Week 14: November 13 – 17

Greetings 5A Community

While most of the students admitted to sleeping late and watching television on Monday and Tuesday, teachers attended a two-day workshop on the topic of “student agency.” Teachers discussed the importance of giving students choice and voice so that they can take ownership of their learning. So what does this look like in the classroom? It means that after introducing the learning targets, I  spend less time teaching, and more time asking students how they are going to find the answers to their own questions. What do you like about your work? What do you think will make it better? What help would you like from me?

Students worked to develop their agency this week in science by testing their hypotheses for how to make a lightbulb work. In literacy, students looked for examples of complex sentences in their writing. In math students were challenged to make sense of problems. See if you can solve the following problem that I gave to the students:

There are 125 sheep and 5 dogs in the flock. How old is the shepherd? (Check out the following video for the answer)

Here are some of the learning targets for next week, in case you want to start discussing some of them at home.

  • Explain the scientific method and why is it useful
  • Understand how electricity is transferred, transformed,  and/or control electricity (function)
  • Identify the structure for writing informational reports
  • Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominator
Have a wonderful weekend!
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