Friday May 5th 2017

It’s been a short yet fun-filled week this week. This is how we celebrated Book Week: On Wednesday the children read with their Grade 5 buddies, on Thursday was Character Dress-up Day where the children paraded in their costumes and on Friday we enjoyed “Line in Your Pocket” day. We were also treated to a story read by our mystery reader, Ms Kristi from K1. Here are some photos:

We have also started a new unit this week. Our central idea is ‘Human interactions with the environment have an impact on the survival of plants and animals’.  We did an interesting provocation where we put the children’s fists inside a glove and told them they couldn’t use their fingers. They then had to build something using only their restricted hands.

The children said that this activity felt: weird, interesting, challenging, bad, hard, different, tricky, sad. We then looked at photos of animals suffering due to things humans had done. The children made connections between how they felt and how they thought the animals might be feeling. To help get us thinking about these big ideas, we invited some expert Grade 5 students who told us about endangered animals in Vietnam. Many thanks to our Grade 5 friends!

Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Begin to explore and discuss narrative texts.

Maths – Continued number work. Following directions.

UoI – Inquire into the different environments of living things and the external features of living things.

PSEL – Caring

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