1A – Thursday 15th March

We were so proud of the children at the wax museum today! What risk takers they were as they spoke in front of all those grown ups! I hope you got some good footage on your cameras! We will post our green screens next week on the children’s individual blogs. Watch out for the post.

Here’s a few pictures from today.

Wax Museum 2018

In math we have been working on building up our strategies for adding and subtracting. We do this through humber talks. Ask you child what strategies they know to work out addition and subtraction problems to 20.

We had another mystery reader this week. Mr Kacper (Zosia’s dad) came and read us a story in Polish. We made lots of connections between the languages we know and the language Zosia speaks at home. Thanks Kacper!

Don’t forget to remind your child to wear blue tomorrow for the whole school assembly! Also, as per my email sent, there will be NO music class tomorrow for open classrooms.  You can visit for math from 9:10-9:50 and World Language from 10:55-11:35.


1A – Thursday 8th March

We were so proud of the children’s performance today in assembly. They were great risk takers up on stage and showed the audience how knowledgable they are.

This week we have been busy doing our green screen performances. They look fantastic and we can’t wait to share them with you once the wax museum is over. Thank you for helping your children with their costumes. They all look amazing and we are looking forward to sharing our research with you at the wax museum. Here’s a few photos of us dressed up- can you guess who each child might be?!

Next week on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th we will have open classrooms. Here is the schedule:


Please note that for the wax museum we will be in the foyer of the Centre for the Arts building- upstairs. We will not be in the classroom. If you are unable to make it for any reason, please send me an email and I will arrange for your child’s Grade 5 buddy to be there for them.

Next week is busy- here’s what you need to know.

  • Monday: No school- teachers have a professional development day
  • Thursday: Open classrooms / wax museum
  • Friday: Open classrooms & spirit assembly for the whole school. We will be welcoming the soccer players who are coming to UNIS for a tournament. The children can wear blue to support our UNIS players.


1A- Thursday 1st March

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, relaxing with family and friends!

We had a wonderful TET celebration at school before the holiday. Lizzie and Long were superstars up on stage in the TET performance!

We were also lucky enough to have TWO mystery readers! William’s mum read us the story of Chinese New Year and Lizzie’s mum and dad read a story in Dutch and Vietnamese.

It’s been great to hear about all the holiday adventures this week. We shared some oral recounts on our blogs- I hope you got to hear them!

We have begun to learn about a new writing genre- narrative / story telling. We made puppets of lots of different characters and have been practising using our speaking skills to tell stories. The children are really enjoying using their imaginations and working together to create stories with characters, settings, problems and resolutions.

In math, we continue to work on addition and subtraction but we are also learning to measure with standard and non standard units. We drew around our bodies and used equipment from the classroom to measure body parts.

The children really enjoyed sharing their significant event photographs with each other. Please come in to the classroom and see the posters they have created. They look fantastic and all the children now understand the word, ‘significant’.

We are currently writing our ‘scripts’ for the wax museum, about our chosen significant people. Please help your child to organise their costume over the weekend. It needs to be brought into school on Monday.  Remember to book Thursday the 15th, from 2:30-3:20 off work for our wax museum! You will not be disappointed!

Thank you to Hiromi who was this weeks mystery reader. We enjoyed the Japanese story about the rice balls. If you would like to come in to read, please contact myself, or Hiromi and Ha, our class parents.

Next week, on Thursday, March 8th, 1A and 1C will be presenting in assembly. Please come along if you are able! It will be in the ECC gym from 8:30-9am.





1A – Thursday 8th Feb

Happy 100 days of school!! What fun we had on Tuesday celebrating 100 days of hard work in Grade 1. We had books about 100, 100 games to play, 100 pieces of popcorn, lego creations with 100 pieces, 100 water balloons, 100 paper chains and 100 stickers….but most deliciously… 100 cupcakes!!!!

On Wednesday we celebrated Global Play Day with our ECC buddies. The children enjoyed sharing their toys from home and playing lots of games with our younger friends. There was communication, cooperation, problem solving and a chance for our G1 children to be the ‘older buddies’ and show responsibility.

And today we saw a very significant person from Vietnam. Mr Ho Chi Minh. The children made some great connections with our new unit and understood that he was a man who helped the people of Vietnam to live a happier life and helped the country to become independent (make their own rules!) The children were awesome, they showed great respect and our Grade 5 buddies helped to keep everyone safe and organised.

Reminders- next week there is a special TET assembly from 9:10-9:50 in the theatre. Lizzie, Long and Radin will be performing- good luck to them!

This is the last blog post before the TET vacation so, Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! 

See you back at school on Monday the 26th of February. Have a wonderful holiday!

1A – Thursday 1st February

It’s February already! Time sure does fly!

Thank you so much for coming to share in your child’s learning last Friday. The children loved sharing their creations and it makes the learning so much more meaningful with an audience. Here’s a few photos from the day.

This week we started our new unit- Where We Are In Place And Time. Please read the unit overview to see what we will be covering over the next 6 weeks.


We had our provocation for our new unit on Tuesday. You might have heard about it! The teachers all dressed up as significant people and created a ‘wax museum’. The children moved around the different classrooms and found out about each person, who they were and what they had done in their lives that was significant/important. Ask your child who was their favourite and what they remember.

We were super lucky to have 2 mystery readers on Wednesday. Jacob’s mum, Jutta came and read to us in German and our favourite Grandma, Baba, came back again to read us a very silly book called, ‘The Book With No Pictures’.

Next week is a very busy week. Here’s what you need to know:

Monday: Please bring in 4 photographs of significant events in your child’s life. You may email them and I can print them at school or send in photos if you have them.  Some significant events might be, first time eating food, first steps, first tooth, brother or sister being born etc.

Tuesday: Is the 100th day of school. You child might like to create something that has 100 things/pieces to bring to school. It might be a necklace with 100 beads or a t-shirt with 100 tally marks on it, 100 lego pieces, 100 cotton balls…the ideas are endless. If you need further ideas there are a load in Pinterest. Just search 100 days of school ideas. Please note this is optional- not compulsory! 

Wednesday: On Wednesday we will celebrate Global Play Day. The children are allowed to bring one toy to school. It must not require batteries or electricity. No devices. Some possible ideas might be board games, dolls, Legos, blocks, trucks, cars, racetracks, playing cards, empty cardboard boxes, markers, jigsaw puzzles, blankets (for forts), social games (charades, Pictionary, etc.) The games will be returned on Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday is also the Snack Sale. G1 are required to bring in healthy snacks to be sold. Please see email that has already been sent out for guidelines.

Thursday: We will go on our field trip to see Ho Chi Minh, as part of our unit on significant people. Please remember good walking shoes, warm clothes and a snack and drink.

Phew! Thank you for supporting and helping your children be organised and ready for the week ahead.

It was great to see everyone at conferences today. I hope that you have a good understanding of where your child is at and what goals they are working on.

Have a relaxing weekend! Stay warm!!

1A -25th January

Just a very brief blog post this week, due to report writing, a day out sick and trying to catch up from being out on PD!

We’ve had a busy week reading, writing, mastering our numbers to 100, and completing our Light and Sound unit of inquiry.

We are looking forward to sharing our finished products with you tomorrow. Please come to our classroom at 2:50 and see the creativity that has taken place!


  • Parent conferences are a week from today, Thursday the 1st of Feb. Please make an appointment through Veracross to speak with me, or any of your child’s other teachers. Remember there is no school for the children.
  • Reports are available for you on Monday the 29th. Please make sure you have read the report before coming to the conference. Then I can answer any questions that you might have, and we can discuss what’s been said in the report.

1A – 18th January

Ms Hue did a great job at keeping things ticking over in my absence this week. The Cognitive Coaching workshop was really valuable and we are looking forward to putting some of the skills to use over the next few months.

We were extra lucky to have 2 mystery readers this week. Leila’s mum came and read us a very funny story about some animals escaping from the zoo to go swimming in the public swimming pool. Again, we used our sense of hearing to listen to the Finnish language and we were able to empathise with others who are learning a new language.

We also had a story from Evelyn’s grandma who is visiting from Canada. We learnt that she used to teach French to older children- ask your child to tell you about the books that she read!

We tapped into our creative sides this week by creating our light and sound boxes. The children were asked to create a ‘space’ that had two sources of light and two sources of sound, one manmade and one natural. Here are a few photos of the work done so far. Ask your child to tell you about theirs.

A notice from Operation Smile…

We would like to inform you that, from January 8 to February 8 of 2018, Operation Smile will be running a toy drive. There will be a large bucket placed outside the nurse’s office, and we would greatly appreciate it if you could encourage the students to donate toys they no longer want or need, to be placed in the bucket. All of these toys will be given to children awaiting mouth surgery in hospital, to make the waiting process more bearable. Thank you!

             Operation Smile

Have a great weekend!

1A – January 11th

Happy New Year and welcome back to school! I hope you all had a relaxing vacation and spent some wonderful time with friends and family.

On Monday we were lucky enough to be able to visit one of the high school strings classes. We went there to listen to the instruments and learn more about how sound is made. We’ve been thinking about the word vibration and what it means. We’ve talked about sound waves and how sound travels. Ask your child what they saw and learnt.

We continue to learn about time in 1A. The G1 expectation is that the children will be able to tell the time to half past and o’clock. Most of us have mastered this and some are even able to read the trickier times like 9:45 or 12:03 etc.

Today the music teachers ran an awesome assembly all about the Nutcracker. All of Discovery, K1 and K2 sang some songs and danced for us. Grade 1B did a ribbon dance. We will get our turn to perform in assembly later in the year. Here’s a quick video of 1B doing their dance.

This weekend I am participating in some professional development. It is a 4 day course so I will be out of the classroom on Monday and Tuesday as well. Ms Hue will be here with the children. I will still be on campus so can still receive emails if you need to be in contact. 

Have a great weekend! Stay warm!


1A – December 14th

We had a great time during Maker Day last Friday. The children got to rotate around 6 different Light and Sound activities learning about things like shadows, vibrations, refraction, electrical circuits, and many more. Ask your child what activities they did from the sheet below.

Our mystery reader this week was Gabriel’s mum, Katja! She read us a very well known story, The Gruffalo, in German. Because most of us knew the story well we were able to pick out some words that we knew! Thanks Katja!

Today, for buddy time, we had a little bit of holiday fun and made chocolate balls with our Grade 5 buddies! The children had to follow a recipe and be independent. They looked pretty delicious!

Have a wonderful three weeks off with lots of fun family times! School begins again on Monday the 8th of January. Don’t forget to do a little reading and counting when you have some down time!

Thank you for sharing your kiddos with us so far this year!

See you all in the new year!

1A December 7th

Ms Michelle is now teaching our TIG lessons for this unit. On Friday she came to teach us about circuits and how lights need electricity. We learnt about conductors and insulators and used the different play dough to make our circuit work. The play dough that was made with salt made the light work but the play dough made with sugar didn’t. We will continue to explore light and sound through circuits.

We continue to master writing recounts. The children are very knowledgeable about what a recount needs and can self assess their work.

Thank you to Long, Evelyn and Quianna for sharing their recounts…

We celebrated one of our G1 friends huge achievements this week. Hiro from 1D won the South East Asian Figure Skating Open Challenge. We are so proud of him!


  • Winterfest is on at school tomorrow from 5-7pm on the new covered courts.
  • Gymnastics display- please come and watch your child’s gymnastics display in the sports centre on Thursday the 14th from 1:15-1:55- See Ms Clare’s post on the PE blog