1A – August 17th

Welcome to our first blog post of the year!

We’ve had a wonderful three days together, getting to know each other and our new environment.


  • Been for a walk around our new facilities and found a few important places like the nurse and the front office.
  • Had some Play-based Learning with our G1 friends in 1B.
  • Learnt more about each others family and where we come from.
  • Had fun choosing some math activities.
  • Drawn self portraits and talked about what we liked about them and what was tricky to draw.

Here’s a few photos from our time together.

Here’s a copy of our weekly schedule. A paper copy will be sent home on Monday.

This year our timetable looks a little different and lunch is earlier. The school is providing fruit for a morning snack in Discovery to Grade 1. Your child will eat their snack from home in the afternoon recess. If they do not like the fruit they are able to pick something from their lunch box. Let us know if you have any questions.

Please send in (or email) a photo of your whole family for us to display in our classroom. Your child will share a little bit about who you are and where you come from in the world.

Thanks! If you have any questions or need clarification please email me at psnedden@unishanoi.org

Have a wonderful weekend!