Week 13: November 6 – 10

Greetings 5A Community,

Check out the photo of our truly international class from UN Day last week!

This week we sparked student interest with a hands-on activity to introduce our new unit on electricity. Students explored the concept of circuits (power, inputs and outputs) and are learning to play like scientists, using the scientific method to ask questions, form hypotheses, experiment and draw conclusions.

In math we created area models to better understand the concepts of decimals and multiplication. Students should now be able to read, write, add and understand decimals to the hundreds.

During literacy times, students revised narratives (stories) that they wrote last week. The focus for most students was to add description to their characters. We also practiced our note-taking skills by reading and paraphrasing non-fiction text around the topic of electricity.

Finally, the Blue Dragon Walk-A-Thon was a huge success. While reflecting our school’s values of Learning, Community, and Responsibility, the students were physically active and had lots of fun!

Have a great weekend!


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