Week 11: October 22-26

Greetings 5A Community,

Did you hear? This Friday, during the Migration Museum Extravaganza, over 80 activists, artists, athletes, authors, and revolutionaries will be coming to talk to G5 students and parents about their migration experiences!

This week students applied their knowledge around the topic of migration to present the story of a migrant. Throughout the process the students used the following skills: reading and researching for historical and cultural information, organizing information into a story arc, reading aloud and presenting, providing feedback, revising and editing. I am very proud of each member of 5A and their preparation for their first public presentation.

Migration Museum Extravaganza
Date: 27th October
Venue: Center for the Arts
Time: 5B & 5C start time is 8:30am / 5A & 5D start time is 9:00am

Students research and organize information for migration stories.

In literacy this week, students continued to work in their reading groups. Some groups focused on symbolism while other groups worked on visualizing, inferring, making predictions and noticing changes in the main characters. We finished our read-aloud book, A Long Walk to Water, and students admired the author, Linda Sue Park, for her ability to write two stories simultaneously and connect them at the end. I strongly encourage parents to ask their child to share their understanding of the book and about the struggle that many people face to find water.. After reading the book, a former Peace Corp representative came to class and presented her story of helping a community in Guinea to build their own water pump.

In math, we reflected on the making of our million cubic centimeter structure. One of the big concerns was whether we met the sustainable development goal of responsible production by using 1000 sheets of paper. Students had a chance to share their ideas and ask questions that will eventually lead to more investigations, such as how much space would we need to build a billion? We also began a provocation into the concept of area, as I asked students to determine which shape was bigger? Over the next two weeks, students will learn to use an area model to show their strategies for solving problems involving multiplication and division.

Next week, we will celebrate Dress Up Day (Oct 31) and UN Day (Nov 3). On Tuesday, students can dress up as any appropriate character from a book, movie, etc. Friday will be dedicated to activities that represent the spirit of the United Nations. I can’t wait to fill the gym with flags and sing!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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