Week 37- the very last blog post!

What an exciting week, tinged with sadness for Hue and I!

Our popcorn day on Monday was fun! We did a taste test and a survey and wrote a procedure about how to make popcorn in the popcorn machine.

I hope you enjoyed the camping day photos that were sent out too! The children had such a great time camping in the classroom.

There’s lots happening next week! Here’s what you need to know…

  • Tuesday 13th– Grade 1 class party. The children will be able to move around the different activities from 8:30-11. There will be a dance party, arts and crafts, drawing, writing and reading and blocks and Beebots. There will also be water play. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD HAS AN EXTRA SET OF CLOTHES TO CHANGE INTO.  At 11:10 please join us in our classroom and then we will move to the cafeteria at 11:30 for the shared lunch.
  • Tuesday 13th at 1:15 there is an assembly for the Elementary School in the Sports Centre.
  • Wednesday 14th please join us for a final assembly for Discovery to Grade 12 in the Sports Centre at 11:15. School finishes on Wednesday at 12pm.

If you have any questions please send me an email!

Have a relaxing weekend


Week 36

This week we have begun to write our own narrative stories, using an app called Toontastic to help us. Ask you child about the setting, characters, problem and resolution in their story. We are hoping to share our finished product by email so watch out for it!

We have also recently learnt a new math game called ‘Bank’. It’s an addition game with an element of risk. All that’s needed to play is a dice and pencil and paper. Ask your child to teach you the game and if there are any unclear parts, let me know so I can clarify.

Next week we will be finishing off pieces of work, sorting classroom materials and having some special activities for the students.

On Monday we will be having a “Popcorn” themed day which will involve data collection, procedural writing and some poetry.

On Thursday we will have a “Camping” themed day which will involve creative play, recipes and map making. The children will be required to bring a blanket or sheet to help make tents. (More information to come in an email)

Tuesday 6th June is G4 Market Day – children are encouraged to bring 60,000VND to spend.

Thursday 8th June – ES Garage Sale from 3:30-4:30pm

Friday 9th June – official ES “Moving Up Morning” when students will go to their new class for next year.

I will start sending home books, folders and portfolios at the end of next week. If your child has a small school bag it might be useful to put an extra plastic/reusable bag in their cubby so they can manage to take home their bits and pieces.

Week 35

This week we got to be big grown up role models as we helped the K2s begin their transition to Grade 1.

They came and spent some time in the classroom with us and then we showed them how to have lunch in the canteen. It was great to see how responsible and grown up our Grade 1’s were, caring for the younger children in our school.

We had our final buddy session on Thursday and had fun making and testing paper airplanes. We researched and tested and then had a competition to see whose plane flew the furtherest and whose stayed in the air the longest. Such fun!

Next week the children will not be bringing home any home readers. The book room is having an inventory so that it’s ready for next year. Please continue to encourage your child to read books from home. We want them to retain all that great learning they have done over the year! If you have any book room books at home please return them next week.

Also library books all need to be returned next week. All lost books will need to be paid for at the library.

Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Continue to write and explore narrative text

Maths – Review of subjects covered over the year

UoI – The impact of humans on living things and what we can do.

PSEL – Continue practicing giving “be” and “do” compliments.

The Garage Sale will take place on Thursday the 8th of June. Please see the video below for details.

Week 34

Time is flying by and the end of the year is nearing! It’s been a week of assessing and testing this week and the children have all made progress and done well.

Has your child talked about Fundations at home? It’s a great program that teaches all about sounds and words. Ask your child to explain the different coloured tiles and what they are.

Yesterday we had a surprise visitor in our room….thank goodness his body was gone and he only left his skin behind! One of the parents from Ms Julia’s room found this snake skin whilst out running. It was awesome for the children to be able to touch it and look at it closely. We looked at the features it had which help it to survive.

We have begun to look at how humans are having an impact on living things and their environments. Here’s a picture of what we’ve discovered so far. It will be interesting to see what kind of action the children want to take. Maybe you could have a conversation about it together over the weekend?

Please remember that school finishes at 11:30am on Friday the 26th May so the staff can all attend the graduation ceremony. Please arrange for your children to be picked up. There are no ASAs that day. 

Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Innovate on familiar story by changing the characters and/or settings.

Maths – Review of number, fractions, patterning, and problem solving strategies.

UoI – Continue to look at how humans are impacting living things and what we can do to help.

PSEL – Curiosity and Inquirer


Week 33

Hue and I were very proud of the way the children spoke at their assembly on Thursday. For those of you who missed it I’ve embedded it below.


Today Ms Beth came to our class and taught us a trick so we could be Math-magicians!! Ask your child to show you the magic trick, it’s awesome and they really have to do a lot of mathematical thinking throughout the whole trick. Don’t ask the magician to share his or her secrets though- a good magician never tells!!!!

Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Continue to explore and discuss narrative text

Maths – Patterning

UoI – Begin to look at how humans are impacting living things

PSEL – Curiosity and Inquirer

Swimming starts for 1B this coming Tuesday. Please remind your child to get their swimming costume and towel organized.

Elementary Art Show – Just confirming that the up coming art show is just for Grades 2-5 NOT Grade 1. 



Week 32

This week was short, but action packed!!

We have thoroughly enjoyed Book Week. Mystery readers, SCO book sale, Character parade and more! Ask your child what’s happening in these photos!

We have also started a new unit this week. Our central idea is ‘Human interactions with the environment have an impact on the survival of plants and animals’.  We did an interesting provocation where we put the children’s fists inside a glove and told them they couldn’t use their fingers. They then had to build something using only their restricted hands.

This is how it made us feel.

Then we looked at some pictures of animals who were suffering because of things humans had done. We talked about how those animals were feeling and we made the connection that some of the feelings were the same as our feelings! We will continue to inquire into these big ideas.

Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – begin to explore and discuss narrative texts.

Maths – Continued number work, following directions

UoI – inquire into the different environments of living things and the external features of living things.

PSEL – Caring

Week 31

What a great Maker Day we had today. There was such a range of different activities and the kids came back from their groups buzzing about their activities! Ask your child what they did.

It was our last week of our Light and Sound Unit so we looked at our last guiding question- ‘How can light and sound help us?’

The children did a sorting activity where they had to put the pictures into things that help and things that don’t. We had some great discussions as there were some differing opinions.


Next week there is no school on Monday and Tuesday.

Book Week is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thursday is character dress up day. Please help your child to get their costume ready this weekend. We are looking forward to lots of fun literacy activities to celebrate books and reading!

The Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Information Report assessment

Maths – 3D shapes, name and classify, addition and subtraction

UoI – Provocation for the new unit- Sharing the Planet.
Central Idea-Human interactions with the environment have an impact on the survival of plants and animals.

PSEL – Appreciation


Week 30

The children all loved sharing their learning with you on Wednesday. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to come and celebrate their growth.

This week, in UoI,  we looked at the guiding question, ‘What can we do with light and sound?’.

We made spectroscopes…

We made patterns by reflecting the light off a CD…

And we watched how the light changed the way things looked! Ask your child to explain.

We also looked at sound and what we can do with it.  We watched a cool video of a group using different household items as instruments. Then we moved around the room and discovered how things in our classroom made sounds by scraping, striking, blowing and shaking. It was noisy, but loads of fun!

If you took your child’s portfolio home, please remember to bring it back on Monday.

The Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Information Report writing

Maths – 3D shapes, name and classify, addition and subtraction strategies

UoI – inquiry into how light and sound help us

PSEL – Appreciation

Maker Day is Friday the 28th of April. More information to come next week. 








Week 29

Welcome back! I’ve loved hearing all the holiday stories from the kids.

This week we’ve begun to learn about 3D shapes. We went on a shape hunt around the school…

We had to stamp, make, find and hunt for a certain 3D shape…

And today we learnt about the parts of a 3D shape.

Ask your child what they remember!

Sports Day was so much fun! The weather was perfect and the PE Team did such a great job of organising a range of different activities.

Remember that next week Student Led Conferences are on Wednesday the 19th of April. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for a conference time. The children are really excited to show you what they have achieved so far over the year. There is no regular school that day.

The Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Information Report writing

Maths – 3D shapes, name and classify, continued number objectives

UoI – inquiry into what can be done with light and sound

PSEL – Curiosity


Week 28

Another week of learning and fun in 1B!

Just in case you missed it, here is the link for the concert from last week.


We had a fun time experimenting with shadows on Tuesday. Ask your child what they learnt.

We looked at different ways of making sounds. The children had to find classroom items that made sound in 4 different ways- striking, blowing, shaking and scraping. We also talked about volume -high and low, and pitch soft and loud.  We did an experiment with bells on the big field to see how far the sound travelled.

The Learning Intentions for 10-14 April are:

English – Information Report writing

Maths – 3D shapes, name and classify, continued number objectives

UoI – inquiry into what can be done with light and sound

PSEL – Curiosity

Reminder: No school next week as it is Spring Break- have a wonderful relaxing time! See you on Monday the 10th of April.