Thursday September 28th

In UoI this week we went on a mini field trip to find out more information about systems in our school. One group went to the nurses’ office and interviewed Nurse Susan about the systems that are in place there.

The other group, who chose to find out more about the ASA systems, went to the administration office to find out more from Mr Adrian, the school’s co-curricular activities manager. He showed the group the different parts which form the complex ASA system.

In both groups, the children asked the questions and recorded the information in photographic form. Next week, they will show how their chosen system works.

Moon Festival

We had a wonderful day celebrating the Moon Festival today. Everyone looked beautiful in their áo dài.

Here are some photos of what we did:

1D looking amazing in their áo dài.


  • Parent conferences are on Tuesday October the 3rd. Please sigh up for an appointment through Veracross. Remember there are no classes for students that day.
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One thought on “Thursday September 28th

  1. We loved watching the Moon Festival video together! Nice technology skills Ms Sue! I need you to teach me! Logan could tell me all about the Nurses system.

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