This Week in 1A, November 22nd

Open Classroom Day

Thank you to all of the parents that joined us for Open Classrooms. It was so nice to see you and to have you be a part of our classroom for the morning and for the specialist classes in the afternoon. The students were so excited to share with you.


Thank You for a Wonderful Teacher’s Day

Thank you to all of the parents and students who honored us on Teacher’s Day! We loved all of the flowers, sweet treats, presents and most importantly all of the special messages that we received. We feel very honored being your child’s teachers.


This week during math, we learned some new math games with 1C. The students in 1C taught us some new math games and we taught them our math games. The students had to share their knowledge and they did a fantastic job.

Fieldtrip Next Week

Next Friday, November 29th, our class will go to Curious Kids for a field trip. The students will need to bring a home snack. lunch and water bottle on this day. We are excited to learn more about animals and how they relate to our new unit of inquiry. The permission slip will be sent home on Monday, please sign it and return on Monday.

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