This Week in 1A, December 6th

UOI: How We Express Ourselves Overview

Our students are learning about the TAG review system in our How We Express Ourselves Unit of Inquiry. Here are some examples that we talked about after watching the performance of Aristocats this morning.
T=Tell a Compliment
  • It was a good musical
  • Great
  • I liked it so much.
  • I loved it so much, I want to watch it again.
  • It was so funny.
  • It was so funny, it made me cry.
  • The mouse was super cute.
  • Thank you for inviting us to watch the show.
A=Ask a Question
  • Why did you pick that show?
  • Why was Tom in a wheelchair?
  • Why is it named Aristocats?
  • Why were there dogs in a cat show?
  • How long did you have to practice?
  • Why did you want to be in the school musical?
  • Why is it only for Grades 2 & 3?
G=Give something to work on, a suggestion
  • I would like to see more songs in the show.
  • The microphones could be a little more clear (a bit scratchy at times).
  • Please put more animals in the show.
  • Please make it longer because we liked it so much.
  • Please do it again

UOI How We Organize Ourselves Overview

UOI Sharing the Planet and Literacy

This week, we learned more about habitats and dived into word inquiry based on habitats. We looked for diagraphs, silent e words, suffixes and prefixes. We are learning so much about spelling through word inquiry. Some of the words that we came up with are:

mushy, green, slime, freezing, muddy, salty and squishy

We also started to learn about writing and organizing information to write an Information Report. We picked one animal, the Bearded Dragon, from our field trip and each student wrote one. Please enjoy a few samples of our reports. We will be doing more of this in the weeks to come.

This week’s reminders:

  • December 2-12: Please stop by and support the Amazing Art Auction this year organized by the Arts Team in collaboration with both students and members of the UNIS community.
  • Kick start the festive season by attending Winterfest on December 12th. There will be lots of delicious food, fantastic crafts and entertainment to be enjoyed.
  • Please note that there will be no school from December 14-January 5. Wishing you all a wonderful Winter Break.
  • Term 1 ends on January 17th
  • Term 1 reports will be available for viewing on January 23 
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