This Week in 1A, November 1st

UOI-Healthy Choices

We started this week making healthy snacks in each of our Grade 1 classes. The students had to cut cucumbers and cheese and place it on top of the rye bread. Some of our students used a real knife for the first time. After each class made the snacks, we did a Healthy Snacks Kahoot and then we ate the delicious snacks. Your child now knows how to make healthy snacks. I wonder what they will make for you?


This week during math, we had the opportunity to work on our coding skills. The students learned how to code first before making a robot out of legos. The robots were able to change color and make sounds based on the codes that each pair of students put in the program. The students will continue to build on their coding skills and create robots to perform certain tasks.

Mystery Reader

This week’s Mystery Reader was Olivia’s dad, Mark. Mr Mark learned English as his first language. He read us a book called The Firebird by Mairi Mackinnon. We loved hearing the story about the small carving that was given to the prince. Thank you for sharing it with us, Mr Mark.

MRISA BasketballĀ 

UNIS Is part of an organization called MRISA (Mekong River International Schools Association). Each year our school hosts sporting events and our grade-level sponsors a team. This year basketball teams from around the region came and we hosted ISE (International School Eastern Seaboard, from Thailand). The students made headbands, we took a photo with their team and we cheered them on at one of their games. ISE comes to UNIS without a cheering section, so this is a great way for them to feel great about their team. Go Eagles.

We always support our UNIS TEAMS and we want our UNIS teams to do their best and it is important for other teams to feel welcome and supported.


Math-3 Act Math Task

This morning our students were introduced to a 3 Act Math Task. We based it on Halloween candy. The students had to estimate the number of candy bars in the bag and then show their thinking using pictures and numerals. Our students are amazing mathematicians and they worked so hard in solving this problem.

SDG (Sustainable Development GHOULS…) Happy Halloween





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