1A – March 8th

Next week we invite you to spend some time with us for Open Classrooms. Here is the schedule of available times to visit.

Please let me know if there are any questions regarding this timetable. For maths on Thursday come ready to be taught some new games and possibly sit on the floor!

We managed to record about half of our green screens this week, the other half will be done on Tuesday. They look and sound amazing and we are very excited to share them with you. We will keep the suspense up and share them, via your child’s Seesaw, after the wax museum. Then you can share them with family. I’m sure you will feel as proud of the children as we do when you see them perform next Friday afternoon. Here’s a sneak peek of the children dressed in their costumes. I wonder if you can guess who they might be?


Walkathon- yesterday we found out how much we had raised for Blue Dragon. What an amazing community we all live in! Thank you to you and your families for supporting this worthy cause.

Reminders- come and enjoy some fun at the Spring Fair on Sunday the 17th of March!

1A – March 1st

Welcome to March!

We have been working so hard on learning our scripts this week. Thank you for supporting your children at home to speak slowly, clearly and with good volume.

So far about half of the children have brought in their costumes. All costumes need to be in by Monday so that we can do our green screens during the rest of the week. Please let me know if you are having troubles finding something for your child to wear.

Here’s a new math game we have learnt this week.


The aim of the game is to be the first person to ‘bank’ $50

Draw up a whiteboard or paper like this…

  1. Get a 6 sided dice
  2. Paper, scissors, rock who goes first.
  3. Player number 1 rolls the dice and writes their number in the totals column. If you roll a 1 on your very first turn then ignore it and roll again.
  4. Decide if you want to ‘risk’ your number by rolling again or ‘bank’ your number to keep it safe.
  5. If you ‘bank’ you put the number into the bank column and it is safe. You cannot lose this money.  Your turn is now done.
  6. If you ‘risk’ then you roll again. If you get a 1 you lose your money. If you don’t get a 1 then you add your new number to your total. Keep going until you either decide to ‘bank’ or you lose your money with a 1.
  7. Keep playing until the first person reaches 50.
  8. To extend the game you can use a nine sided dice and you can play to 100.

Enjoy playing this game at home. It helps to develop the skill of counting on and imaging a number in our brains. Here we are playing it in class today.

On Wednesday, Abel and his dad gave a presentation about their trip to deliver the toys to the children in Northern Vietnam. We enjoyed lots of pictures and Abel was able to practice his presentation skills as he told us about his adventure.

Some reminders for March…

  • 3rd- Aquathlon – see the previous posts for details.
  • 11th – Professional Development day for teachers- no school for children
  • 14th and 15th- Open classrooms. More info to come next week
  • 15th Wax Museum. 2:15-3 above the new canteen
  • 17th – Spring Fair
  • 29th- last day before Spring break

1A – 21st February

Happy Mother Tongue day! What a great celebration of all the languages spoken at our school. Aren’t we lucky to live in such a diverse community!

Some of our G1 students presented in assembly as well. Here are the videos.

We’ve been giving the children lots of opportunities to present and speak in front of an audience lately. We have been talking about what makes a good speaker and here’s what we’ve come up with.

Good speakers…

  1. Are confident
  2. Speak clearly
  3. Have good volume
  4. Speak slowly
  5. Stay focused

Next week we will send home your child’s script to practice for the wax museum. Please remind them of these success criteria as they practice with you at home.

Thank you to those children who were risk takers in writing and presenting a poem in their mother tongue. We were so impressed with their ability to speak and translate!

We were extra lucky this week to have 2 Mystery Readers! Thank you to Ed’s mum, Laura and Tam’s dad, Minh who came to share some stories with us.

We have been visiting the Maker Space regularly over the last few weeks to become familiar with the space and test our our building abilities! On Tuesday most of us presented our final pieces. We have some videos that we will put on Seesaw but here are some photos to enjoy. We still have two more projects to present.

Reminders and up and coming dates:

  • ASAs end March 1st. Session 3 begins Tuesday March 12th
  • No school for the students March 11th due to PD day for teachers
  • Aquathlon- Sunday March 3rd.
  • FunDrun this Saturday
  • Please start sending in your child’s costume for the Wax Museum on March 15th. We will be using them before this date to record our green screens
  • Spring Fair: Sunday March 17th.
  • Student Led Conferences- April 19th.

1A – 15th February

What fun we had on the 100th day of school! We made a number line from 1 to 100 and then we made a 100s square! It took lots of communicating with each other but we did it!

We also had a wonderful treat of 100 cupcakes for an afternoon snack! Thank you to those of you who sent in cupcakes for us to enjoy!

In math, along with continuing our number sense, we have been investigating 2 and 3D shapes. Here’s what we’ve discovered so far…

We had discussions with a buddy and then spent some time labelling the different shapes.

Next week, we will begin to learn the names of the different shapes. Over the weekend maybe you could have a family shape hunt to see what you can discover.

In writing we continue to work on recounts. The children wrote some wonderful recounts about their TET holidays that they will share with you on Seesaw.

On Monday there will be a snack sale.  Please send 10/20,000 vnd with your child so they can purchase something yummy for snack.

If you’re interested, don’t forget to register for the Aquathlon! SIgn Up Link

Have a wonderful weekend!

1A – 1st February

What a wonderful celebration we had yesterday for TET! Jack, Kristina, Tam and Thanh An were awesome risk takers on the stage and did us proud! Here’s a few pictures from the day.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to come and talk to me at parent conferences. It’s always time well spent discussing your children’s progress and goals. They are all making such great progress with the journeys they are on and it’s great to be able to share the awesome things they are achieving.

This week we got to read one of our favourite books with our mystery reader…Jack’s Dad! Robin read us, The Book With No Pictures. I enjoyed watching the kids giggling as much as they enjoyed the story! Thanks, Robin!  If you haven’t signed up there are still 7 slots remaining. Please click on this link to choose a time you would like to come and read to us.

The Walkathon was a huge success today. The children had a great time running around the track for our charity, Blue Dragon. Thank you to those parents who were able to help tally up our laps. I have sent the forms home with the amount of laps written on it. Please help your children to organise their money and send it in after TET. Thank you to those who have already sent money in.

I hope your week off is filled with wonderful family times, where ever you may be. Enjoy the down time. See you back at school on Monday the 11th of February.

1A – 25th January

This week we welcomed Edward Davies to 1A! Ed has settled into our classroom so well and is starting to learn his classmates names and how things work at UNIS. We are so glad you’ve joined our Grade 1 team Ed!

We’ve done lots of talking about the word ‘significant’ during UOI. The children have finished their Significant Moments posters and they look great. Please make sure you take a look when you come to the classroom for parent conferences.

As a provocation to our unit we attended a ‘wax museum’ of significant people. The children got to move around the wax models and find out about the lives of several significant people. Here’s some questions you could ask your child to see what they retained.

  • Who was their favourite person?
  • What was the significant persons name?
  • Why are they significant?
  • What impact have they had on the world?

Now it’s our turn! We have been reading some biographies about significant people and the children have been thinking about who they might like to become. If you haven’t already had a conversation about it at home please do. Your child might like to choose someone significant from their home country or some one they feel connected to through a talent or passion like music or art. We will have made our decisions by the TET break so we can come back and start our research. Let me know via email if you have any questions!

I am looking forward to meeting you all Wednesday next week for the parent conferences. Please make sure you have accessed, and read, your child’s report via Veracross before the conference so that I can answer any questions that you might have. Reports will go live on Monday the 28th.  Please remember there is no school for the children this day.

We are very excited about the Walkathon coming up next week. I have received some of the children’s pledge forms. I will add the amount of laps they have done on Friday and send them home again so the money can be collected. Thank you for giving to such a worthy cause!

Have a wonderful weekend!


1A – 18th January

Thank you so much to everyone who sent in some wonderful pictures of your children. They have LOVED looking through them and sharing their significant moments with each other. We will share our posters once we have finished them! Here’s our unit over view for this unit.

This week we were lucky enough to watch a puppet show! The Grade 7 and 8s rewrote some fairytales, made puppets and performed a show for us. We laughed a lot!

We have been busy learning how to write a great recount. So far we know that a recount must have…

  • An orientation with when, who, where/what
  • A sequence of events using time connectives and past tense verbs
  • An evaluative sentence that tells how we felt about it and why

Here’s a couple of examples. Your child’s was shared on Seesaw today.

In assembly we heard from Mr Tom from Blue Dragon. He told us about all the things that Blue Dragon does to help the under privileged children of Vietnam. Ask your child what they remember. The Walkathon will take place on Feb 1st in the afternoon to raise money for Blue Dragon. Please see all the details below. If you are travelling early for TET please consider still raising money. You could have a family challenge whilst away. Blue Dragon is counting on us to raise as much as we can!

Your child will bring home a sponsorship form this weekend! Thank you for helping them to raise as much as they can.

Dates for your diary:

  • Parent conferences Wednesday 30th January. No school for children that day
  • TET assembly Thursday 31st
  • Walkathon Friday 1st Feb
  • Wax Museum 15th March, 2:15-3pm. If your child has decided on their significant person you may want to think about costume items if you are travelling during TET. Sometimes it’s tricky to find things in Hanoi

Have a wonderful weekend!

1A 11th January

Happy New Year! I have heard some wonderful holiday stories and know that you’ve all had a magnificent time together over the break. It’s great to be back though and to get right back into our learning!

This week we have begun to explore our How We Express Ourselves unit. This UOI will run from now until the end of the year alongside our other units. Here’s the unit overview.

We have already done some pre assessment to find out what knowledge the children have about poems and poetry.  After that, the children spent some time rotating around the different classes learning about 5 different poetry forms.

So far we’ve discovered that a poem is a collection of words that helps us share an emotion, idea or feeling. Here’s what we’ve learnt about the 5 types of poems we will study over the next few months…

In math, we are beginning to really focus on numbers to 100. We’ve been looking at parts of a 100’s square and placing numbers in the right places. We’ve begun to notice that there are patterns going down, as well as across. We’ll keep exploring to see what else we discover.

We visited our buddies yesterday and shared our animal information reports with them. The children are really proud of their research and can’t wait to bring them home to show you.


  • Next week we are going to watch some of the Grade 6 and 7 drama students put on a puppet show. We are going to incorporate this into our PBL by offering a puppet making station. If you have any old socks at home that would be suitable can you please send them in?
  • Next week we begin our Where We Are In Place and Time unit. We will begin this unit by looking at the word ‘significant’ and the significant things that have happened in your children’s lives. Please email 4 or 5 photos of significant events from your child’s life to me at psnedden@unishanoi.org. Some examples might be first time riding a bike, first tooth, siblings being born, moving countries etc. Thanks!

1A – December 6th

December already! Time is flying by!

Here are a few photos from our UN Day celebration.

On Tuesday Mr D’Arcy – the founder of ‘A Teaspoon of Change’ came to visit all of the G1 students to follow up from our pledges that we made last week. Here’s a short video of his movement. He talked to us about how we can make a difference if we just make small and simple changes in our lives. We have seen great action taken in this unit by our 6 and 7 year olds. A group of children saw that the Senior School children were going to be selling Nutella waffles at Winterfest today. So they wrote to them and asked them to find an alternative. Our wee humans are taking a stand for what they believe in!! They have made a pledge and are learning that if we all make small changes and we put all the small changes together, it equals a big change!

It’s assessment time of year as we prepare to write reports straight after the Winter break. I have been so excited by the children’s progress in reading! They have all made improvements and are working incredibly hard both at home and at school. This week we didn’t have an adult mystery reader but we had the next best thing…Lukas, Emily and James wanted to be the mystery reader! They worked hard to practice together and we enjoyed listening to them read! A testament to how much we love reading in 1A!


  • Winterfest is on tonight from 5-7pm
  • Winter break begins Friday the 14th and we are back at school on Monday the 7th of January

1A – November 30th

Happy UN Day! What a great day of celebrating so many wonderful countries from around the world! Your children all looked fantastic in their cultural clothes. Photos to come next week!

This week Grade 1 have been thinking about SDG #14 & #15- Life on Land and Life Below Water. Ask your child what they learnt about as they rotated through the G1 classes. Through this learning we all decided to make a teaspoon of change- here’s what we pledge to do!

This week in math we have continued to organise and count the items in our classroom. We made a chart to record our findings. 

We’ve started thinking about place value and grouping in tens. We are also thinking about how many more to make a new group of 10. This knowledge is the foundation to understanding larger numbers, which we will move into after the Winter break.

This week James’ dad, Michael, was our Mystery Reader. He read us two fun books about dragons and tacos and pigs who like to travel! Thanks so giving up your time! If you haven’t signed up already here is the sign up sheet.  The children really enjoy being surprised by a family member visiting their classroom!

In reading we continue to work on decoding strategies, vocabulary, and how our reading sounds. At home remind your child to read ‘how they talk’. To scoop up the words so their reading sounds smooth and not to be monotone like a robot. This is a yearlong goal. Look out for a Seesaw post with your child sharing their reading aloud.


  • Don’t forget to get your tickets to the G2/3 production! It is on stage next weekend Sat 8th and Sunday 9th at 3pm
  • Winterfest is on at school next Friday night, the 7th of Dec. 5-7pm