1A – 18th January

Ms Hue did a great job at keeping things ticking over in my absence this week. The Cognitive Coaching workshop was really valuable and we are looking forward to putting some of the skills to use over the next few months.

We were extra lucky to have 2 mystery readers this week. Leila’s mum came and read us a very funny story about some animals escaping from the zoo to go swimming in the public swimming pool. Again, we used our sense of hearing to listen to the Finnish language and we were able to empathise with others who are learning a new language.

We also had a story from Evelyn’s grandma who is visiting from Canada. We learnt that she used to teach French to older children- ask your child to tell you about the books that she read!

We tapped into our creative sides this week by creating our light and sound boxes. The children were asked to create a ‘space’ that had two sources of light and two sources of sound, one manmade and one natural. Here are a few photos of the work done so far. Ask your child to tell you about theirs.

A notice from Operation Smile…

We would like to inform you that, from January 8 to February 8 of 2018, Operation Smile will be running a toy drive. There will be a large bucket placed outside the nurse’s office, and we would greatly appreciate it if you could encourage the students to donate toys they no longer want or need, to be placed in the bucket. All of these toys will be given to children awaiting mouth surgery in hospital, to make the waiting process more bearable. Thank you!

             Operation Smile

Have a great weekend!

1A December 7th

Ms Michelle is now teaching our TIG lessons for this unit. On Friday she came to teach us about circuits and how lights need electricity. We learnt about conductors and insulators and used the different play dough to make our circuit work. The play dough that was made with salt made the light work but the play dough made with sugar didn’t. We will continue to explore light and sound through circuits.

We continue to master writing recounts. The children are very knowledgeable about what a recount needs and can self assess their work.

Thank you to Long, Evelyn and Quianna for sharing their recounts…

We celebrated one of our G1 friends huge achievements this week. Hiro from 1D won the South East Asian Figure Skating Open Challenge. We are so proud of him!


  • Winterfest is on at school tomorrow from 5-7pm on the new covered courts.
  • Gymnastics display- please come and watch your child’s gymnastics display in the sports centre on Thursday the 14th from 1:15-1:55- See Ms Clare’s post on the PE blog

November 30th

It was great to see so many parents in our classroom today. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you and we hope it gives you an understanding of what they do everyday.  Tomorrow we will be doing math from 9:10-9:50. Come along, if you are able.

This week we started our new unit. Sound and Light affect our lives in many ways. Here is the unit overview.

Ask your child about their visit to the theatre. What did they see? What did they hear? Over the next few weeks we will continue to unpack the properties of light and sound.

On Wednesday we had another mystery reader. Nikki’s dad, Mr Mike, came and read a story to us in Dutch. After he was finished Evelyn made the connection that she thought it was the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. She was right!  And she doesn’t even speak Dutch! Isn’t it funny that we can still understand certain things even in a different language?!

Last week we said we would report back our findings about the family style lunch. Here’s a few things we discovered…

  • The first time we ate 13 body protectors and the second time we ate 31! What a huge difference!
  • The first time we had 9 fruit and now we ate 16.
  • We think we were more balanced because most of the food groups were similar numbers the second time.
  • We ate less cookies this time

You can see all of our thoughts in the pictures below.



Don’t forget to get your tickets to ‘Like A Child’ the musical. They are sold out for Friday night but there are still a few tickets left for Saturday.


November 16th

Last weekend, the Grade 1 team, along with the other ECC teachers at UNIS and 40 colleagues from all around Asia, had the pleasure of attending the EARCOS workshop Listening to Learning in the Early Years, presented by Fiona Zinn. Fiona is an Educational Consultant based in Hobart, Australia. Drawing on 25 years experience in the early childhood, primary and tertiary sectors, Fiona consults widely with International Schools around the world to boldly re-imagine early years and primary pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments in response to research. During our two-day weekend workshop, we explored some of the ideas that underpin the pedagogical experience of Reggio Emilia, investigated our ‘image of the child’ and shared some deep reflection on the importance of relationships within our schools. We also examined the role of provocation and documentation for our work with transnational children in international school contexts. After our weekend of learning, we had another two days of professional development focusing on student agency on Monday and Tuesday. Our brains are now full of new questions and ideas!

We continued our learning about nutrition this week. We made a pie chart of the different food groups and sorted different foods into the right categories; body builders, body protectors, energy givers and treats.

The children now have a good understanding of the different food groups and are planning their shopping lists to make our healthy snacks on Monday.

We had our first mystery reader on Wednesday. Thank you to Kohavit, Tomer’s mum, who came in to read us a story in Hebrew. It was also Tomer’s birthday so a nice treat for him to have mum come in on his special day!

This morning we went to the Grade 2 Digital Citizenship Fair to learn about different technology programs. We really learnt a lot and were able to do some thinking about how that will be us this time next year!! Ask your child what they learnt.

Reminders for next week:

Monday 20th Nov– Our trip to Fivimart. Please wear suitable clothes and shoes for walking. 

Wednesday 22nd- Healthy Snack sale. Your child may bring 10,000 or 20,000 to spend on a healthy snack. 

Tickets for the Grade 1-3 musical, ‘How To Eat Like A Child’, are now on sale in the Centre For The Arts. Get yours quick as they will sell out fast. The performance dates are Friday 1st Dec, 5pm and Saturday 2nd of December at 5pm.

There is a ES coffee morning on Friday, November 24, 8:30am – 9:30am in the Community Room. It will be about blogging.

If your child wishes to enter the yearbook cover competition, the details are below. 

This year is UNIS Hanoi’s 30th Birthday – what better theme for the 2017-2018 Yearbook!
And it is now time for all students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 to get your creative juices going for our Yearbook Cover Design Competition! We want the best possible book cover for this special edition of the Yearbook and we want YOU to create it!
Your design should be all about UNIS Hanoi’s Birthday! Make it festive and make it unique! We are happy to accept designs created in a variety of formats: drawing, painting, digital (using Photoshop template), scrapbooked collage… let your imagination run wild!
And you are not limited to one! Students can submit multiple designs – no limit to the number of entries.
You can also work with your friends, just be sure to list full names of all those involved if it is a team effort.
    • For Digital designs please:
    • DO NOT compress/flatten your Photoshop design into a single image. Keep all layers.
  • For Drawing/Painting etc designs please submit two pieces of artwork:
    • A4 front cover
    • A4 back cover

Contact yearbook@unishanoi.org for any questions or guidance with any of the above.

DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE the following two titles/information on your front cover:
  • Yearbook 2017-2018
  • UNIS Hanoi
16:00 on Friday, January 26
  • Bring your cover(s) to Advancement Office (Room 102, Admin Building) or share your digital file with yearbook@unishanoi.org.
  • If your creation is a drawing or painting, please clearly mark the envelope with your artwork with your FULL NAME & HOMEROOM
  • Please use the following naming convention for digital files:
    • YB1718_Cover Contest_Your First Name Last Name_Homeroom
    • (example: YB1718_Cover Contest_John Smith_5JH)
There will be an all school vote after the Tet Break to find the winner for the yearbook cover from the finalists. The cover will remain secret until publication of the Yearbook which will go out to all school on the last day of school, June 14.

5th October

This week we became experts in our chosen system! Some of us visited Mr Adrian in the Admin building to find out all about the very complicated ASA system…

…And some of us interviewed Mr Josh who is a recycling expert!

Now we are experts too! We had to take our new knowledge and describe our chosen system using pictures and words. We also made a blog post and had to describe how our system worked, how it helps our community and what would happen if we didn’t have this system at UNIS. Watch out for some awesome blog posts!

Here’s a sneak peek from Leila and William…

Today our buddies came to visit and taught us how to stack cups! It was really great for our hand/eye coordination and it was loads of fun!

After the vacation we will begin our new unit of inquiry- Who We Are. We will be looking at how to stay healthy and balanced by eating right, staying fit and keeping clean. More information to come!

Under the resources tab on the blog you will now find a recommended reading list for our children. Please have a look- you might find something exciting there that you could borrow from our library to read over the holidays together!

Have a wonderful, relaxing holiday! See you back at school on Monday the 16th of October.

21st of September

Happy 30th birthday UNIS!   What fun we had celebrating our wonderful school! Singing together, celebrating friends who share their birthday with UNIS and delicious cupcakes! Everyone looked great in their blue clothes!

Mr Jeff, Grade 4 teacher, came and read us the story Mortimer by Robert Munsch. He was in full character and was very animated telling us this wonderful book. We loved having him read to all of the classes in Grade 1. Thank you Mr Jeff for making the story come alive!

This week we learnt that a response piece of writing makes an opinion about something. I like….because….. OR I don’t like…..because…..    We had fun writing a response about our special soft toy friends. We followed a structure and used our descriptive cards to help us.

Here are a few examples:

Puff Ball

I love Puff Ball because she is fluffy with a round body, so I can throw her in the air.

She is white with a black nose.

Puff Ball sleeps with me on the couch.



I don’t like Scuppy because he is too big or tall.

He has black and white stripes.

Scuppy is visiting 1 A class.


Your child will put their writing on their blog tomorrow.


  • Moon Festival, Thursday, September 28-please have your child wear his/her Ao Dai to school for a fun day of celebrations. 
  • Swimming continues for 3 more weeks. Please send your child to school with the following item in a swim bag:
    • swimming costume
    • towel
    • googles
    • hair cap (for medium-long hair)
  • Wednesdays are library days. Please send library books back each Wednesday. 
  • If you haven’t done so already, please send in headphones for your child as soon as possible. 


A Note From Our Librarian

Dear Parents, 

Ms. Conroy here, your Grade 1 student’s Librarian and Information Fluency teacher!  Welcome to UNIS Hanoi.

A few notes on book borrowing from the UNIS Library:

With their Homeroom teacher, Grade 1 students shall be able to borrow two books each week to take home to share with you.

Please supply a water resistant book bag for your child to use to carry their Library books to and from school.  Books can be easily damaged by food, dirt, and water.  As we are a green school, we would encourage the use of something sustainable.

SCO offers water resistant Book Bags available for purchase in the SCO store in the Sports Center.

We offer a few weeks grace period for borrowing without a bag to support families in preparing for the new school year.

Borrowing books is an important part of your child’s learning journey and we encourage you to repeatedly share the book your child brings home from the Library over the course of the week.

Please note that lost books or books damaged beyond repair must be paid for in order to replace the book and resume borrowing privileges.

As a parent and UNIS community member, you are welcome to borrow up to 6 items from the Library.  Library hours are M-F 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email me ateslibrarian@unishanoi.org

Ms. Conroy, Elementary School Librarian

31st August

Another week down and we are becoming familiar with our surroundings, routines and new friends!

Something crazy happened at school on Tuesday! When we got to school all of the Grade 1 classrooms were very messy and disorganised! It was such a mystery who could have made such a mess in our space!

It turned out that the teachers had played a trick on the children! We were trying to help you to understand how important it is to have an organised space. How we can’t learn well when our space is all messy! This is linked to our new Unit of Inquiry, How We Organise Ourselves.

We have been practicing using our 6 different perspectives; colour, number, texture, doing, position and size, to help us describe. Here is a descriptive piece that we wrote together about T-Rex.

Today we met our new Grade 5 buddies. We had fun making up a secret handshake and getting to know each other!

Reminders for next week: 

  • No school on Monday- enjoy the long weekend!
  • ASAs begin on Tuesday.
  • Back To School Night is on Thursday 7th of September. Please come to our classroom in B9 G:34 to hear all the information you need about the year. There will be 2 sessions. 1 from 6-6:30pm and the other from 6:35-7:05pm. Specialists will be available from 6-8pm in the foyer for the Centre of the Arts.
  • Please save, and send in, your recyclables for us to reuse in our maker space! Thank you!
  • We are still looking for a class parent. If this sounds like a job you would enjoy, please come and talk to me.



Our First Blog Post

What a fun and exciting first few days we have had! All of the children have settled in so well and we continue to learn each others names and build our 1A community!

Here are a few pictures from our days at school so far.

Some time spent getting to know each other…

Opening of the school year with the Dragon Dance!

Some math activities…

We have been focusing on cooperation in our morning meetings.

Our first ECC assembly where we now get to sit on the risers at the back!


Monday 28th- Auditions for the musical. Please email me if your child is interested in auditioning.

Tuesday 29th- D-2 Social. We will begin in the 1A classroom at 3:30pm and then move to the courtyard at 3:45.