K1 Ball Games finished today/Athletics Unit outdoors next week

K1 classes have been exploring ball games over the past though weeks through the question: What can I do with a ball? Each lesson we had lots of time to explore the different things we could do with a ball. We then tried applying some of this skills to a game situation.

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K1 will start their  Athletics unit this week. The central idea of this unit is,“Running, Jumping and Throwing form the basis of all athletic activities.” The enduring understandings that we aim for the children to have through this unit will be that:

    • There is an ideal way to run, throw and jump
    • There are multiple ways to perform different athletic activities
    • Observing and reflecting on performance can lead to improvement

The PYP attitude we will focus on during this unit is Reflective and the learner profile we will focus on is Confidence.

We encourage parents to talk to the children about what it means to be Knowledgeable and to have Integrity in their native language at home as it facilitates the understanding of these concepts.

As it is an outdoor activity students will be required to wear shoes. These shoes should be suitable for outdoor physical activity, that do not hinder students’ ability to run or jump. The toes and heel area should be covered. Crocs are not a suitable for outdoor physical activity so please ensure that your child wears appropriate shoes on their day of PE. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring your child’s safety and positive learning experience.

These type of shoes are considered ideal.


Please, no CROCS!!



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