This week in 1D – Thursday May 10th


It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Poetry Café last week. I’m sure you’ll agree that the children did a wonderful job of writing and presenting their poems. If you missed it, or would like to see it again, here’s a video of the occasion. And here are some photos from the day:This week in maths, the children have learnt a very cunning card trick to help them practise their combinations to 10. If your child hasn’t yet shown you, please ask him/her to do so. You’ll be amazed! All you need is a regular pack of cards (with the 10, Jacks, Queens and Kings removed).

We started our final UOI for the year this week – Sharing the Planet. Please read the overview for the details.

To begin to think about how humans interact with the environment we did a small rubbish clean up. We looked around UNIS to see how much rubbish we could find and then we went just outside UNIS. Ask your child what they noticed.

Rubbish inside UNIS


On Wednesday we had another Mystery Reader – Dr Barder! Please ask your child about the story he read us!


  • Swimming starts next week and runs to the end of the year. At every PE lesson your child will need their swimming costumes, towels, goggles (if used) and a swimming cap for long hair.
  • The Snack Sale is Wednesday May 16th. Please bring 20,000 to spend.
  • Friday, May 18th we will take part in a Lower Elementary play morning. Please make sure your child has a hat, large drink and wears sunblock if they burn easily.
  • Spring concert and art exhibition is May 24th. Please send in your child’s clothes for the concert by the end of next week. See email that was sent on Thursday 10th for more details.
  • 25th May- early dismissal due to graduation. Children need to be picked up at 11:30am


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