Week 17: Dec 3-7

Greetings 5A Community,

Do you know which energy source (solar, biofuel, etc) is the “best” for our environment? Well, the G5 students certainly have their own opinions.

Students work together to develop arguments for the chosen energy source.

UOI – Electricity
Grade 5 students are busy working towards completing their pitches for the ‘Shark Tank’ activity due to take place next Tuesday and Friday. G5 students have been allocated energy sources and world regions, which has guided their inquiries. They will have 10 minutes to persuade a panel of judges (Sharks) that their energy source is the best possible source for that region.

An expert explains how biomass is used as energy on local farms.

Maker Day
On Friday this week, students in their energy teams, will create a model/ blueprint, invention or innovation to support their teams efforts to persuade the ‘Sharks’ to buy into their energy source.

Our Math focus has been on improving student understanding of fractions and their connections to real numbers and decimals. A fantastic article provided by our Math Coach, Beth, makes for an interesting read. And just for your reading delight, here is another article, also provided by Beth. We will continue with this math focus through to winter break.

Reading and writing is centered around nonfiction information being sought for the ‘Shark Tank’ Event. Students also have a visit from Ms Conroy, our ES librarian, to explain the important elements and requirements of referencing and citing the work of others that students use for their pitch. We are still making the final edits, but you can view all of the compiled reports here.

Blue Dragons
$17, 707!  That was the grand total raised during the Blue Dragon Walk a Thon. Well done to all who donated and walked on the day. Our class raised 24,000,000 vnd (over $1000).

Dinner time conversations:
A little something to talk about during your dinner time conversations.

  • Which students celebrated birthdays this week?
  • What are the seven energy sources G5 students are researching?
  • What is the name of the show that students are currently auditioning for?
  • Can you explain how we put fractions on a number line using math vocabulary?
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