Friday March 10th, 2017

It was so wonderful to see you all at the Wax Museum today. The children worked so hard to prepare: lots of research, note-taking, writing and speaking practice. I’m so proud of them all, as I’m sure you all are! Many, many thanks for your help with the costumes and research!

Here are some photos and our green screen videos.

Click here to see: Sarah, Davide, Angela, Costanza & Maeve

Click here to see: Yukimaru, Ian, Thao, Giang & Abi

Click here to see: Beomjoon, Jasper, Milly, Mirabel & Jaehyuk

Click here to see: Sungwoo, Miley, Amitay, Rei & Addison


Our learning intentions for next week are:

English-Begin exploring report writing.

Math- Skip counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. Directional language, Addition and subtraction within 20

UoI-Provocation for new unit, How the World Works

PSEL-Look at Integrity, Cooperation, and Empathy

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One thought on “Friday March 10th, 2017

  1. It was so much fun to visit the wax museum today. I learnt a lot about so many interesting and famous people. I’m so glad I went. Thank you Year 1. You were amazing.

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