Our Last Blog Post

Thank you so much for the wonderful Body and Soul voucher. What a treat to be able to relax and unwind with a massage!

Here are a few photos from the Poetry Cafe.

Morning Up Morning this morning was great! We hope your child comes home buzzing about their new classmates and teacher.

Here’s what you need to know for next week …

Tues 11th June- ES Farewell assembly 1:15pm in the Sports Centre. Leaver parents welcome.

Wed 12th June– Last day of school. Early dismissal at 12.  There will be no lunch that day so please supply your child with a large snack. Yearbooks will be distributed on this day as well. 

Thank you for sharing your children with us this year- it’s been such a fun year and they all have grown so much! Good luck to all those families who are off on new adventures and to those of you staying, have a wonderful summer holiday and we will see you back at UNIS in August!

1A – 30th May

What a wonderful celebration of poems and togetherness we had today! Thank you for coming and sharing in your child’s learning. It’s so much more powerful when we have an authentic audience. I will upload some pictures of the event next week but here are some photos of us practicing with our buddies.

This week we have spent some time thinking about next year. We talked about transitions with Ms Kris. We are all going through a transition, whether we are staying here at UNIS or moving to another country. Transitions can be hard but with lots of talking about how we are feeling we can make it a little easier.

We also went up and explored the Grade 2 classrooms and met the Grade 2 teachers. We don’t know where we will be and with whom yet but it was great to see the spaces and know that next week on Moving Up Morning, we will be heading to teachers that we’ve been introduced to already.

2A and 2B with Mr Daniel and Ms Keri

2C and 2D with Ms Laura and Mr Kenny

On Wednesday, Maeve’s grandmother, who is in Hanoi on a holiday, was our mystery reader. She read a great book about a Canadian boy who wanted to be an astronaut.

And on Thursday we celebrated our graduates on their ‘Grand Walk’! It’s so great for our little people to see the graduates in their gowns. To make those connections and to celebrate all of their hard work with them!

Here’s what next week looks like…

  • Monday- swimming
  • Tuesday – class parties. Please bring a change of clothes and a snack to share
  • Friday- Moving Up Morning. Spending the morning in our new Grade 2 classes
  • Please send in a reusable bag to help your child carry all their books and belongings home. We will send everything home on Monday the 10th. If you need it before then due to shipping, please let me know via email.

1A – May 24th

Wow! What a wonderful week!

Concerts, gymnastics performances, special transition lunch with our K2 friends, narrative stories, mystery readers, outdoor play day, poems…and the list goes on!

Here are some photos from the week for you to enjoy!

Here we are with our K2 buddies. We are telling them all about what to do in the canteen so they know for next year. Then we were the ‘big kids’ who showed them how to wash their hands and get their lunch. We had fun playing in the playground together afterwards.

Here we are on the risers waiting to perform at the dress rehearsal.

Aren’t we gorgeous!

And sharing our wonderful art with friends and family!

James’ dad came to read us two funny stories!

And this morning it was a perfect day for lots of outside fun!

We know we have asked a lot of you in terms of time lately but our Poetry Cafe is a wonderful celebration of learning that you don’t want to miss! Please join us if you are able, on Friday 31st of May from 8:15-9:30 in our classroom.  Coffee and tea will be served from 8:15 and the Poetry reading will begin at 8:30.

Have a wonderful weekend!

1A – May 17th

Another exciting week at UNIS!

This week we are at the ‘conclusion’ stage of our Scientific Method process. The children have worked so hard to research their topic and today they got to share their knowledge with a buddy. It was an interesting process to see how well they shared and how well they could listen, understand their buddies learning and then put it into their own words when they recorded onto their Seesaw.

We had a small group of G1 students making a ‘Teaspoon of Change’ this week by picking up rubbish from around our school. They were spotted by some of our other teachers and asked to present at both the Grade 2-5 assembly and the D-1 assembly. What a wonderful example these students are setting for the rest of the school!

Here they are on stage presenting.

There is SO much going on next week. Here’s a break down of what you need to know…

  • Monday- Swimming
  • Tuesday- Library
  • Wednesday- Dress Rehearsal for the concert and (Date Change) Gymnastics performance 10:30-11:10 in the Sports Centre
  • Thursday- Concert and Art Exhibition
  • Friday- Outdoor Playday- Please send a change of clothes and wear sunscreen. Hat and drink bottles are compulsory!

Gymnastics Performance- from the PE team

In Grade 1 we have been learning floor gymnastics, with the focus on how to have a tight body and control when doing different balances, rolls, jumps, and leaps. The students have created different class performances and would love you to come and watch!

The performance will take place in the Sports Centre next Wednesday 22 May during their PE time.

1A & 1B: 10.30am – 11.10

1C & 1D: 12.05 – 12.45

Here are some photos as a sneak preview. See you next Wednesday!

Concert information again- May 23: 9am-10:30am – K2 and G1 Music Concert and Art Exhibition for the parents

  • Coffee and tea will be available for parents in the CfA from 8.30 – 9am
  • The music concert will run from 9 – 10 am followed by a short comment from Megan and information regarding the art exhibition that begins immediately following the concert
  • The art exhibition will run through break and will finish at approximately 10.30am. 
  • Please send your child’s clothes for the concert – the Blue Performing Arts Shirt (which you can buy at the school shop) and a pair of black pants/tights by Friday the 17th of May. Thank you!

And finally don’t forget to book some time off work to come to the Poetry Cafe on Friday 31st of May. 8:30-9:30 in your child’s classroom. More info in next weeks blog.

Happy weekend!

1A – May 10th

In math, over the last few weeks, we have been using the Cuisenaire rods to think about how numbers and shapes go together. We have worked out that each rod represents a number and that we can put different rods together to make rods of the same size. In this picture you can see that we were trying to see how many different combinations we could find that were the same as the brown rod.

Next week we will look at the number combinations that go with these shapes and we will investigate the equals sign and consolidate our understanding that equals means ‘the same as’.

In writing we have been learning about the features of a narrative text. We wrote a great story together and identified the orientation, problem and resolution. We are also trying to use lots of adjectives. Please enjoy our story about Neymar!

I have finished assessing all of the children’s reading and am pleased to say that everyone has made awesome progress! Our groups have changed and from next week your child’s take home reader level will also change. Please continue to read each night and send folders to school- I know the end of the year is near but we want to make the most of these final weeks at school to keep up routine and continue with the great progress that’s been made. Your support is appreciated!

In UOI we continue to be scientists as we follow the scientific method to find out the answer to a question we are curious about. Ask your child what their question is and how they are finding out the answers they need.

Reminders and up and coming dates…

  • Snack sale- Monday 13th. Please bring 20,000 to spend. Grade 1 are supplying the snacks. See the separate email from school about what to bring.
  • Get your tickets for the ES musical- it will sell out fast!
  • Gymnastics performance in the Sports Centre at 9:05 on Tuesday the 21st of May
  • May 23: 9am-10:30am – K2 and G1 Music Concert and Art Exhibition for the parents
    • Coffee and tea will be available in the CfA from 8.30 – 9am
    • The music concert will run from 9 – 10 am 
    • The art exhibition will run from 10-10:30
    • Please send your child’s clothes for the concert – the Blue Performing Arts Shirt (which you can buy at the school shop) and a pair of black pants/tights by Friday the 17th of May. Thank you!
  • Poetry Cafe 8:30-9:30 in 1A on May 31st- more details to come soon
  • Early finish for Graduation on May 31st. 11:30 pick up time.

Please email me if you have any questions about any of these events.

Have a happy weekend!

1A – May 3rd

What a wonderful two days of stories, books and literacy! Here are some photos of the fun!

In our costumes…

At the parade and buddy reading…

Mystery reader #1- Ms Laura

Mystery Reader #2 – Ms Cathie

Buying (and reading!) books from the Book Fair…

What’s coming up?

Mon 6th May- Swimming changes to Monday ONLY

Mon 13th May– Snack Sale

And don’t forget to buy your tickets for the ES musical!

Have a happy weekend!

1A – April 26th

It’s getting to that crazy time of the year!! Here are a few dates for your diary. We know you will not be able to come to all of the parent events but we like to try and keep you informed so you can work around your schedule and come when you can.

  • Thurs/Fri 2nd/3rd May– Book week! Come dressed as a book character on Thursday for the parade. The G1 teachers have their costumes ready to go! Book Sale- bring money to spend at the book sale on Friday.  
  • Fri 3rd May- MRISA assembly for volleyball- wear blue on Friday morning to support our UNIS volleyball players
  • Mon 6th May- Swimming changes to Monday ONLY
  • Mon 13th May– Snack Sale. Bring 20,000 to buy a tasty snack. I think it might be G1’s turn to provide the snacks but I’ll confirm closer to the time. 
  • 16/17/18th May– ES musical. Buy your tickets in the Centre for the Arts foyer. They will sell out quick! 16th and 17th- 6pm shows. 18th -3pm
  • Tues 21st May– Gymnastics performance during our PE lesson – more details to come from the PE team
  • Thurs 23rd May– K2/G1 Concert, 9-10am in the theatre
  • May 20th-1st June-D-1 art exhibition. Set up in the Centre for the Arts foyer for you to browse at any time
  • Fri 31st May- 8:30-9:30. Grade 1 Poetry Cafe. Come and enjoy a morning coffee and listen to some amazing poems written and presented by our G1 students. More information to come closer to the date.
  • Fri 31st May– Early dismissal for Graduation 11:30am
  • Fri 7th June- Moving Up Morning- where the children get to spend a few hours in their classroom for the next year with their new teacher
  • Tues 11th June- ES Farewell assembly 1:15pm
  • Wed 12th June– Last day of school. Early dismissal @12pm

Phew! It makes me exhausted just reading it!! Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these dates. It’s always good to try and keep up to date with the TinTuc at this time of the year as all of the details are given in the posts online.

This week…

Ms Kris has been in to talk to us about good and bad secrets as part of our body safety unit. Talk to your children about who they chose as their trusted adults. See if they remember what a trusted adult is. It can open up great dialogue about who to talk to if they are feeling uncomfortable about something that happened at school or at home.

We visited our Grade 5 friends at the PYPx and heard all about how they took action and what SDG they were connected to. Ask your child what booths they visited and what they learned.

And we’ve had Ms Beth in this week teaching us all about Cuisenaire rods. We have learnt that the different colours represent different numbers and how we can put different combinations together to make different numbers. Ask your child how many ways they found to make 5.

There have been a few sick kids in 1A this week so we hope you all take this long weekend to have some quality R and R time!! Enjoy the holiday!

1A- April 19th

Thank you for coming to Student-Led Conferences today. Your child was so proud to show you some of the learning that is taking place in Grade 1 (and we know you were proud too).
Here’s a few reminders…
  • Please send in books for the Book Fair. Clean out your home libraries and send in books that you are no longer reading (in all languages). Your help is much appreciated!
  • Book Week Costume Reminder: On May 2nd & 3rd, we will be celebrating books. Please support in finding or making a costume of your favourite book character along with the book that it comes from.  More details to come.
  • Please wear GREEN on Monday in honour of EARTH DAY!
Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 12.09.22 PM.png
This week we have been thinking about the scientific method. Question-Hypothesis-Experiment-Observe-Conclusion and Report. We followed this method to answer the question “Why Do Objects Cast Shadows?”.
Ask your child what they remember from our experiment. They might need help consolidating some new vocabulary that was introduced to them. Opaque= NO light can travel through. Translucent= SOME light can travel through. Transparent=ALL light can travel through.
The children have all chosen a question that they would like to inquire into about sound or light. Over the next two weeks they will follow the Scientific Method to find some answers about their wondering.
For math we read a great story called ‘Grandfather Tang’ and learnt about Tangrams. We had fun putting the shapes together to make different animals.
We have also begun to look at Narrative writing. As a pre-assessment we had to retell a well known story, The Lion and the Mouse. Next week we will learn the features of a Narrative text and begin to craft our own stories.
Enjoy your weekend! Stay cool!!

1A – April 12th

We are super excited to see you next Friday at the Student Led Conferences. The children are ready to share their growth in their learning and get some great feedback from you. Please make sure you have signed up for a time for your conference through Veracross. Let me know if there are any questions.

We had a lot of fun at the Spirit Assembly to open the APAC football tournament on Thursday! Grade 1 have been cheering for the Canadian Falcons from Japan. 

Don’t forget to get your Shrek! The Musical, tickets! The show is on next Thursday, Friday and Saturday. See the Tintuc for more details.

Coming up….

Book week costume reminder: Thursday and Friday the 2nd/3rd of May. Please support in finding (or making!) a costume of a favourite book character, along with a copy of the book. We will have a book character parade, as well as lots of other fun activities centred around books. 

-Over the next few weeks our D-2 School Counselor, Kris Bezzerides, will begin a series of lessons about Body Safety. One of the main goals for these lessons is to provide our children with knowledge and teach protective behaviors in regards to their bodies and their right to be safe.

These lessons are age – appropriate and non-threatening. They are designed to empower students.

A typical series of lessons will include:

  1. “My Body Belongs to Me” – being aware of and taking care of my body
  2. “Safe Touch”/ “Comfortable and Uncomfortable feelings” – understanding personal boundaries and how to keep yourself safe
  3. Identifying trusted adults that you can tell

Please see Ms. Bezzerides (kbezzerides@unishanoi.org)  if you have any questions about these lessons or how to talk with your children about this topic at home.

Additional resources for parents can be found at

Have a wonderful long weekend! See you back at school on Tuesday! 

1A – March 29th

Welcome to the Spring Break! I hope you are able to enjoy the 5 days with your children and get a small break yourselves.

This week we have been exploring all things light and sound! We had a Grade 1 Maker Day on Tuesday. I’m sure you enjoyed hearing their recounts about the day on their Seesaw portfolios.

We started altogether in the Maker Space to discuss our day.

Then we were in 1A playing with the light and sound equipment.

Next we moved to 1B where we got to take electrical equipment apart.

After that we made light circuits in 1C.

Finally we made sounds with different equipment.

It was an awesome (and noisy!) day!

On Thursday we went to Mr Luke’s Grade 8 class to learn about the different instruments in his band. Ask your child what instruments they learnt about and the kinds of sounds they made.

Sports Day was a lot of fun today! It was so good to be outside again and that it wasn’t too hot. Here we are ready and rearing to go!


  • School starts back again Monday 8th April
  • Student Led conferences are on April 19th from 8-4. More information to follow after the break.
  • Swimming continues to be on Monday and Wednesday after the break for another 5 weeks.