K1 Spatial Awareness Unit ends and Ball Games Unit begins!

K1 has had a brilliant start to the year during the last 4 weeks learning about spatial awareness. Enjoy the pictures below of the children involved in different activities which were designed to make them aware of how space affects us and others:















K1 will start their Ball Games unit from this week. The central idea of this unit is, “We can manipulate a ball in a variety of ways.” The enduring understanding that we aim for the children to have through this unit will be that:

  • Different games require us to do different things with balls
  • We can manipulate balls using different objects
  • There are things we can do with our body that help us to hit a target with power and consistency

The PYP attitude we will focus on during this unit is Curiosity and the learner profile we will focus on is Knowledgeable.

We encourage parents to talk to the children about what it means to have curiosity and be knowledgeable  in their native language at home as it facilitates the understanding of these concepts.

We also look forward to welcoming our new PE teaching assistant, Mr. Quang, to the ES PE next week. I have included a photo below. Please make him feel welcome if you see him walking around the ECC!


Quang Vu





Warm Regards,

Mr. Andy

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