Have a great holiday!

On Friday the 8th June, the students visited their new classrooms and met their new teachers. The students were very excited and a little bit nervous going upstairs. I know that Grade 2 is going to be such a huge success for each child. Here are the new Grade 2 classes with their teachers-to-be.

Mr Daniel 2AMs Keri 2BMs Christy 2C Mr Kenny 2DSummer Math Ideas

Here are a couple of links to useful Maths resources.

Mathematics Games and Products

Thank you to the cleaners

Farewell Yukari, Haru, Keunwoo and Hiro

Thank you for being such wonderful classmates. We will miss you! We wish you all the very best for your next adventure!

Final Self-portraits

On our last day in Grade 1 each child re-did their self-portrait. I love seeing how much the children have developed and grown over the course of the year.

Final Class photoFarewell celebration with families

Thank you so very much for your kind gift. It has been an absolute pleasure to have your children in 1D this year. We will always remember them and look forward to seeing them grow and develop in Grade 2.

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