!

As writers, we are using letters to communicate writing of our choice. The ownership and choice of writing has resulted in many interesting pieces of work. We have used picture books to inspire us to make interesting choices and to do our best as we move toward more accurate writing.

Reading at Home:

You can log in to Raz Kids at Home using my Teacher Name: jmoore278 Password 1A

If you have any difficulty logging in, please do contact us


We continue to look at all the tools we have in 1A that can help us solve problems. By using materials students are able to visualize their thinking and use models to explain these to others. Using tools, communicating and showing our thinking in different ways are part of the 8 Mathematical Practices we are promoting at UNIS. 1A has also used games, treasure hunts and our fingers to consolidate numbers that go together to make 10. We have enjoyed exploring the different maths tools in the classrooms to make a variety of animals.

Housekeeping Hints
  • ASAs (After School Activities start next week)
  • School Photo Day – Monday September 7th.
  • Swimming will start in Grade 1 on September 21st – more information to follow
  • Follow up on Speech and Language screenings: Brian Walker finished screening the students in Grade1 earlier this week.  He has shared that data with the grade level teachers and the elementary school’s student success team.   He has already contacted parents whose children had some challenges during the screening.


Week of August 24th

Dear families of Grade 1A,

It is amazing that we have spent 10 days together as a Grade 1 group. We are growing together and learning about our stories and forming a new story as 1A.

Building Communities through Stories – Unit of Inquiry

HWOO Parent Information

Thank you so much for sharing your family photographs with us. Our class bulletin board is a celebration of all the languages and cultures we experience in our class and the interests which are important to us. Next week we will look into language in more detail inviting our World Languages teachers into the classroom and considering how our faces and bodies can communicate non-verbally.

We will also look at stories that are common across different languages to recognise that while we are all unique and different, there are things that we share no matter where in the world we come from.

We finished the week with a Grade 1 zoom where we gathered information about all the languages of Grade 1. It is amazing to see and hear all the gifts your children are bringing to the community and the pride they have in their own identity. Feel free to comment on the blog with the languages you speak and we can add it to our collection.

In the meantime our 1A gallery of self portraits serve as a joyful reminder of how they see themselves. Our classroom is really coming to life with these beautiful student artworks!


In literacy we are getting to know ourselves as writers. We are exploring the types of writing we enjoy and using that as a launch point into our own individual areas for growth. Our students are choosing to write stories, personal recounts, comic books, Non Fiction books, or ‘How to’ guides. We have a wonderful community of writers in the classroom and the students are enjoying sharing their writing with friends and celebrating the diversity of talents and interests in 1A.

Spending time talking with your child about the writing they have been doing in the classroom will help to celebrate them as authors. They are all deservedly proud of the work they are creating.


Keeping to the theme of language, 1A has been busy inquiring into the language of math. We are looking at what we already know and what it means to be a mathematician. Where is maths in our classroom and where is maths in our daily lives? You can support us by talking about math at home. Where do you see numbers, shapes, patterns and time?

We are also continuing to learn maths games for number skills that can be practiced at home. Last week it was GoFish, this week it is Flip 10.

Finally this week we had our first lesson with Mr Big C in the Makerspace. 1A had a lot of fun building spaghetti towers that were strong enough to hold a marshmallow at the top!

Your role in our 1A community

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in being a ‘reader’ for the class via Zoom, or a pre-recording. Thank you also for supporting us by completing the activity on Seesaw or introducing yourself on Flipgrid if you have chosen to do so.

Warmly, Ms Jenny and Ms Phuong


No School – September 2

School Photo Day for 1A will be on Monday September 7th.

Parent Representative – If you would like to be a class parent to help get communication out to the 1B community please let me or the SCO know

The following are a few reminders to ensure your child is able to participate fully in class.Each day students should bring.

  1. A mask with their name clearly attached.
  2. A hat to enjoy outside play.
  3. A reusable water bottle.
  4. A healthy snack for our morning recess.
  5. Personal headphones (a mic is optional, but important for clear recording).


Welcome to Grade 1! Week of August 17th

Dear families and friends of Grade 1,

We are feeling so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and work with your children this week. They are adjusting to life in Grade 1 with enthusiasm and happiness to be back at school with their friends. This blog is the main form of communication between 1A and home. Each week I will post a brief overview of what we have done during the week as well as a preview of what to expect the following week. 

Building Communities through Stories

The theme of this week has been building communities through stories. Students are sharing ‘their stories’ through their interests, likes, dislikes and the skills and experience they are bringing into Grade 1.

Literacy and UOI

This week has been an opportunity to find out what kind of books and stories we enjoy in 1A and how we feel about reading. We enjoyed our first visit to the library with Ms Monica and have written our first book together as a class. 

We are getting to know ourselves as writers and are starting the year with an ‘open genre’ writing unit. The students have used their own personal heart map and brought in artifacts to help them decide on which topics are important to them and what they might want to write about.


In Math we have explored the numbers in our life through a ‘numbers about me’ activity. We have gathered data on our feelings as the week has progressed, and we have used a Venn diagram activity to compare likes and dislikes with our friends. We have also learned how to play the maths game ‘Go Fish’. This is a great game for practising numbers that go together to make ten at home. 

Scan this QR code to watch a video on how to play:

Next week we will continue to build on our theme of building communities through stories and begin to focus on the story we can build together as a class through structures, routines and shared goals.

Your role in our 1A community

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in reading to the class via Zoom, or if you would like to come in to share a celebration that is important to your home culture. 

Thank you very much already for supporting the students through returning our parent questionnaire and in helping them remember to bring in an artifact to share. 

SeeSaw – The student platform

This year students are using ‘Seesaw’ to share and communicate with families. Your child will post to Seesaw to share their learning. Seesaw is private; only people who are invited to view will see posts created by your child. It is also a great way for other members of your child’s extended family to share in what they are up to at school.

Please Sign Up Now

  1. Click on this link here
  2. Choose your child from the list
  3. Create your account
  4. Once I approve you, you can see content from your child

After you sign up, download the free Seesaw Family app and sign in. You can also access Seesaw from a computer at https://app.seesaw.me

P.s. If you used Seesaw last year or have more than one child using Seesaw, follow the link above, then click the ‘Sign in’ tab at the top of the screen. You do not need to create a new account.

Articulation and Language screenings

UNIS’ speech-language pathologist, Brian Walker, will begin the start of year speech and language screenings next week. This is a very quick look at your child’s ability to say sounds clearly, describe some things with short sentences and follow some simple directions.   If you child has some challenges, Brian will reach out to you in a couple of weeks.  

If your child is in the distance learning or bridge program, Brian will screen your child when they return to campus.

If Brian worked with your child last year in K2, he/she will also be screened with therapy resuming by the end of September. 

Tin Tuc Weekly News

Our primary communication platform at UNIS Hanoi is the Tin Tuc weekly email.  Every Friday afternoon, you will receive Tin Tuc in your inbox, which contains information that is curated especially for you.  The Tin Tuc weekly news will contain links to news and blogs from the following: 

  • Your child’s homeroom and specialist blogs.  If you have more than one child, you will receive ONE email, with news from each of your child’s teachers. 
  • Your child’s school division (Elementary, Middle or High school)
  • Whole school news 

If you do not receive Tin Tuc this week, please send an email directly to tintuc@unishanoi.org  

 Housekeeping Hints

The following are a few reminders to ensure your child is able to participate fully in class.

Each day students should bring.  

  1. A mask with their name clearly attached. 
  2. A hat to enjoy outside play. 
  3. A reusable water bottle. 
  4. A healthy snack for our morning recess.
  5. Personal headphones (a mic is optional, but important for clear recording). 

Finally, if you need to purchase new UNIS sports clothing for your child, you can order via the School Shop: Please find the form linked here.

Save the Date: Thursday 27th August ‘Virtual Back to School Night’

I look forward to seeing you, via Zoom, at our ‘Virtual Back-to-School Night’ on the evening of August 27th. You can also drop me an email at the following address jmoore@unishanoi.org. I do not answer emails while I’m teaching, so if it is important, please contact the ES office.

Warm regards,

Ms Jenny and Ms Phuong