Thursday August 31st, 2017

It was lovely to see so many of you at the first Grade 1 social on Tuesday. I hope that you were able to catch up with old friend and meet new ones. I would especially like to thank Emi, Yukari’s mum, who has volunteered to be our 1D class parent. Emi will be the point of contact for any activities which require parental help.

A few notices for next week:

  • Remember: No school on Monday due to the Vietnamese National Day holiday.
  • Please encourage your child to bring in a small soft toy. The children will be writing descriptions about their toy.
  • The After School Activities (ASAs) will be starting on Tuesday September 5th.
  • Back To School Night will be next Thursday September 7th between 6pm-8pm. Our room number is B9 G11.
  • Library borrowing day for 1D is Tuesday. Please make sure your child has a book bag (these can be purchased from the SCO shop).

This week at school:

On Tuesday the children had a real shock when they arrived to class in the morning to find that everything was in a big mess. Some children were such principled classmates that they started to tidy up even before the bell rang at 8.10. The children felt “sad”, “shocked”, “surprised” and “unhappy” that everything was out of place. Everyone decided that things needed to be organised so that we don’t get hurt, we can find things easily and so our space is comfortable. This was the introduction to our first unit of inquiry under the theme of “How We Organise Ourselves”. Our central idea is: Communities have systems and routines to help them function.

The class was such a mess!

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at systems and routines which are in place at UNIS. During library time this week Ms Conroy discussed how the system of “checking in” books works. The children learnt about what happens to the books once they feed them to the crocodile. Everyone had the chance to sit in Ms Quynh’s chair and have a go at being the a librarian. Here they are in action:


Every 2 weeks we will meet with our Grade 5 buddies. Today 1D and 5D got together for the first time. Here we all are:

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Monae, who celebrated her birthday today!

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