1A – December 6th

December already! Time is flying by!

Here are a few photos from our UN Day celebration.

On Tuesday Mr D’Arcy – the founder of ‘A Teaspoon of Change’ came to visit all of the G1 students to follow up from our pledges that we made last week. Here’s a short video of his movement. He talked to us about how we can make a difference if we just make small and simple changes in our lives. We have seen great action taken in this unit by our 6 and 7 year olds. A group of children saw that the Senior School children were going to be selling Nutella waffles at Winterfest today. So they wrote to them and asked them to find an alternative. Our wee humans are taking a stand for what they believe in!! They have made a pledge and are learning that if we all make small changes and we put all the small changes together, it equals a big change!

It’s assessment time of year as we prepare to write reports straight after the Winter break. I have been so excited by the children’s progress in reading! They have all made improvements and are working incredibly hard both at home and at school. This week we didn’t have an adult mystery reader but we had the next best thing…Lukas, Emily and James wanted to be the mystery reader! They worked hard to practice together and we enjoyed listening to them read! A testament to how much we love reading in 1A!


  • Winterfest is on tonight from 5-7pm
  • Winter break begins Friday the 14th and we are back at school on Monday the 7th of January

1A – November 30th

Happy UN Day! What a great day of celebrating so many wonderful countries from around the world! Your children all looked fantastic in their cultural clothes. Photos to come next week!

This week Grade 1 have been thinking about SDG #14 & #15- Life on Land and Life Below Water. Ask your child what they learnt about as they rotated through the G1 classes. Through this learning we all decided to make a teaspoon of change- here’s what we pledge to do!

This week in math we have continued to organise and count the items in our classroom. We made a chart to record our findings. 

We’ve started thinking about place value and grouping in tens. We are also thinking about how many more to make a new group of 10. This knowledge is the foundation to understanding larger numbers, which we will move into after the Winter break.

This week James’ dad, Michael, was our Mystery Reader. He read us two fun books about dragons and tacos and pigs who like to travel! Thanks so giving up your time! If you haven’t signed up already here is the sign up sheet.  The children really enjoy being surprised by a family member visiting their classroom!

In reading we continue to work on decoding strategies, vocabulary, and how our reading sounds. At home remind your child to read ‘how they talk’. To scoop up the words so their reading sounds smooth and not to be monotone like a robot. This is a yearlong goal. Look out for a Seesaw post with your child sharing their reading aloud.


  • Don’t forget to get your tickets to the G2/3 production! It is on stage next weekend Sat 8th and Sunday 9th at 3pm
  • Winterfest is on at school next Friday night, the 7th of Dec. 5-7pm

1A- November 23rd

First of all a HUGE thank you for all of the wonderful cards and gifts on Teacher Appreciation day. Ms Hue and I felt very spoilt and appreciated! Thank you!

This week in 1A we have been thinking about organisation! We listened to this story…

…and we thought hard about how we could organise the resources in our classroom.

Some of us realised that it was much easier to group our items in 5s or 10s because it made them much easier to count; especially if there were a lot of the same item!

Then Ms Penny gave us a real challenge! We wanted to find out how many of each colour unifix cubes there were! We worked out that grouping them into tens helped to count them. We also found out that if we grouped 10 lots of 10 we had 100 and we could count in 100’s!

Keep an eye out for what happens next!

In writing we have been working on writing a response. We know that response writing has to give an opinion on something. Do you like it or not like it and why? We have written about Green Bean Cake, our favourite, or least favourite food and about our favourite animal at Curious Kid. What amazing writers we are becoming as we continue to focus on hearing and recording sounds, basic punctuation and descriptive language. Look out for your child’s writing on their blog.

Today we had a visit from some children from Little systems House Kindergarten. They came to check out UNIS to see if they would like to be Grade 1’s here next year. Our 1A children were such sensible buddies, showing them around and taking care of them. It’s great to see our kids taking responsibility in looking after someone younger than them.

We are all looking forward to UN Day next week. Please drop your food off to the 1A classroom before 10:15 on Friday morning. Ella’s mum, Kata, will be outside the room to collect any food. At 9:30 we will vacate the classroom and Kata will work with some of you to set up the tables ready for lunch. If you are able to help with either the set up or take down we would be very grateful. Please let Kata or I know if you can help!

A reminder to pick up your child’s bike if it’s still here from the biking unit.

Have a great weekend! Sorry about the lack of photos- my iPad has been playing up but the magic tech office has fixed it and it’s ready to go for next week!

One final thing….this fits so nicely with our UOI right now. If you can make it I’m sure it will have a big impact on your child and family!

Next week in our school is “SDG Week” –  focusing on connecting our student’s learning on the UN Sustainable Development Goals,  in the lead up to our school’s UN Day celebration.  Around the dinner table, ask your child about the SDG’s and what they are learning about them.  
As part of our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, we will be hosting a free community screening of “A Plastic Ocean” on Tuesday 27th November at 5.00pm.  The movie is in English, with Vietnamese subtitles.  
Movie Trailer:  A Plastic Ocean 
What:  “A Plastic Ocean” documentary – FREE community screening
When:  Tuesday 27th November, 5.00pm (running time – 1 hour 42 minutes)
Who:  UNIS Hanoi students, families, teachers – 7 years +
Where:  Theatre, Centre for Arts, B10
Why:  To raise awareness of the issue of pollution being created by single use plastics and what we can do to help
Theatre will open at 4.50pm – free seating. 
Elementary students will NOT be allowed to attend unless accompanied by an adult.  
The UNIS Hanoi school store will host a ‘pop up’ shop showcasing and selling all of our recycled and environmentally sustainable products for families who wish to take immediate action to reduce their use of plastics.  
Please join with us in taking action for the children who will be attending UNIS and living on our planet many generations from now….. this local and global problem needs us all to act now.  
We look forward to seeing you there.  
Kind regards,
Megan Brazil

1A – November 16th

Thank you to all of you who were able to join us for Open Classrooms. I hope it was a good insight into how our classroom works and what your children are learning. The kids really love sharing with you and having you in their space.

On Monday, Maisy’s dad Scott, came to talk to us about his job. Scott is the director of the Counter Wildlife Trafficking in Asia for the Wildlife Conservation Society. He was sharing with us his knowledge of how animals have been impacted by humans in Vietnam. He told us how all the small things we do can have a big impact if we all do them. Ask your child if they can remember the things he suggested. -Meatless Mondays, no single use plastic, recycle, don’t buy lots of plastic toys- instead buy experiences or tickets to events.

We were lucky enough to have two mystery readers this week! Thank you to Olivia’s grandad for reading us a pirate story and to Ian’s dad for reading to us in Polish about trains.


UN Day and SDG week are coming up. What will you do for your teaspoon of change?  Does your child have their UN Day costume sorted?

1A – 9th November

This week started off with a bang with our trip to Curious Kid! What a wonderful place of learning and inquiry. It was a great provocation to our new unit….here’s the overview for you to read.

Here’s a few photos from our trip. You could ask your child the following questions…

  1. What were the instructors names?
  2. What did the ferret smell like?
  3. What food did the hedgehog eat?
  4. What was the difference between Grandma the tortoise and Grumpy the turtle?
  5. Who was the winning team and why?

We are looking forward to seeing lots of you at our Open Classrooms sessions next week. Here is the timetable. Let me know if you have any questions.


Last week, Jack’s grandparents came to be our mystery readers. They were visiting from Australia. They read two wonderful books and we learnt a bit about Jack’s home country.


  • Open classrooms on Thursday and Friday. See you there!
  • UN Day is coming up. Does you child have a national/cultural costume to wear?



1A – 26th October

What a wonderful week of learning we’ve had!

Our field trip to Fivimart was great fun! The children loved the autonomy of having their own shopping lists and paying for their own groceries. I’m sure you were impressed with the healthy snacks that they created! We really enjoyed eating them! Here’s a few photos from the trip and making day.

As part of our How We Organise Ourselves unit, we have begun to learn about the library circulation system with Ms Monica. We made a flow chart about the system and then became real librarians as we returned the books and set them back on the shelves in the right places. We will continue this learning for 4 to 5 weeks during our library time.

Our buddies have been learning how to make simple machines. We got to visit them and try out their inventions. Ask your child about their buddies machine- what was it and what was it used for?

Next week is a short week for the children. On Thursday and Friday the teachers will participate in some IB workshops at school. There are no classes for the children.

  • Math coffee morning 31st –  8.30-9.30 in the creative space

Join us for an informal and interactive conversation about the mathematics’ development at your child’s grade level. We will discuss the what and why’s about mathematics instruction and how learning can be supported outside of school. We hope to see you there! 


  • Snack sale – Monday 29th. Please bring 20,000vnd
  • PE bike unit begins Monday 29th. Please organise for your child’s bike to be brought to school. See PE blog for more details
  • Please return your permission forms for the Curious Kid workshop

1A – 19th October

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a relaxing week off the normal school schedule. It’s been great to hear the children’s holiday adventures and to see them all again after a week off.

This week we have been looking closely at sentences. We have learnt that ‘a sentence is a group of words that shares an idea’ and it needs 3 things. 1. To start with a capital letter. 2. To have a noun and a verb in it. 3. To end with a punctuation mark like a . or ! or ?

We’ve played a few sentence games and written a few of our own. Some of us even learnt the difference between a simple and a complex sentence.

We will continue to practice and share our learning.

This week was Global Math week so we celebrated with our buddies by teaching each other some new math games. It was great to see the children being communicators and sharing their learning with others.

Emily’s dad, Eoin, came to be our mystery reader on Wednesday. He read the Elves and the Shoemaker story and also taught us all how to count to 5 in Irish. If you haven’t signed up to read yet you can sign up here. Your children LOVE having you visit their classroom and it’s a great opportunity to model great reading behaviour.

On Monday we are going on our Fivimart field trip. The children are excited to be independent shoppers with their own shopping lists and money! Please make sure your child comes to school with sensible shoes and a rain jacket.

Next week is the last week of swimming. After that the children will move on to their biking unit. Please see the PE blog for information about bikes.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the G1 Math Coffee morning. Wednesday 31st October, 8:30am in the Creative Space (it’s the room upstairs opposite the G4 classrooms, directly above the new maker space). Come along and learn some new games and understand how we teach math at UNIS.

1A – September 28th

Thank you for helping your child participate in Naked Snack Day! It was good to see no trash coming from our lunch boxes and the children were really excited to show us their healthy snacks.

What a huge difference we could make if we made this conscious effort every day!

It’s been a busy week of learning in 1A. We wrote our pre assessment response text about our cuddly reading buddy, learned a new math game with Ms Beth, began to learn about the different food groups, had our first ever spelling test, and did a really cool science experiment about germs! Phew!

Here’s a few questions you can ask your child to find out their connections to our new learning.

  1. Why do you like your teddy? What did you write in your response writing?
  2. Can you remember what Ms Beth taught us about the rekenrek? What side should the white beads be on?
  3. Can you tell me the different food groups and what they do for our bodies?
  4. How can we stop germs? What are germs?
  5. What do you do doing mindfulness time? Why do we have mindfulness time?

Here’s some photos from our week…

Response Writing Pre Assessment

Food Group Sorting and Learning

Being Mindful

Rekenrek and Tens Frame Game with Ms Beth


In the back cover of your child’s blue communication book…

…is the log in details for Raz Kids Reading A-Z. This is a reading programme that you can use at home to help your child be successful in reading.  Go to www.kidsa-z.com and then follow the username and password instructions. Once in the reading room click on the spaceship that says ‘level up’ and your child can read a whole range of texts at their independent level. They can earn points and do comprehension questions as well. Let me know if you come across any difficulties.


  • Don’t forget to sign up for a parent conference by Sunday. I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Monday to talk about your children.
  • Grade 1 math coffee morning is Wednesday October 31st. 8:30am. More details to come after the break.
  • On Monday the 22nd of October we will be taking a field trip to our local Fivimart to buy ingredients to make some healthy snacks. If you would like to be a parent volunteer for this trip (from 8-10am) please let me know at parent conferences.


1A – September 21st

The Moon Festival celebration on Thursday was so much fun! The children all looked great in their Ao Dai and we really enjoyed the show that everyone worked so hard to put together.  Here’s a few photos from the day!

We have been talking about the number 13 this week. We know a lot about it! Maybe you could talk more about it at home.

We hope you have been enjoying the children’s descriptive writing stories on Seesaw. Next week we will move away from writing together and have a go at writing independently. We will be writing about our soft toys that we have at school. If your child has not brought in a soft toy friend yet, please help them to bring one on Monday.

In UOI we continue to think about our central idea…

We looked back at our Family Lunch and what we chose to eat that day. We made a pictograph to show what foods were eaten. Here are our results.

It will be interesting to see how our knowledge of food groups grows over the next few weeks. Watch this space!

Here are some reminders for this week:

  • Swimming starts next week 24th
  • Global Goals Week
    Next week is global goals week at UNIS.  During this week we put the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals front and centre in our thinking and our learning. As part of Global Goals week we will be having a Nude Food Day on Friday 28 September.  Put simply, nude food day means sending your child to school with a snack that contains no disposable packaging. For more information click here
  • EAL coffee morning for any new families or families with children in EAL. Above the new canteen at 8:30 Thursday 27th of September
  • Mystery readers sign up- Here is the link
  • Parent conferences will be on Monday 1st October. There is no school that day. More information about sign ups will come next week. 
  • Grade 1 math coffee morning will take place on Oct 31st. More details to come closer to the time. 

1A – September 14th

Happy weekend! Here’s the unit overview for our current Unit Of Inquiry. Please take some time to read through to see how you can help at home.

This week it finally got cool enough for us to move into our outdoor play space. The children have enjoyed connecting with friends from other classes, exploring new resources and of course enjoying play! Here’s a few photos for you to talk about with your child.

In our classroom we have been working on learning routines. One of our routines that we practice daily is our Daily 5 Program. Daily 5 helps support our children’s literacy skills. The children have agency in their choices but they must have a balance of the 5 activities over the week. Ask your child to explain the 5 elements of Daily 5 to you.





We have also learnt a fun math game called 3,2,1 Salute!  If you have a packet of cards, you can also play this at home. Here are the rules…

You need 3 people and a deck of cards, with the face cards and jokers taken out. Just keep the numbers A-10. To make the game easier you can just use A-5

Player #1 and #2 sit facing one another, with the deck of cards split between them. Player #3 sits off to the side so that she/he can see both players’ faces. Player #1 and #2 each pick up a card, and without looking at it, place it on their foreheads. They can see what each other has, but they do not know which card they are holding. 

Player #3 (who can see both cards) mentally adds the cards together and says the sum out loud. E.G, Player #1 is holding a 6 and Player #2 is holding a 10, so the sum is 16. Once Player #3 has said the sum out loud, Players #1 and #2 each try to figure out what card s/he is holding. So if the sum is 16, and Player #1 can see that Player #2 is holding a 10, s/he can perform a mental subtraction equation to figure out what he has (16-10=6). The first player to correctly state which card they are holding keeps both cards. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.   Try it at home!

A few weeks ago we got together with 1B and made a video called ‘What If Everybody Did That?’. We were learning about the systems in our school and why it’s so important to have them. Here’s our video!

Reminders this week…

  • Snack sale is on Monday. Please send 20,000 to school if you want your child to buy something tasty from the sale.
  • Swimming lessons begin on September 24th. Every PE lesson will be swimming. Please make sure your child brings their swimming costume, a towel, goggle (if needed) and a swim cap for anyone with long hair.
  • Please make sure your child wears their Ao Dai to school on Thursday the 20th for the Moon Festival.
  • Remember to share your child’s Seesaw digital portfolio with family members. Each child can have up to 10 family members. Just send on the original email and I will accept all requests.