This week in 1D – Friday February 15th 2019

After your child’s wonderful efforts at the Walkathon, thank you to everyone for sending in their well-earned money for Blue Dragon. We have been charting the money received (and practising counting by 10s) and so far 1D has raised enough money to send 3 children to school for a year ($100 = 1 child’s schooling per year).

On Tuesday we celebrated our 100th Day of School. Thank you to everyone who provided cupcakes. We organised ourselves into a number line and a 100 square before enjoying our delicious treats.

Please see this information about the up-coming Aquathlon.


  • There will be a snack sale on Monday. If you would like your child to buy a healthy snack, please give him/her 10,000 or 20,000 VND.
  • Our Wax Museum will take place on March 15th. We will send you more information nearer the time.
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Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for coming to the parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday. It was wonderful, as always, to have the chance to chat with you about your children.

We are very excited to welcome our 3 new classmates and their families: Matilde from Italy, Brooklyn from the US and Karma from Egypt.

Thank you to Emilie, Arthur’s mum, for being our Mystery Reader this week and sharing a story in Danish.

On Thursday we celebrated Tet with a wonderful assembly presented by Grade 1, 3 and 5 Vietnamese students. Here are some photos:

Here are some photos taken in front of the Vietnamese classes’ beautiful Tet display.

On Friday we had a wonderful Walkathon to raise money for the Blue Dragon children. Thank you so much to the parent volunteers, and many congratulations to all the children for running with all their heart and soul! Please send your child’s hard-earned sponsor money to school when we return from the Tet holiday. If your child didn’t participate, please think about donating anyway! The UNIS ES Walkathon has traditionally been one of Blue Dragon’s biggest fund-raisers. Here are some photos:

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This week in 1D – January 25th

What a wonderful week of learning and exploration we’ve had.

On Wednesday morning we were treated to our very own “living” Wax Museum in the Centre for the Arts. When the children pressed the “press me” button the wax figures came to life and told the children some facts about their lives and why they were significant. The children saw Stephen Hawking (aka Mr Lush), JK Rowling (aka Ms Megan), Bill Gates (aka Mr Josh), Ada Lovelace (aka Ms Michelle), Sir Edmund Hillary (aka Mr Hubbard), Mother Theresa (aka Ms Nitasha), Alexander Graham Bell (aka Mr Vermeire), Fiona Wood (aka Ms Monica) and Jane Goodall (aka Ms McGee). Ask your children what they remember about why each of these people is significant.Thank you so much to Evie’s mum, Anna, for being our Mystery Reader this week. If you’d like to sign up, here is the sign up sheet.

This week with our buddies we practised running for next Friday’s Walkathon. The Grade 5 buddies then showed the grade 1 children how to write word sums. 

In Maths this week we started our unit of work on geometry. Here are some photos from this morning’s shape exploration.

Please see the information below for more information about the Walkathon.
Here is the link to donate directly! Thank you for your generosity.


  • Parent conferences are next Wednesday, January 30th – please remember that there is no school for children on this day.
  • More information about the Walkathon is here: Walkathon
  • If your child has not yet chosen which significant person to be for the Wax Museum, please could you support your child in choosing someone before Tet. Thank you!
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This week in 1D – Friday January 18th

On Wednesday we went to see a sock puppet theatre where Grade 6 and 7 performed some traditional fairy-tales with a modern twist. We are now even more inspired to make our own puppets in our Play Based Learning space.

Many thanks to everyone who has already sent in photos of your child’s “significant moments”. Here is an overview of the unit – Where We Are In Place and Time.

Many thanks to Ayan’s mum, Anamika, who was our Mystery Reader this week. She showed the children an Indian tale with a moral story. Ask your child to see if he/she can remember the moral of the story.

This week we returned to the Maker Space to continue creating. We’ll return next week to finish our creations. Here is a short video of everyone in action:

Here is some very important information about the upcoming Walkathon on February 1st:

Important Notices:

  • Please keep sending in any unwanted adult socks you may have. We will be using them to make sock puppets.
  • Parent-teacher conferences will be on Wednesday January 30th.
  • Our annual Tet assembly will be on Thursday January 31st.




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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all have a very restful break. It’s been wonderful to hear the children’s stories about their holidays. We have been learning how to write about our holidays (recount text-type) – please talk to your child over the weekend about some of the adventures you had together over the break. This will help them remember details to include in their writing.

In Maths this week we have been looking at the 100 chart. Students have been trying to figure out the pattern by completing small sections of the chart. Many children have noticed how the numbers are +/-1 on the rows and +/-10 on the columns. 

Please note that there have been a couple of minor changes in our timetable. The changes were made in order to balance out the number of specials 1D had in the morning versus after lunch. Here is our new timetable:

This week in UoI we launched our poetry unit. On Wednesday morning the students learned about 5 different types of poems. Ask your child if he/she can remember the different types we saw. Also, if you have a favourite poem that you remember from childhood, or have poetry books at home, please share these with your child. This unit will continue to the end of grade 1 and will culminate in a Poetry Café. Please see the information below for more details.

This week we had our first official visit to the Maker Space. Ms Michelle showed us some important features, and then the students got making! 1D will return next week to carry on working on their creations. Here are some photos:Notices:

  • Please could you send me by email 4 or 5 photos of significant moments in your child’s life so far (birthdays, birth of sibling, first day of school etc). This will help us to consolidate the concept of “significant”. Also, please continue to talk to your child about a significant person they could “be” for our Wax Museum. Thank you!
  • If you have any old adult socks, please send them in for a puppet-making activity we will do in Play-Based Learning.
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Happy Holidays!

Thank you very much to Scott, Maisey’s dad, for helping to get us in the festive spirit with How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr Seuss.

Very happy birthday to Ruoyi, who will be 7 on December the 23rd!

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate, and to everyone best wishes for a very relaxing break! See you in 2019!

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This week in 1D – Friday December 7th

Thank you so much to Peter and Tanja, Tom’s parents, who were our Mystery Readers this week! It was wonderful to hear the story of Christmas in German. The children noticed how some words were very similar to words in their own languages. After the story, Tom gave his friends a Christmas cookie each which he had made himself! If you would like to be a Mystery Reader after the holidays, please sign up here. There are plenty of spots available!

This week in UoI we continued doing our animal research. All the children have done an excellent job of creating mind-maps. Watch out for their post on Seesaw explaining the information which they have found.

Here are some photos from last Friday’s UN Day celebrations! What a day! Many thanks to all of you who contributed to our international lunch, and especially to Tanja for all her hard work.


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This week in 1D – Friday November 30th


We’ve had another busy week of learning. This week the students have learned some research skills. As a class we researched into gorillas. We made a mind map from listening to the key information and we then organised the information. Next week the children will research into an animal of their choice.

SDG Week

All week we have been learning about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with particular emphasis on Goal #14 (Life Below Water) and Goal #15 (Life on Land).We ended the week with each student making a pledge for their “teaspoon of change”. UN Day photos will be posted next week. See the children’s pledges here:

Mystery Reader

Many thanks to Seoeun’s mum who was our Mystery Reader this week. We very much enjoyed listening to The Gingerbread Man in Korean. Everyone was treated to their own gingerbread man at the end!

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This week in 1D – Friday November 23rd

Thank you so much for all your kind gifts and cards which Noi and I received on Teacher Appreciation Day! Needless to say, it is absolutely our pleasure and privilege to work with such wonderful children.

In Maths this week we have been practising counting, grouping and learning about place value. The children have taken an inventory of the things in the classroom. Everyone decided that an efficient strategy would be to group the items by 10s.

Next week is SDG week! To prepare us for the week ahead, I was very proud to invite to class an “old” student of mine, Blake Rawson. Blake told the class about his campaign called The Last Straw which aims to reduce the impact of plastic straws on our environment. Vietnam is one of the top 5 producers of ocean plastic. Blake has already managed to convince some local businesses to stop offering plastic straws. The children decided today that they could refuse plastic straws as a way of taking action to support Blake. You can learn more about Blake’s impressive endeavours here.


  • UN Day is next Friday. School will end at 12pm. I look forward to seeing you then, if not before!
  • If you have any lonely adult-sized socks at home, please could you send them in. We will be making sock puppets in Play-Based Learning.
  • I have sent a separate email with the login information for Epic! – we are using this resource for our animal research. It’s an excellent way to encourage reading at home.
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This week in 1D – Friday November 16th

On Monday Scott, Maisey’s dad (who works for the Wildlife Conservation Society), came to talk to 1C and 1D about ways we can look after our environment and help animals. It was extremely interesting and thought-provoking. Many thanks to Scott! Please ask your child how we can help protect our environment and animals.

It was wonderful to see so many of you during our Open Classroom time this week. I hope you enjoyed seeing your child “in action”!

On Thursday we met up with our Grade 5 buddies again, this time for reading. 1D were very proud to show off their reading skills to their older friends, and the older friends were great reading coaches.

Thank you to Loewen’s mum, Charla, for being our Mystery Reader this week. She made us all laugh with The Book With No Pictures, by BJ Novak.

We also celebrated Khiem’s birthday this week. Happy birthday, Khiem!


  • We will be celebrating UN Day on November 30th
  • UNIS will hold its annual “Winterfest” on December 7th
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