Welcome to 1D

Welcome to 1D’s first blog post.

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know your wonderful children this week. We’ve had a lot of fun building our community both in our homeroom and together with 1C.

This week we’ve…

  • been for a walk around our new facilities and found a few important places like the nurses’ office and the ES office
  • had some Play-based Learning with our G1 friends in 1C
  • learnt more about each other’s family and where we come from
  • talked about our summer holidays
  • played maths games
  • learned lots of new routines

Please see some photos of us all at the end of this post!



Here are the specialist times for 1D

Family photo

I would love to make a class gallery of family photos. Please could you email me (suefreeman@unishanoi.org), a photo of your family. Thank you!


This year our timetable looks a little different and lunch is earlier. The school is providing fruit for a morning snack in Discovery to Grade 1. Your child will eat his/her snack from home just after afternoon recess. If they do not like the fruit, they can pick something from their snack/lunch box. Please let us know if you have any questions.

And finally… some photos!

See if your child can name all her/his new classmates and tell you his/her favourite thing about Grade 1 so far!